Got Under 200 Pounds

Got Under 200 Pounds-Celebrating An Accomplishment

When the new year started I said that my plan was to get under 200 pounds and be healthy so when 2017 started I was around 230 pounds and this time was very serious about slimming down and now although it does go up and down a bit I got under 200 pounds which is a great feeling so now my weight is between 197 and 203 pounds. It took a lot of hard work, patience,dedication and a whole lot of self discipline to make this happen and I knew what needed to be done including cutting out a lot of foods for a while plus staying active and walking is what I did the most to get the weight down. Also I have done some workouts at home and my job as a Garden Center associate really keep me busy with getting go backs, putting items away and helping customers and others in the area and when it’s a very busy day, you will get plenty of exercise and the day goes fast.

I knew that I had to take care of my health if I wanted to live longer and I wanted this to be the year that I get the weight down so, everyday the same question repeated in my head that moved me how bad do you want it? I also told myself David, you can either not workout eat junk and be way overweight plus face a future of health problems plus have your life cut short or you can take the massive actions by making the right healthy choices and take care of your body and I decided that to no longer make excuses I was just going to do what needs to be done it’s my health.

Not only now was I eating healthy but,was having smaller portions of food because although I was eating healthy, I still had to watch my portions otherwise I would get fatter. In February I noticed that my weight was starting to drop from being active and cutting out unhealthy foods to get in shape and then by the time my youngest brother’s and sister in law’s and my aunt’s 70th birthday took place my weight was in the low 200’s and now I got it blow 200 pounds and gotta tell you all,it’s a great feeling and I have not had this much energy in years,it makes me feel like a young kid again. Soon I will be at the weight where I want to be at which is between 180 and 185 pounds. I take a look back on the start of the year at 230 pounds and now look at myself looking healthy below the 200 pound range and this is a great accomplishment that I’m truly proud of. If you are someone that wants to get healthy and lose weight you  can do it plus  family and friends gave me the strong confidence to do what needed to be done to get healthy. Getting myself under 200 pounds is something that I am proud of and I just feel so much better and ,feel many years younger.

Learning And Improving

Learning And Improving- Growing Life Skills

Over the last several years there has been many things that I have been learning and improving so I can better myself in life skills. Some I have improved in and some still need work but, I am willing to overcome any challenges that come by way because, I refuse to give up and call it quits.Doing daily blogs I have improved on and getting better at it each day plus I still find ways to improve some days I add an image and some days I do a video. I have been also been learning to cook which I was first learning but to be honest I was slacking on it for a while and was called out so, had to get back into action on it so, yesterday stated to get back into it. I Just need to be consistent and when you are cooking on the stove pay full attention and don’t walk away otherwise not only will you burn your food but the pot or pan as well. I have been learning so many things in life and want to learn more. I have improved in some skills but there are others that I need to improve in which will make me a stronger person.

I still do admit that my portions on food is still a bit out of whack and I need to realise that not only eating too much can cause you to be overweight but you need to have consideration for others so, that’s a big thing there that I need to work on and it will be done. I also don’t stutter as much as I did in the past so I mostly have that under control but still have to be told to slow down and speak clearly from time to time so other can understand what I’m saying. Also what I’m working on is my time management because if  I need to be at work by a certain time or we are going out at a certain time, I need to be ready ahead of time fully dressed and ready to go, I can’t make others wait and that’s another thing I want to improve on also if I want others to treat me like an adult I need to act like one and not a little kid that takes the easy way out, this is real life it’s time for a makeover.

Yes I’m mentally challenged but I’m not gonna use that as an excuse and besides there are others like me, who do what they gotta do every day go to work, pay their bills, and if they are married and have children, make sure their kids are taking care of. As I mentioned before some things have been mostly improved and some still need work including paying attention to and being fully focused when I need to. I want to grow in life skills and become something to be proud of and I know with self discipline and the proper guidance, this is a mission that will be accomplished.








Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 50Th Anniversary

Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 50Th Anniversary- Classic

This year will mark Pink Floyd’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 50Th anniversary which is the band’s first album that was released in August of 1967 and is still a great album 50 years later. This album is one of a kind and it’s amazing from the start of the album to the finish of it with great work from  The Late Syd Barrett January 6,1946, July 7th,2006 and his guitar and vocals on this Pink Floyd album are just magical and well done. The bass work of Roger waters also put a great touch to the album as well and the thundering drum work of Nick Mason,it can’t be beat.

This also includes the amazing keyboard work of the late Richard Wright July 28th, 1943 September 15th, 2008 which this and his other work he has done with Pink Floyd and solo is just outstanding. This classic album of course opens up with “Astronomy Domine” that opens up with some vocal and telegraph sound effects and then the pounding of Mason’s drums and the rest of the band kicking in. The starting words Lime and limpid green, a second scene Now fights between the blue you once knew are just powerful words that gets this album off to a great start and at the end of it you hear lime and limpid green the sound surrounds the icy waters under lime and limpid green the sound surrounds the icy waters underground.The Second track “Lucifer Sam’ starts out with A quick guitar riff from Syd Barrett and the whole band kicking in at once with about a 30 seconds introduction then it starts with the words Lucifer Sam siam cat always sitting by your side that cat’s something I can’t explain  gets the fire of this song going. I love the groove to it and it’s one of those classic Pink Floyd songs from the Syd Barrett era that you can move to great song.

It’s hard to believe that  50 years ago this album was being recorded the same time that The Beatles were recording Sargent Pepper  in the next room next to Pink Floyd at Abbey Road Studios in London. the third track ‘Matilda Mother”, is another good one from the album and then to the fourth song  “Pow R Toc H” with the band making vocal sound effects and jamming. Track five “Flaming”, starts out with a bit of effects and the opening lines alone in the clouds all blue lying on an eiderdown,yippee you can’t see me but I can you which are very magical words to this song.

Track six, “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and walk with amazing words and this is the one track on the album written by Roger Waters and though the first few lines you hear Doctor Doctor and a few words then a bit of an instrumental break then the closing words music seems to help the pain seems cultivate the brain Doctor kindly tell your wife that I’m alive, flowers thrive, realize, realize. Now we go to track seven the almost ten minute instrumental “Interstellar Overdrive and this was a piece that Pink Floyd did in clubs which were longer versions. Then we have the last 4 songs “The Gnome” “Chapter 24″, ” The Scarecrow” and “Bike”. this is also one of those classics that’s best listened with headphones to get the full feel of the album. Here is to the 50th anniversary of The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, The debut album from Pink Floyd, a true and amazing classic.


Delete Your Trash File Of Negativity

Delete Your Trash File Of Negativity-Thinking Positive

On a computer we delete things when we want to get rid of them because their either slowing our computers down or it’s stuff we don’t need and this is the same thing in real life you need to delete your trash file of negativity otherwise your mind will get clogged with negative thoughts. You are gonna get a lot of negative people in your life telling you that it’s not possible and you need to stick with your 40 hour a week job for the next 40 years and retire on only 40 percent of your income which is also known as the 40/40/40 plan and I was told the the letters in job stand for just over broke. Don’t let anyone dictate your future because it’s your lifeship and to be a successful person you need to take full command of it.

The reason why many give up so quickly is that they will tell their family and friends what they wanna do and the dreams that they have and will either be laughed at or be told that they are wasting their time and are told it’s just a fantasy and give up then that person ends up giving in and you don’t wanna be the person that does that. There are also those who will not let anyone stand in their way and will turn off any negative comments that they hear or any thoughts plus will take the actions that are needed also,along with that they will make sacrifices including no watching any TV for days and just putting their noses to the complete grindstone because,they want this so bad and will not give into anyone’s negativity at all.

Thinking positive is the very important key for those that want to be successful and have a great life ahead of them plus when you block out negative thoughts and words from others, you are showing them that you refuse to quit and give into their ways. What they say about what you want to do with your life will be their opinion but, it will be your decision because,you are the one that’s in charge of the choices that you make and no one’s negativity is going to stop you. Every morning when I wake up I always say there is no room in my life for negativity and my day is full of positive thoughts and words. These are the words I suggest that all of you should say every morning when you wake up and get your day off and running.

Negativity is what holds us back from the great things that we can do in life and that is what can destroy us within but we can become stronger everyday of our lives by deleting that trash file of negativity and make a real life file of positive things and the space on that is unlimited. So no matter what people say, do, or even think, always delete your trash file of negativity and, that’s a great way to always be thinking positive.



Brother And Brother In Law 25 Years Together

Brother And Brother In Law 25 Years Together-Looking Back

Last month my brother and brother in law celebrated 25 years together of meeting for the first time and becoming a couple plus they have had their ups and downs but stood by each other and have lasted a quarter of a century. When my brother was living in San Diego he met the love of his life on June 29th,1992 plus I have met my brother in law in person the second time I made a trip to san Diego but we also talked over the phone before meeting face to face and we talked for at least 10 minutes talked about Disney and different types of music,time does fly quickly.

I remember meeting my brother in law face to face for the very first time and got along just like that and who knew that he would end up being my brother in law and a part of our lives. In 1996 they both moved to Indiana and worked in restaurants my brother was a cook and my brother in law was a server and were there until 2001 and moved to Orlando Florida and worked for Disney and restaurant jobs. I been out to Florida twice and my first time I went they were both living in an apartment that was very close to the parks plus since they lived on the 3rd floor you were able to see the fireworks from Magic KIngdom and I got some great photos of them as well .Those were some great and fun times when visiting Orlando. In 2008 they made the move to Arizona spending some time on the road plus visiting family in Texas for a while before getting to Phoenix AZ.

Several years back my brother was fighting cancer and going through hard times plus at that time when it was so bad we thought we were gonna lose him but, he made the choice to fight and beat it and he got through that and so far  when he  has his yearly checkups he has been cancer free  plus what got him through that is support from family,friends his husband and his amazing and outgoing attitude. In 2013 when California made same sex marriage legal my brother and brother wanted to have the wedding date the same day as their civil union plus I wanted to be there to attend so on October 11th,2013 after 20 years of waiting I witness seeing my brother and brother in law getting married. I gotta say 25 years sure goes by fast when any couple has been together and who knows what great things are to come within the next 25 years for my brother and brother in law but I know in good times and bad that they will always be by each other’s side. So here is to my brother and brother in law celebrating a wonderful 25 years  together. May you both have 25 plus more years of love,health,laughter and most of all lots and lots of happiness together.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours 40th Anniversary

Fleetwood Mac Rumours 40th Anniversary-Toast To A Classic

This year marks Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours 40th anniversary and this is one of those great albums that have stand the test of time plus is loved by many Fleetwood Mac fans from the early days to the new generation of fans as well. There is just so much pure magic put into this classic that was released in record stores back in 1977 plus includes so many hits including “Go Your Own Way”, “The Chan”  ” Second Hand News”, and their signature hit “Don’t Stop”. This is one of those albums that I can listen to over and over again because Rumours is just one of those Fleetwood Mac albums that I just love. Every album that I have heard by Fleetwood Mac is great but I gotta say that Rumours is my favorite of them all.

When you hear the song “Dreams and listen to Stevie Nicks amazing voice, it will truly blow your mind and my favorite  lyric is  where  it says thunder only happens when it’s raining players only love you when their playing  plus the whole song it self has amazing and wonderful lyrics. There is also a track on here called “I Don’t Wanna Know” a duet between Stevie Nicks and LIndsey Buckingham that has that Everly Brothers feel to it plus it’s also another great song on the record.” The Chain is another one of the great ones from this album starting out with a slow tempo with a bass drum and a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar getting the fire going then you hear the words Listen to the wind blow watch the sunrise running in the shadows, damn your love damn your lies and then the whole band kicks in and when it gets towards the end first you hear John Mcvie do a bit of a speed up on the bass and from there it’s just fast jam city plus you can also hear Mick Fleetwood jamming on the drums.

“You Make Loving Fun” and “Songbird” are great songs on here with the amazing Christine Mcvie on vocals and she still has a great powerful voice to this day. “Gold Dust Woman” is the song that closes this 1977 classic and I just love this song and the lyrics are just amazing with the opening line rock on gold dust woman take your silver spoon dig your grave. Then the course did she make you cry make you break down shatter your illusions of love is it over now do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home and then when the course is sang a second time at the end Stevie Nicks holds a note for a long time,amazing. There was one track called “Silver Springs that was recorded for the “Rumours album but would not fit on the record so it had to be dropped. I have this album on DVD Audio where you can hear this album in 5.1 surround sound and it features the song “Silver Springs” for the very first time. Here is a toast the 40th anniversary of a true classic Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours A true masterpiece.

Downsizing Before Moving

Downsizing Before Moving-Planning Ahead


There are a lot of things that a person or a family has to do before moving and downsizing before moving is one of them.Depending if you are moving into a bigger or smaller place or moving out of state,there may be some things you may need to either sell, give away or just get rid of because,the place that you are gonna move into is not gonna have room for all your stuff so you may have to part with some of your things.

A friend of mine moved out of State three months ago and he had to downsize on a lot of items as well. Somethings he donated to the  church he attended some he gave to others in the apartment complex he lived in and some stuff he just tossed out. Two reasons why he moved one so he can be closer to his family in Oregon and two here in Arizona he was getting tired of the hot summers which I can understand. Next month I will be moving out of state with my brother and brother in law to San Diego where the temperatures are 30 plus degrees cooler plus I  went through a lot of things that I had to get rid of plus been spending the last few months packing things away as well as downsizing on top of that lot’s to get done.

When you are going through items place in one pile what you are gonna keep and what you are gonna get rid of plus whatever you are keeping make sure that you have a box that’s big enough to fit all the items that you are going to keep. Also some may have a huge place to move into but if they are moving out of state and like cross country they still my get rid of a lot of items because they don’t wanna have to haul heavy items with  them plus if it’s someone who is moving by themselves,they don’t wanna have to pay for a truck to haul all those heavy items such as a sofa,kitchen table or anything else that’s heavy and they will just put any electronic items that they have in their car TV LapTop etc  and buy new furniture later on.

When you downsize, it does take a lot of planning ahead to decide what you want to keep or get rid of and we all know that many of these are items we may have trouble parting with but we have to face reality that this is what we have to do if moving into a smaller place that has less room. Some that move into apartments that wanna keep most of their items can also place items in storage which of course is a monthly fee otherwise will just part with most things and keep what they need. When you are moving into a smaller place with another or more then 2 people you all have to make that decision on what you keep and what you get rid of. Downsizing before moving takes a lot of planning before hitting the road to your new place.


Lindsey Buckingham Christine Mcvie

Lindsey Buckingham=Christine Mcvie- Great Album Of Songs

Last week I gave the latest Lindsey Buckingham And Christine Mcvie album a full listen and it’s just amazing and a great album that features  10 great songs from the two members of Fleetwood Mac. The opener “Sleeping Around The Corner” gets the album off to a great start plus this song and the others has that same groove that you would find on a Fleetwood Mac album plus Lindsey’s vocal on this track just amazing and great.

Myself I have been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan for years and also dig each members solo material but when I heard this album it blew me away it’s just fantastic and amazing. “Feel About You” is another great track from this album plus it’s one of those songs that you can put on and dance to because of the amazing beat and words to it along with great vocals by Christine Mcvie. This album is so amazing that it has that same rocking feeling that you find on a Fleetwood Mac album with great songs that you can either dance to or just sit back,relax and just fully enjoy.

The way I found out about this album is that I saw the CD in the electronics area at work but gave the album a listen online  when I was home that evening and just found it amazing to listen to. There are so many great things that I can say about this album and why I believe that if you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac  plus each members solo material I would either buy this CD or listen to it online because,you will be truly amazed by it. For being in their late 60’s early 70’s Lindsey Buckingham and Christine Mcvie can still deliver with their great and powerful voices  plus ,Buckingham”s amazing guitar work and Christine Mcvie’s amazing keyboard playing is still as great as it was 40 years back. This collaboration  Buckingham and Mcvie is just pure magic and I can go on and on on how great this  album is, it’s a great album of 10 songs that runs a little under 40 minutes.

“In My World”, “Red Sun’, “Love Is Here To Stay,”  “Lay Down For Free”, and the other tracks on here are true winners. After I was done listening to this album I knew I had to write an amazing review for this album because of how great all 10 songs are I just love them all. Plus knowing me I’m gonna end up giving this album another listen sometime this week and this is one of those recordings that you can listen to over and over again. on here including guitar and keyboards Mcvie and Buckingham played a variety of instruments plus some extras were on here as well including Mick Fleetwood And John Mcvie.The music on this album shows that how much hard work and passion it took to make this great creation plus this will be an album that fans will be talking about for a long time. Lindsey Buckingham Christine Mcvie is truly a great album of songs that will move you.

Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse A Great First Time Experience

A few days ago, my brother and brother in law were celebrating 25 years since they met for the very first time plus to celebrate all three of us went to Longhorn Steakhouse that evening for dinner. My brother and brother in law have been there many times but, for me this was a first time experience and i have heard so many great things about this place how great the food and the service is. I knew that right when we walked in as we were greeted by the hostess that greeted us with a friendly smile then within a few moments we had a table and a minute later our server came.

The server also made the experience more enjoyable which made the evening great and then took our drink order and we had our drinks within a few minutes and a little later we placed our orders. They had free bread for us while waiting for our orders which was just fantastic and my order was The “New York” steak with a side of steak fries that also came along with a choice of a regular or  caesar salad. I had the caesar salad and I enjoyed every single bite because, it was just so good plus the flavor of the dressing really made the salad more enjoyable to eat, it was that good.

When our food came and had everything we need  I tried one of the steak fries which were very good but, when I took a bite of the “New York” steak,I was just blown away by the amazing taste because it was just perfect and the steak would just melt in your mouth. We all enjoyed our meals and had a great time that evening and my brother and brother in law were also looking back on the 25 years that they have known each other and have been together. For a first time experience at Longhorn Steakhouse I really enjoyed it and I suggest that if you have not been there give it a go and you will be amazed by the service and the amazing great food. Since my brother in law mentioned to the server that he and my brother were celebrating 25 years together a free dessert was included in the meal that made the end of this great evening a night that we will all remember.

This is for sure one of the places that I will go to again not only because of the great food and the lively atmosphere but, of the great and friendly staff that make a first time and every experience at Longhorn Steakhouse enjoyable each time you visit. I give this place a triple A plus and a kudos for making my first time experience a very enjoyable one plus with my brother and brother in law celebrating 25 years together going out for dinner was a great way to celebrate. Longhorn Steakhouse for me was a great first time experience that will last in my heart for many more years to come.


Safe Work Practices

Safe Work Practices-Avoiding Injury On The Job

It’s very important to have safe work practices on any type of job in order to avoid injury and to keep you and your co workers safe. On many jobs there have been lots of accidents and falls from people not being safe and some of these accidents have also been fatal as well plus lots of employers are very strict when it comes to safety and also had to let some people go that don’t take take safety at a very serious level.

For those who do heavy lifting such as moving heavy boxes,sofas, or any other type of furniture it’s important to do stretches first to make sure that you don’t injure yourself while working plus a back brace is also advised to wear when you lift any item that’s heavy. Also if the item is too heavy or bulky for one person to lift call for someone to help you so you don’t hurt yourself or others that may be close by because, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We all want to be able to go home at the end of our work shifts to our families and don’t either be in the hospital or have that supervisor make the call to the family and break the bad news so,we must take work practices very seriously no matter if it’s a low risk or a high risk job we have.

Low risk jobs are working in  retail,fast food and many others and jobs that pay a whole lot more but are high risk include electrician,and this is where you really need to take extra caution when it comes to safety. First when you are working with electricity you want to make sure that the breaker to that room is turned off and wait a few minutes to make sure that the power is cut off to that room plus let others know that you have the power cut off to that area and it needs to stay off until you safely complete what you are working on because getting shocked would not be fun.There are many other high risk jobs that you also need to be very safe including fixing power lines after they have been damaged from a storm plus many that work on power lines, use safety belts in case if something goes wrong and the safety belt will prevent them from falling and also use safety gloves. Building construction and many others are where you need to make sure that you and others around you are always working safe.

One of the ways to make sure that you and your co workers are safe is by working together and making sure that there are no safety issues such as broken glass, a spill or anything that may cause a serious and if you work with the public,safety for customers is very important as well plus it’s also best to report any safety concerns to your supervisor so they can correct them or have them taking care of such as a bad outlet and anything else that can cause a fire. When it comes to safe work practices, everybody on the team wins each and every single time by working together.