Different Ways People Come Up With Ideas-Inspiration Happens Anywhere

There are many different ways people come up with ideas anywhere they are at. Some people can be with family friends or just talking with someone on the street about a certain topic and suddenly an idea will pop into there head  then they will take the action to make that idea come to life then they will have success ahead of them.

There have been times myself I have been talking with family friends and others about different topics and then I would get an idea and do a post for it. It’s very true that inspiration happens anywhere no matter where you are at and what you are doing. Sometimes you can be watching something on television or reading something in a book or on the internet when inspiration hits you with an idea. No matter where you are at by yourself or around others,there are many ways that you can be inspired and come up with so many wonderful and amazing ideas.

Why I Don’t Drink Soda As Much As I Did In The Past-Having More Healthy Drinks


Back in the day when I was a kid and in my early days of adulthood I use to drink soda a lot and would  go threw so many cans or glasses of soda a day and it did not matter what kind it was. My addiction to soda back in the day was out of control plus what made it worse I did not take care of my body and was just being too lazy as well.

There were a lot of times when I got sick by having too much soda plus would also get headaches and theses are some of the reasons why I don’t drink soda as much as I did in the past.A few years back after being overweight out of energy, and out of shape I made the biggest change of my life and said gotta make a major cutback on the soda which I did and now I mostly have healthy drinks including tea, water and other drinks that are better for you. I may have a soda from time to time but not as much plus I went 4 months without having a soda plus when you don’t have soda that much as you did in the past you don’t have a craving for it.That’s what I have noticed in the past cause  all that sugar and stuff added in sodapop is not good for you and drinks like Tea water etc are better for your health.

Making A Difference In Your Community-Helping Others In Need

Making a difference in your community and helping those in need can be done in so many ways. There are some that will donate money or items to different types of charities  and some will donate some of there time to help out and there are some that will go above and beyond and do all 3 plus,there are so much ways to make a difference.

Not only donating your time makes a difference in your community but you can get a chance to meet some great people that you can learn very important lessons from. Some that volunteer have also been through hard times including being homeless or has had drug or alcohol problems in the past and have turned  there lives around. When you take time to make a difference in your community,that will put a great and happy feeling in your heart.

When You Are Dedicated To A Challenge You Will Find A Way To Do It

Some people will say they want to complete a challenge but make excuses  but when you a re dedicated to a challenge,you will find a way to do it. It takes a lot of true dedication ,determination, and a whole lof of self  discipline to take on any type of any challenges that you want to  complete from the start to the finish of it.

I am spending some time in san Diego until Sunday and yesterday I took on a big challenge with my walking. I took a walk from North park to Down Town San Diego cause I wanted to look around at Horton Plaza which is a 5 level shopping center. I took a break in Hillcrest on the way there and on the way back plus the walking time was about 2 hours each way. That’s the longest walk I have done going in one direction. That whole day was over 30,000 steps and I burned off over 3000 calories as well so when you are someone that is dedicated to a challenge you will find ways to complete that challenge.Then you will also find other challenges to take on down the road.

Keeping Your Cool In Any Situation

Sometimes we all get in situation that may be hard to face but keeping your cool in any situation is very important.  First of all one of the things that can make a situation worse is when you panic cause when you do that you are not in control and being in control is very important no matter how hard things may be. Second always control your temper no matter how difficult and person is being towards you and if you are someone who works in customer service like myself,trust me at times you are gonna get people like this so ya gotta just keep your cool.

When you get into a type of situation that you are not able to handle it’s Ok to ask for help from someone who has more experience and will know what to do. So no matter how bad things get at times always keep your cool.

The Digital Age is Growing

We all remember back in the day when you wanted to buy or rent a movie,you would get it on video tape VHS or Beta depending on the kind of VCR you had back in the day and when you wanted to buy music it was either LP’s 8 Tracks’s  Cassettes Or CD’s but,with the change of times it;s true that the digital age is growing. There are now many online demand services like Netflix Hulu plus and others that you pay a monthly fee for plus able to watch all the shows and movies that you want plus there are ways to watch some stuff online for free.

With music there are services like Spotify where you can either listen to music for free including full albums plus make your own playlist with a few ads but if you don’t want ads it’s about  $10.00 a month. This service I have but have the free account cause since it’s only a few ads after 5 or 6 songs ,that’s no problem for me to deal with. There are ways to buy a digital download of your favorite albums as well plus with today’s systems like Playstation 4, X Box One etc,you can download games to your console. I’m guessing with in the next 20 plus years all types of disc are gonna be fazed out because of the growing of the digital age. Times are changing for sure in the digital world.

You Can Get Through Any Storm-Staying Positive In Hard Times

In our lives we all deal with hard times and struggles but with a positive mind and attitude,you can get through any storm. Hard times can happen in many ways such as the loss of a loved one,losing your job or what ever hard times that may come your way but no matter the situation think positive and don’t let it bring you down.

Through any storm that you go through there’s sunshine and a light at the end of the tunnel and you just gotta remember that even when you are going through the worst of times,things do and will get better. Myself I have been through up’s and down’s including a few great friends of mine passing away last year but I knew that I had to carry on and live my life cause being down was not gonna get me anywhere.Whatever you face in your life,you can get through any type of storm and doing that will help you stay positive in any hard times that you will experience.

Getting To Know A New Location-Getting Popular With Your Surroundings

Sometimes when you are visiting or moving to a new area getting popular with your surroundings  getting around may be tricky but once you get used to it getting to know a new location will be very easy and simple. Before visiting or moving to a new area it’s best to go online and look at the map of that area so in this way you can get an idea on where things are at.So in this way you can be prepared and ready when you visit or relocate.

Another thing that helps is by using a G.P.S in your automobile or if smartphone in case you get lost and myself I have used my G.P.S on my phone which makes it very helpful and useful when you are not familiar with a area you never been to before. When you plan ahead and get to know a new location getting around will be very simple.

Gas Stove Safety-Things That You Need To Know


When it comes to gas stove safety,there are many things that you need to know when it comes to cooking in a safe matter. Myself I’m still learning how to cook on a gas stove plus how to do it safely but,I’m gonna share with you all what I have learned so far. First and foremost make sure you have fan above stove running  so you wont have any fumes from the  gas stove coming into your home cause proper ventilation is very important when it comes to gas.

Make sure your gas stove is clear of towels clothes ,napkins or anything that can easily catch fire and one thing that you never want to do is quickly flick on the burner and lower the temp doing that will not only cause the flame to not respond but that can also cause a very dangerous gas leak. Turn on the burner like you would a regular stove wait a few moments for the flame to kick on and then adjust to the proper temp for cooking your meals. When you follow these tips while cooking on a gas stove,you will have safe and outgoing success each and every single time.

You Need To Fully Commit- The Importance Of Being Fully Dedicated

For those who want to be successful it takes dedication and hard work to be successful  so if you want to be successful,you need to fully commit. The truth is that actions speak louder then words and you just can’t say that you are gonna do something and then not do it cause doing that not only are you lying to others but you are lying to yourself. When you take the action and show how serious you are that will be showing full dedication

To be fully committed in anything that you do first you need to avoid any type of distractions  so you can fully focus on the task at hand. Also you need to promise yourself that you will put in the work that needs to be done and not make any excuses or complain about what needs to be done. There are gonna be times where you are not gonna have time to watch TV play video games or any other sources of entertainment. It takes 100 percent self discipline to have full and complete success. The more that you fully commit,the more successful you will be in life.