Keeping Organized

When it comes to finding things quick and easy,keeping organized can be very helpful in every way. When you keep everything in place and free of clutter it makes it easy to find the things you need plus makes it simple to do work but,if the area is sloppy and not kept clean, doing your work plus finding things can be very difficult.

The same thing goes for keeping your clothes neat and folded plus myself I do admit that I have a habit of throwing clothes in my dresser drawers and not folding them but I am  working on that issue cause keeping things tidy makes it easier in the long run. When you keep everything organized, it makes it easy to located items when you need them.

Why Using A Stylus Makes Typing Easier-Simple Way Of Typing on A Smart Phone Or Any Other Device

When you try to send a text or enter the name of a website on your smartphone etc it can be tricky cause using your finger makes it a challenge  but a stylus can change all that and there are many reasons why using a stylus makes typing easier. Myself I know how it can be when you’re out and about and wanna send someone a quick text,email or you wanna go surf one of your favorite websites on your phone and you keep hitting the wrong letter or misspell the word plus we know what a pain that can be, this is why I always have a stylus with me when I’m using my smartphone.

A stylus makes typing on your smartphone or any portable device that access the internet a whole lot simpler not to mention it avoids a whole lot of frustration in the long run as well. I would suggest getting yourself a stylus cause it makes typing  on any device a whole lot easier to do.


proper Portions- Having The Right Amounts Of Food

When it comes to  diet and exercise it’s. Wise to always have the proper Portions cause having too much will make you overstuffed and put on weight.When you portion your foods properly,you will not be overstuffed it, will be enough food to keep you energized and going through the entire day.What also helps to keep your portions under control, is use a smaller plate so this way you are not tempted to overfill it with too much food.

This is also something that I’m learning myself because,I had a habit in the past putting too much food on my plate and being overstuffed which not only slowed me down but cause me to gain a lot of weight. Since I have learned portion control it’s made a huge difference in my life. So remember depending if your eating junk food  or are a complete health nut, it’s always a wise move to proper your portions of food every single time.

Favorite Classic Albums-Great Timeless Masterpieces

There are many favorite classic albums that I just love and like to listen to from time to time. One of my favorites is Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd also what I like about this album is that all 10 songs are just amazing plus gotta love David Gilmour’s guitar work and great vocals as well and Time, Money and us and them  are a few of the amazing songs on the amazing 1973 classic and almost 44 years later this is still a well known classic.
Another favorite classic album is 2112 by Rush and this album I just love. It opens with the 20 minute track putting out great rocking riffs  by all 3 members and Great powerful vocals by Geddy Lee. Other tracks on here are also great classic including Passage To Bangkok and Something For Nothing. 2112 is a great classic album by Rush.There are many more classic albums that I enjoy including Def Leppard’s Hysteria,PInk Floyd’s The wall, Eagles,Hotel California and many other classic albums that are out there to enjoy for long time fans of these bands and also for a new generation of fans who are hearing these classic albums for the very first time in there lives.

You Choose Your Attitude

There are most of us that are happy and cheerful but there are some who are always angry and negative but either way ,you choose your attitude. A person can decide if they want to be angry and upset with the world or be positive and have a happy outlook on there own personal lives because when your attitude is great not only will you have positive thoughts and words but, you can also set an example for other people that you also come across.


People don’t make you have a positive or negative attitude, the one that decides your attitude is yourself. A person who has a negative attitude is always angry but a person with a positive attitude is always cheerful and happy. Either way you are the only one that chooses your own attitude.

Ways To Enjoy Coffee-Many Ways To Enjoy A Cup Of Java

There are many ways to enjoy coffee depending on your preference. Some just enjoy coffee by itself with nothing added and some like to add a little bit of milk and sugar to give it some extra flavor to there cup of coffee and some that want to avoid sugar but still want to sweeten up there coffee will use a non sugar sweetener to add flavor.
You can also enjoy flavored coffees as well plus during the summer time iced coffee can be very refreshing and I also enjoy iced coffee as well as regular coffee plus I love many flavored coffees including pumpkin spice. No matter what you prefer,there are many ways with different flavors to enjoy that nice refreshing cup of coffee any time of day.

Headphone Safety-Being aware Of Your Surroundings When Listening To Music Etc


Some like to wear headphones while working out or going for walks but, keeping headphone safety in mind is very important. First you wanna make sure the volume is not up too loud because, you need to be able to hear what is around your surroundings cause if you have the volume up too loud you may not hear what’s around you which can put your safety in serious jeopardy  so keeping the volume at a low level is strongly advised.

Also between headphones and earbuds headphones are better to use because,if you use earbuds,you can’t hear whats going on around you even if you have the volume at a lower level also, wearing headphones while ridding a bicycle or driving is another thing that you don’t wanna do. So keep in mind when wearing headphones while listening to music or any other types of audio, your own safety is highly your number one priority.

Making A Health Change

Since after the new year I have been making a health change to take care of my body so I can have more energy and have a longer life. During the holiday season me and my brother were talking about getting me healthy after the new year so I have cut out all sugars and other foods that are unhealthy including fast food plus also cutting out breads as well. I am eating healthier meals,drinking plenty of water and either walking or finding other ways of working out. I am doing this because, It’s very important for me to get my self healthy in order to add  more years onto my life.

Since I have made this change in my health I have noticed that I have more energy for the first time in years which make me feel so happy and alive. Taking care of your body is very important if you want to be around for a long time and be in great physical shape. Making a health change will make a huge and extreme difference in your life and I know it has done the same for me.Also before I know it I will be where I wanna be in my weight.

Taking Hemp Oil To Control Seizures-How It Has Made A Big Difference

I have been taking hemp oil to control seizures that I have and since I have taken it, it has made a huge difference in my life. One day my brother was talking with me and was telling me he heard about this young kid that had seizures almost everyday and after sometime his father was giving him hemp oil to control the seizures and after that the kid had no more seizures. I told my brother I will give it a try and since then they been under control.

Will although I had a few last week,the hemp oil has kept my seizures under control but further testing needs to be done to find out the cause of my seizures and see if me being put back on medication would be the best option. Also the hemp oil may not have a pleasant taste to it but it sure helps with seizures  and other types of health issues.



Getting Your Day Off To A Good Start-A Great Day Ahead Of You

Getting your day off to a good start is very important and can make a huge difference when you have a long and busy day ahead of you. First it’s wise to get plenty of rest the night before so you will feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Having a good and healthy breakfast is another great way to get your day on the right track.
Also having a positive and upbeat attitude plus having positive thoughts is another way to get your day going cause,you don’t wanna wake up with a nasty attitude and always angry,a nasty attitude and being angry will get you nowhere fast. When you wake up with a smile and a great attitude your day will be full of joy and happiness.