proper Portions- Having The Right Amounts Of Food

When it comes to  diet and exercise it’s. Wise to always have the proper Portions cause having too much will make you overstuffed and put on weight.When you portion your foods properly,you will not be overstuffed it, will be enough food to keep you energized and going through the entire day.What also helps to keep your portions under control, is use a smaller plate so this way you are not tempted to overfill it with too much food.

This is also something that I’m learning myself because,I had a habit in the past putting too much food on my plate and being overstuffed which not only slowed me down but cause me to gain a lot of weight. Since I have learned portion control it’s made a huge difference in my life. So remember depending if your eating junk food  or are a complete health nut, it’s always a wise move to proper your portions of food every single time.

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