Favorite Classic Albums-Great Timeless Masterpieces

There are many favorite classic albums that I just love and like to listen to from time to time. One of my favorites is Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd also what I like about this album is that all 10 songs are just amazing plus gotta love David Gilmour’s guitar work and great vocals as well and Time, Money and us and them  are a few of the amazing songs on the amazing 1973 classic and almost 44 years later this is still a well known classic.
Another favorite classic album is 2112 by Rush and this album I just love. It opens with the 20 minute track putting out great rocking riffs  by all 3 members and Great powerful vocals by Geddy Lee. Other tracks on here are also great classic including Passage To Bangkok and Something For Nothing. 2112 is a great classic album by Rush.There are many more classic albums that I enjoy including Def Leppard’s Hysteria,PInk Floyd’s The wall, Eagles,Hotel California and many other classic albums that are out there to enjoy for long time fans of these bands and also for a new generation of fans who are hearing these classic albums for the very first time in there lives.

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