Getting Fit And Slim

Since the start of the new year I have been getting Fit And Slim by cutting out high surgery foods,walking and finding other ways of staying active plus eating healthy and having smaller Portions. Since I have been doing that my energy has increased a lot plus dropped 20 pounds so far. I started on this health change the day after new years because one I was sick and tired of being out of shape and the excuses that I was making also I wanted to make 2017 the year to get healthy and in shape.I was 235 Pounds when starting this health change plus since doing that I feel full of energy and young.

At this present time my weight has now been between 210-215 pounds plus with hard work and self discipline I will have my weight to where I want it to be at. And when I am finlay trimmed down and in great physical health,I am still gonna stay active and take care of my body,it’s important to me.

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