Looking For The Best Deals-Getting Great Value For Your Money

When it comes to being on a tight budget and watching your money,looking for the best deals can be very helpful plus there are many places that you can save money on items everyday plus you can also find some great deals online as well. One of the  ways that people save a lot of money is by using coupons if they have a large family to feed and take care of and I have heard of what’s called extreme couponing where people have spent like over $700.00 buying food and other supplies that they need for their home and with coupons they end up paying either half or get a really great deal and end up paying  like $20.00 out of their own pockets and that take a lot of coupons to get great savings like that in order to save your dollar.

Those who are off on the weekends and that are retired at times like to go see a movie and they all know going during the day is gonna be lower cost and the evening ticket prices are gonna be higher. So with moviegoers that are off on weekends or retired many of them go to the movies during the day and if the theater offers it seniors can also get a discount on their tickets saving them even more money to put away for other things they wanna do. Also when an item first becomes available for purchase it may be high priced at first but as time goes on the price will get to where it’s lower costs and plus many people will wait for a price on an item to drop of they are on a tight budget or have to take care of their bills and other things first.

There are even those who are not on a budget still wanna find the best deals and it’s not only about saving money,it’s about value and what the item has to offer and plus my brother in law is very wise about budgeting money and looking for the best deals possible plus with great deals that he has found either in stores he has saved a lot of money in the long run and doing this does take time and patience in order to be wise about your money. Some places like Walmart and other stores have a service where you can order online and pick it up at the store saving you even more money all you gotta do is after placing your order select the location that’s close to you,complete your online order and after you make your payment online you will be able to print up a proof of purchase and then when your item gets to that store you will get a text or email.There is so many great ways to find the best deals if you are on a budget and wanna save money and, looking for great deals does require a lot of patience and time but it’s worth it.

Wonder Woman-The Movie That’s A Must See

Last Weekend I went to see Wonder Woman with my brother and brother in law and if you are looking for a film with great action and visual effects,this movie is a must see. This amazing movie stars Gal Gadot playing the lead role and I gotta say her role as Wonder Woman is just fantastic and sensational,she put a lot of motivation into the role of Wonder Woman and when you see this move, it will truly show her  great acting skills.

Patty jenkins put a lot of magic,passion and power into this movie with her great directing that made this movie a complete success plus it’s already made over  149 million  plus making more money with everyone flocking to the movie theaters to see over 2 hours of great nonstop action. There are many things I just love about this movie along with the great action scenes and visual effects,great storyline and the stage setting and wardrobe design fits very well for this movie. I was 100 percent on the edge of my seat the whole entire time plus with it being opening weekend almost every seat inside the theater was taken and what was great about seeing Wonder Woman was seeing it on a large screen and in Dolby Atmos which is a great way to have the amazing movie going experience. Seeing Wonder Woman is the best 2 plus hours I have spent in the theater,it’s just an amazing movie.

Also there was also a bit of humour added to the movie as well and everyone got a good chuckle out of the humour parts in Wonder Woman plus with more great action and effects throughout the film, there was no way that you would be able to take your eyes off of the screen ,not even for a second because when you go and see Wonder Woman,you don’t wanna miss any of the great non stop action that this movie has to offer plus the whole entire time my eyes were on the screen,I was just knocked out of my seat because of all the great action scenes and it keeps you wanting more and more.

Since this movie hit theaters Wonder Woman feaver has been spreading across the world and yes movie theaters were packed and lines were long but,when moviegoers went and saw Wonder Woman opening weekend and saw how great it is,they all knew standing in line was worth the wait. Now this is a movie that I would see again and again plus for those who have not seen Wonder Woman yet, this is a must see and it’s a great movie with non stop action that you simply can’t miss out on. the casting, directing and every bit of magic that went into this movie made Wonder Woman a smashing success. With what it cost to make the film they already made back about what was spent to make this powerful blockbuster movie. So if you want to see a great movie that’s a must see with over two hours of non stop action, you gotta see Wonder Woman, it’a full of great action all the way.

Waking Up Energized And Ready To Go-Ready To Face The Day

Waking up energized and ready to go, is one of the best ways to get your day started so you can take on the day. One of the ways of doing this is making sure you have a full night’s sleep and 7 to 8 hours a night is best  plus myself I sleep anywhere from 7 to 8 hours a night so I’m rested and ready to get the day started. A little bit of morning workouts will also get your body and mind fully awake giving you even more energy for the day.

Another great way to get energized is having a healthy and hearty breakfast that will give you plenty of fuel because, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in order to get your day started. Also it’s not wise to eat junk food for breakfast when you have a full and busy day ahead of you because junk food such as a candybar cake soda etc may give you a burst of energy but will cause you to crash and not have enough energy for the day but for breakfast if you have oatmeal or any other healthy breakfast items,you will have energy the whole entire day.

If you are working a full time job and want to not only eat healthy but save money,bringing a healthy lunch from home can also be a true helper to make sure that you are not only sticking to a healthy lifestyle but also being wise about your money. I use to have the habit myself spending money on lunch daily and  would spend like almost $10.00 a day on lunch and would buy too much that not only cost me $50.00 a week but I was getting overweight. Since then I have been brining my lunches to work that are healthier and smaller portions plus I’m saving money on top of that. There may be sometimes where I may buy lunch and treat myself but, I keep it small and keep it in moderation plus stay active so I don’t get overweight.

There are also some energy bars that you can buy if you need a quick energy pick up but, it’s very important to read the label carefully because that energy bar may contain some things that you may want to avoid so those you wanna read very carefully before you purchase any energy bar. Taking care of your health and getting plenty of sleep is the best way that you’re waking up energized and ready to go  plus eating healthy is another way to make sure that your energy is at it’s high and great performance level. There are many fruits and vegetables such as apples,carrots,plums,tomatoes and others that will help keep up your energy level throughout the day plus also there are many healthy juices you can purchase or you can make a healthy drink at home with the use of  a Nutribullet or NInja for example. When you take care of your health by staying active,getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy, every morning you will wake up energized and ready to go so you can be ready to face the day that’s ahead of you.


Remembering Chris Cornell-A Great Performer Gone Too Soon

Many fans are remembering Chris Cornell because of his great work with Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog,Audio Slave and his solo material. The first time I heard and saw the video for Soundgarden’s Outshined back in the early 90’s I was blown away by the lead singer’s strong  voice and noticed he can really hit the notes then after a while I find out the lead singer’s name Chris Cornell. Ever Since I heard Of Soundgarden I became a fan right away plus heard their other songs, Rusty Cage, Spoonman, black Hole Sun and many others plus every song had that powerful Chris Cornell voice that would just knock you off of you feet. Everything that Chris Cornell has done in his music career,is a great and wonderful masterpiece.

The first time I heard of Temple Of The Dog is when I have seen the video for Hunger Strike and the band included members of SoundGarden and members of Pearl Jam and this track the vocals were both done by Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. The video of this song is just amazing  plus I watched it online last week because it’s a great video and I have not seen this video in years plus as you can tell by the video part of it was filmed during the day and the other part was filmed during the evening time. This video is a true classic from the 90’s and one of my favorites.

I have also heard some songs from Audioslave and there sound is also amazing plus the songs Like A Stone is one of my favorites. But going back to Soundgarden I still remember the 1994 album Badmotorfinger and that album has so many great Soundgarden classics including Rusty Cage,Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose. Another album of theirs called Superunknown also has some great songs on it including  Black Hole Sun, Spoonman,Fell On Black Days and The day I Tried To Live. That album also still features Chris Cornell’s great powerful voice and guitar work.

Chris Cornell has done so many great things in his career from Soundgarden to his own solo material plus also to be honest the first time I heard of Soundgarden is when I saw the video for Outshined from Badmotorfinger so I still need to give the early albums a listen.One day about a few weeks back when i was on Facebook and learned that Chris Cornell passed away age the age of 52 years young, I was very sad to hear that news and also  his family,friends,bandmates and his fans were all just heartbroken. Since his passing many bands have paid their respects to Chris Cornell by playing some songs from either Soundgarden or any other work that Chris Cornell has been involved in. Megadeth is one of the bands that paid tribute by doing a cover of Outshined and their cover was rocking and well done and also I have watched a live Guns N Roses clip of them covering black Hole Sun and Axl’s Voice on this song was a perfect fit and the whole G’ N R gang just rocked it out! Chris Cornell will always be remembered for his great and amazing music that touched the heart of so many fans of Soundgarden, Audioslave,Temple Of The Dog and his own solo material that we all love.

Different Ways Of Being Creative -Always Having A Creative Mind

Whatever you do in life there are many different ways of being creative and it does not matter if it’s a job your have or something you do at home or it may something that you wanna share with the world. People that cook for a living and or at home find many different ways to be creative with any type of dish and will also come up with something from scratch also,myself I am still learning a lot about cooking and there have been a few times that I have gotten creative. One weekend when I was at a friends place I wanted to make dinner so I made us eggs and tilapia plus was using  two pans one for the eggs and one for the tilapia then after they were both done I cut up the tilapia then mixed it in with the eggs and when we both gave it a try it was very good. So with any type of cooking that you do,you can always come up with a great combo or something for scratch.

Bands from the early days until now have found ways to be creative with their music and stage shows plus back then way before today’s technology became of use,Pink Floyd found many ways to be creative in their music and stage shows  plus with their successful 1973 album The Dark Side Of The Moon,it took a lot of work to come up with the sound effects for the songs  Time,and Money because there were no other ways of creating sound effects back then.With The Technology that we have today, being creative in the music field has made things so much easier and a lot quicker.

One of the greatest persons that ever lived was walt Disney and he had a very creative imagination when it came to making cartoons and building Disneyland which first opened in 1955 and has been going ever since in beautiful Anaheim California and millions of people visit it every day. Walt Disney also came up with plans for building Disney World in Orlando Florida but sadly he passed on before construction got on it’s way but his dream was going to carry on and Disneyworld opened for the first time in 1971 5 years after his passing. He may be past on but the magic of walt Disney lives on plus the  now there is The Disney Store , and a few other Disney Parks around the world including Euro Disney and the new one in Shanghai.

You can be creative with many different things in life and all it takes is confidence and to believe in yourself. There have been many inventors that come up with something creative and wanna find a way to sell it to the public and then before they go through everything they need to and before they know it their item is a hot seller and that person or persons that created that invention end up making millions or billions of dollars per year. So either doing it for work,to become a successful businessperson or just a hobby, there are many ways in life that you can be very much creative.

Roger Waters-Is This The Life We Really Want? First new Album In 25 Years

I have been a huge Roger waters fan for years of his work with Pink Floyd and his solo material plus the other day I listened to Roger waters Is this The Life We Really Want? his long awaited follow up to 1992’s Amused To Death and to say I was blown away by this new record. Lot of the material on the new record sounds like classic 70’s Pink Floyd a mixture of Dark side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals. The intro track called When We Were Young  that starts off the new Roger waters album sounds like a bit of the intro Speak To Me from Dark Side Of The Moon.

The Second track Deja’Vu sounds a little bit like Breathe but slower and the words to this song are just beautiful and touching to the heart plus Roger’s vocals on this song and the rest of the album is just amazing and for those who have not heard this album yet, it’s worth listening to. I gave this album a full listen via Spotify and once I listened to all 12 songs of the album that ran a total of 54 minutes, I was sitting there by my computer for like 5 minutes just amazed and blown away how amazing this new album is and although it’s been 25 years since we have heard a new Roger Waters album,it was worth the wait. Another one of my favorites is the song called Picture That and when you listen to the upbeat part of it, it has the feeling of Sheep from the 1977 Pink Floyd classic Animals so with a lot of the songs on the new Roger waters album it kind of brings you back to that early to late 70’s Pink Floyd era. One of the tracks called Bird In A Gale has a bit of the sound effect from Dogs in it and this whole album just keeps getting better and better with each track you listen to. The Cover Design for this album is also beautiful as well and it fits the album very well.

The song Smell The Roses,which is the first single from the new album has a bit of a mixture of  Echoes and have a Cigar plus not only does it have great words but this is a song that you can dance to because of the amazing groove to it  and with all the amazing songs on the album, Smell The Roses is my favorite from Is This The Life We Really want? Wait For Her is another beautiful song from this album and then  another intro ocean’s Apart before it goes into the closing track A Part Of Me Died and then when that song ends with the closing sound effects it sounds a bit like you are listening to the closing sound effects of The Dark Side Of The Moon. Everything that Roger waters has done in his 50 year career from his work with Pink Floyd to his solo material is just pure magic and his new album Is This The Life We Really want?, still shows that Roger Waters can create a great masterpiece album with amazing music that will blown your senses away. This new Roger waters album is a true work of art from start to finish.


Tips For Overcoming Stuttering

There are some that have a history of stuttering and they have been doing that since being young plus when you are having a hard time getting the words out it can be a battle of frustration and I know what that’s like because,I have a history of stuttering and I’m gonna share some tips for overcoming stuttering. First of all any of you that has a bit of a stutter or one that’s so bad and you feel it’s hopeless to speak clearly,don’t give up because you can overcome your stutter and be able to speak clearly without any issues but it will take a lot of practice and a lot of patience.

One great way to overcome stuttering is by singing and people that stutter who sing can sing a song without stuttering and as time  goes on they will overcome it and be stutter free. Also when you are about to say something don’t be in a hurry and just take your time,it’s not a race because when you rush it you will end up mushing your words together and no one will understand what you are saying but,when you take your time and slow down people will understand what you are telling them plus this is what I have been told myself on many occasions to slow down when speaking.

Also depending if you have the funds or if your health insurance covers it,there is also speech therapy that can help you as well plus myself I did speech therapy for a month and it has helped me out a lot but, I still have a stutter from time to time and doing what needs to be done to fully overcome it. You can also watch videos online to learn many tips to overcoming stuttering and there are also things that you can read online to learn how to be stutter free plus you can also do speech therapy online with a speech therapist if you have a webcam for your PC plus this comes in handy if the speech therapist office is to far of a drive or you prefer to do the lessons from the comfort of your own home. There are many who have had years of stuttering that get so sick of it they say OK time to do what I need to do to overcome this and when they do they speak clear without problems and many of them end up having successful careers plus some that have been some who have helped others overcome stuttering.

I have been watching many videos online and doing a lot of reading online about how to overcome stuttering and this I would advise to anybody who stutters and wants to be stutter free. So always  take your time and don’t rush because it’s not a race and you don’t need to be in a hurry to get your words out plus the more you practise the better you will get. You can overcome stuttering and be able to talk without any problems at all.


A Positive Attitude Is The Key To Happiness-Make Everyday A Great Day

We all know that it’s best to have a great attitude in life if we want to be happy because A positive attitude is the key to happiness. We all face hard times in our lives and sometimes things may not always go the way we want them to but,having a negative attitude will only make it the situation worse then it is plus being angry and impatient does not help either so to get through hard times.it’s best to have a positive attitude.

Myself I have been through many up’s and downs in my life but having a positive attitude is what got me past those hard times and yes I could’ve just been negative, and spend the rest of my days being angry but that  is not the way for me so that’s why no matter what I go through and how hard things get, I will always think positive thoughts and keep on having that great attitude because in life things will get better as time goes on.Also you may come across someone that’s had a very negative attitude for years and there may be one little thing that you tell them that gets them to open their eyes and change their ways plus if you see that person again chances are that person has a better attitude and is a whole lot happier.

Myself I have came across a same bunch of people that have had negative attitudes in the past and some I have worked with but as time went on I have came across the same people and they now have better attitudes and seem much happier. Back then I use to have a negative attitude plus would just complain about everything plus if one customer was nasty I just would be angry all day and would not let it go plus back then what made it worse is that during that time I had a short fuse that exploded a whole lot more than one time. Since then I have changed my ways for the better and now have a better and positive attitude plus I know that flying off the handle does not do you any good plus can lead to very bad health plus when people say negative things to me either I just ignore it or tell them what they are saying is hurtful but in a calm and professional way.

We all have a choice in our lives and we can either choose to be angry with a negative attitude or we can be happy with a positive attitude depending the path that you take in your life. Many ways of having a positive attitude is knowing that great things are possible and everyday is a good day no matter what challenges you will face in your lifetime because when you have a positive attitude in your life it’s the true key to your own personal happiness. So always know that no matter how tough things get the only key to happiness is keeping a great and positive attitude everyday.


Kodi App- A Great Way To Watch Free TV Shows And Movies


When you want to watch all the TV shows and movies without having to pay a monthly fee, then the Kodi App is a great way to watch free TV shows and movies. A couple years ago, me my brother and brother in law were out in Chicago spending time with family plus my youngest cousin had her wedding that weekend then one of our uncles told us about Kodi and mentioned about what it has to offer but all you gotta do is either download the software onto your PC, or buy a streaming device and download the code software onto that device if it’s available for download.

Downloading and installing Kodi software and setup does take time so setting this up does require patience but once you have it done and ready to go,your patience will pay off because once you see what Kodi has to offer,the waiting and patience will be well worth it. We use Kodi everyday in our household plus what’s great about it is that you can catch up on your favorite shows,and watch a movie plus there are some classic TV shows and movies you can watch as well. When it comes to watching one of your favorite TV shows on Kodi you can search by Network,Genre,Year or you can do a simple typing search and that will also be a quick way to find and watch your favorite program plus with TV and movies you will have many streams to select from just in case one is not available to use. The kodi app is so easy and simple to use for any  On Demand TV and movies.

This also works great if you have a great sound system plus we have watched plenty of movies on Kodi as well including The Secret Life Of Pets, Logan, Zootopia etc plus have a 50 inch HDTV and surround sound and it sounds great. I’m very impressed on the Kodi streaming service plus only having to pay one time for a streaming device and downloading and installing the app then watch all the TV shows and movies for free, you can’t beat that.You can also install the Kodi software on any desktop or laptop but Kodi does take up a lot of memory so,it’s best to make sure that your computer has enough room for the install and you have a computer that’s up to date for the software to run and work at it’s best performance.

For those who are on a tight budget or don’t wanna have to shell out money per month to watch Tv or movies,Kodi is the best way to go for all your entertainment needs and this also works anywhere you have an internet connection so if you have Kodi on your laptop,notebook or any other portable device that has internet access,you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go. Kodi is one of the best apps that me,my brother and brother in law have heard about and now we can watch all of our favorite shows and movies without a monthly bill Kodi Rocks!

Rupaul’s Drag Race- One Of The Best Shows To Watch

Rupaul’s Drag Race, is one of the best shows to watch and  it gets even better and creative every week. I like to watch this show because I find it very entertaining to watch plus I also support the L.G.B.T community and  from what I hear that doing drag takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it successful plus after only watching one episode with my brother and brother in law,I have been hooked on this show.

One of the things that touch my heart about watching Rupaul’s Drag Race is that everyone has a story to share about experiences that they have gone through and how they each got through those hard times in their lives plus I remember seeing one episode where one of them were talking how his father use to be a bigot and judge people who dressed in drag  but then his father got cancer and he got a call from his father and he told him I love you for who you are and hearing that story goes to show that there are people out there that can change their ways for the better.

I have seen many great episodes of this show and the one we watched last week where RuPaul had the crew dress up in drag was hysterical plus we just could not stop laughing because it was just funny and this is a great show if you had one of those weeks and need a good laugh. I have also seen many great guest judges on here including The B=52’s Kesha , and Noah Galivan from The Real O’Neals TV Series. One of the other episodes I saw where are the drag queens were creating their own shows and one of them was a spoof of 90210 called 9021-Ho and that one was a great one as well to watch. The greatest thing about watching RuPaul’s Drag race is that in each episode you never know what’s gonna happen next.

There are some favorites on here that I like some are on here and some are no longer on here but,every week this show delivers all the way plus each style that everyone comes up with is just mindblowing and amazing. Plus when you either watch Rupaul’s Drag Race or go out and see a drag show a lot of theses styles including hair,makeup,clothing,etc takes a lot of work to put together and some can take hours to create that beautiful magic.

The lip sync for your life part of the show I really love and this is where 2 queens on stage are picked to lip sync to a well known pop hit and after that is where Rupaul decides who moves forward by telling one of them shantay you stay, and the one that goes home is told sashay away. I love this show and have full respect for those who are on this show and plus the ones that also do theses shows live, plus I have seen a few drag shows myself and they get better each and every single time. RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of the best and great amazing shows that you can watch.