Don’t Give Into The Naysayers

Some people will try every trick in the book or say things to stop you from being successful but ,no mater what they say,think or do don’t give into the naysayers. Anyone who has negative thoughts and words will hold you back and say things such as you can’t do that you need to work a 9 to 5 job,you’re wasting time and any other words a naysayer can come up with to stop you from becoming a true success in any type of carer in life.

It’s important to stand your ground and don’t give into the naysayers no mater what they say or do. When you just ignore the naysayers and just keep on working towards your dreams, and not give up,you will have greater possibilities now and in the future.The basic thing is to not give into the naysayers and just keep on working towards your success.The more you stay strong and confident,The more happiness that you will have.


Def Leppard Hysteria 30 Years On-One Of Def Leppard’s Finest Classics


This coming August will be 30 years since Def Leppard released there masterpiece Hysteria so now we look back about Def Leppard Hysteria 30 years on. Hysteria was released on August 3rd,1987 and this album took there 3 years to make and it features several singles from the album including  Animal,Pour Some Sugar On Me,Hysteria,Rocket and many others from this amazing 1987 classic of great rocking Def Leppard tracks.

I can still remember when this album first came out and seeing the record album in one of the stores and looking at the cover and thought what a cool and amazing album cover. My brother got this on vinyl and the minute he got home we put this record on the turntable and turned up the volume. Hearing the opening guitar on Women just blew me away then the whole song just goes into full rock mode. That and the other 11 songs on this album are just pure Classic Def Leppard. Def Leppard Hysteria ,one of Def Leppard’s finest classic’s 30 years and counting!


Look For The Positive In Any Situation

Sometimes things in our lives happen and mostly it’s at the most inconvenienced time but no matter how bad things can get at times,it’s always best and wise to look for the positive in any situation. Things happen for a reason such as car trouble,you have to wait longer to be waited on but when we think positive we will get through that situation much quicker and easier because, a positive attitude is the number one key in life.

Getting upset and impatient does not help at all in the least,it will only make matters worse so always look for the positive in any situation that you find yourself in. Having a positive outlook on any situation good or bad makes a whole lot of difference in yours and other peoples lives.

Starts With A Vision

There are shopping centers restaurants plus other places that have been around for a short time or many years but any place of business starts with a vision. When a business first gets started the ones involved first come up with the idea and visualize what the business will look like then have to plan on how much space they will need depending on the size of the building being built and also most important cost to get it all started and running.

A small local business or one that’s nation or world wide a persons vision is how it all got started and off of the ground. Wal-Mart has been around for 55 years and how that company first got started is by Sam Walton’s vision and his vision became a reality plus now Wal-Mart is now making billions of dollars in sales and has  a great number of associates around the world.So big or small around for a long time or just staring out, any type of business always starts out with a vision. With hard work and dedication a vision of a business will become a true and successful reality.

Getting Fit And Slim

Since the start of the new year I have been getting Fit And Slim by cutting out high surgery foods,walking and finding other ways of staying active plus eating healthy and having smaller Portions. Since I have been doing that my energy has increased a lot plus dropped 20 pounds so far. I started on this health change the day after new years because one I was sick and tired of being out of shape and the excuses that I was making also I wanted to make 2017 the year to get healthy and in shape.I was 235 Pounds when starting this health change plus since doing that I feel full of energy and young.

At this present time my weight has now been between 210-215 pounds plus with hard work and self discipline I will have my weight to where I want it to be at. And when I am finlay trimmed down and in great physical health,I am still gonna stay active and take care of my body,it’s important to me.

Do What Makes You Happy

Lots of us at times need a change in our lives such as moving to a different area,change of carer, or we just need to make a switch in our everyday routine but either way it’s important to do what makes you happy. Some people may have different thoughts or opinions on what you do in your life but don’t let that effect any decisions that you make in your life.You need to do what’s best for you and not worry about what others say or think about it.

If you give in to what people say and just do things to make them happy,that’s called giving in  to there demands. But when you stand your ground and stick with your choices you’re doing what makes you happy in your life plus doing what you want to do is important. Always stick to your guns and just do what makes you happy no matter what.

It’s Ok To Ask For Help

At times when you’re learning something new you run into a challenge but remember it’s ok to ask for help when you have a question or not sure how a certain task is done. Some may be afraid or too embarrassed to ask for any kind of assistance but no one should be afraid or embarrassed to ask for any type of help. If you don’t ask for any help with something that you are not familiar with,you will just keep yourself guessing and be lost.

Sometimes when I have a question or don’t know how to do something I have asked for help cause,it’s the only way to find out and learn because if you don’t ask you will never know. When you make that step and ask for help when needed,things will go a whole lot smoother for you.

Don’t Give Up So Quickly

When we all learn a new skill such as cooking or any other skill in life it may be a challenge but,no matter how hard it gets don’t give up so quickly. There are some that are out there that give up too soon when they can’t figure out how to do something cause they get impatient and just quit thinking to themselves it’s a waste of there own time.

If you give up and quit after only once or twice,you will never know what you are missing out on but when you stick with it and just keep at it no matter how many times you make a mistake,you will soon become a master of that skill.So remember no matter how diificult a skill may be to learn, keep on it and don’t give up so quickly

Keeping Organized

When it comes to finding things quick and easy,keeping organized can be very helpful in every way. When you keep everything in place and free of clutter it makes it easy to find the things you need plus makes it simple to do work but,if the area is sloppy and not kept clean, doing your work plus finding things can be very difficult.

The same thing goes for keeping your clothes neat and folded plus myself I do admit that I have a habit of throwing clothes in my dresser drawers and not folding them but I am  working on that issue cause keeping things tidy makes it easier in the long run. When you keep everything organized, it makes it easy to located items when you need them.

Why Using A Stylus Makes Typing Easier-Simple Way Of Typing on A Smart Phone Or Any Other Device

When you try to send a text or enter the name of a website on your smartphone etc it can be tricky cause using your finger makes it a challenge  but a stylus can change all that and there are many reasons why using a stylus makes typing easier. Myself I know how it can be when you’re out and about and wanna send someone a quick text,email or you wanna go surf one of your favorite websites on your phone and you keep hitting the wrong letter or misspell the word plus we know what a pain that can be, this is why I always have a stylus with me when I’m using my smartphone.

A stylus makes typing on your smartphone or any portable device that access the internet a whole lot simpler not to mention it avoids a whole lot of frustration in the long run as well. I would suggest getting yourself a stylus cause it makes typing  on any device a whole lot easier to do.