Don’t Let The Haters Control You


Some that are jealous or unhappy will try every trick in the book to talk you out of your dreams but no matter what Don’t  let the haters control you. The haters are the ones that see your success and instead of making things better for themselves, they talk negative and want to bully you making you give in. If you give into the haters, you let them win.The haters are just unhappy angry and just take out their frustrations out on the whole world plus say negative things or have negative thoughts about someone being successful because they are not where they want to be in their own lives. From rock stars to others that are being successful,the haters out there just keep at it and have nothing positive to say about anyone being successful in any type of carer plus they always talk trash about that person and say things like you need to give it up or other hurtful things that can destroy a person’s confidence and they hope that the person will just fall into their trap and will just simply give in and just pack it up and quit.
When you stick to your guns and stand up to the haters by just keep being a champion and doing what you love,that will show the haters that you are not gonna give in and plus some out there may have a change of heart and not only be supportive  but will also want to know how to better themselves in life. You need to stick to your guns,stay focused and no matter what the haters say or do,don’t give into their demands by listening  to their negative words because,you are the commander of your choices and  what you say goes so, don’t let anyone take that power away from you stand tall.
A person who is serious and dedicated to making their own dreams come true,they don’t in give and refuse to let the haters control them meaning the more the haters put them down the harder they work to make the dreams the real thing. Those who let the haters get to them just wave the white flag and surrender then give up on everything that they all worked hard for then that person will just fall into the negative state of life and be angry. You don’t wanna wave the white flag and quit, you need to fight tooth and nail with the haters and tell them I’m not giving up! I’ will take action! I will succeed and by doing that you overpowered the haters by making them realize that you are not a quitter you are a true and  motivated winner.
There may be also some former haters who have seen the light at the end of the tunnel plus are willing to make a change in their lives and encourage others to do so. Always stick with it and don’t let the haters control you in any way, just keep at it and your dreams will become a true reality.

Do What Makes You Happy

Lots of us at times need a change in our lives such as moving to a different area,change of carer, or we just need to make a switch in our everyday routine but either way it’s important to do what makes you happy. Some people may have different thoughts or opinions on what you do in your life but don’t let that effect any decisions that you make in your life.You need to do what’s best for you and not worry about what others say or think about it.

If you give in to what people say and just do things to make them happy,that’s called giving in  to there demands. But when you stand your ground and stick with your choices you’re doing what makes you happy in your life plus doing what you want to do is important. Always stick to your guns and just do what makes you happy no matter what.