Being Well Groomed

Being Well Groomed

In order to look our best every single day, being well groomed is very important and this will come in handy during important things in life such as job interviews and meeting people. Everyday you wanna make sure that your hair is combed neatly plus along with that showered,clean fingernails and plenty of deodorant because you don’t want to have any bad grooming habits and having that will be a turnoff to others around you.

If you are going to a job interview in just shorts,A tank top, unshowered and not properly groomed, chances are you won’t get that job but if you are serious by following great grooming habits and are well dressed you have a greater chance of getting that job plus when you introduce yourself to others with being well groomed and cleaned, that also shows great confidence in yourself and others will see how serious you are. Also a important part of grooming is facial appearance so it best to have either a clean shave face or a face with less facial hair in order to look neat and clean.

Keeping your teeth brush is also a very important key to being well groomed and we all know nobody wants to be around someone with bad breath because, that will turn people off. Keeping your teeth brushed on a regular basis along with flossing and the use of mouthwash can also be a helpful use to having fresh and clean breath. When you are wearing different types of clothing, you wanna make sure that there are no holes in any shirts pants, shorts socks, or shoes that you are about to wear and also make sure that they are clean and have no wrinkles in them. If you are going out on the town for the night with family or friends, you wanna look nice and not be all sloppy because, wearing wrinkled clothes shows laziness.

I know in the past my grooming has not been all that good but I’m now learning to take is seriously and make sure that before I get dressed,making sure what I am about to put on is free of any wrinkles and if need to put it in the dryer for a few moments to get any wrinkles out because along with being well groomed, appearance is also very important as well. Also if you are someone that works from home and your are attending a seminar, this is where being well groomed is a very important key to live by because you don’t wanna be shaking hands and having dirty fingernails, bad breath and smelled like you have not showered in a century you will lose that person but if you are well groomed and cleaned you will gain that person’s trust and for sure the trust of others. When you are being well groomed and take your appearance to heart, that shows that you care about how you look and always want to make sure that you are groomed well daily. It’s always very important to keep yourself very well groomed.

Being Consistent

Being Consistent


When you are learning a skill or have a task that needs to get done, being consistent is a very important key and along with that comes the  self discipline that’s needed in order to be fully dedicated to everything that you do. Let’s say you are a student that’s in school and learning about history plus this is when your teacher really needs you be be  consistent in learning which means not playing games and taking it at a serious level otherwise of you are not paying attention ,your teacher won’t be happy and that makes a double waste of time, your time and the teacher’s time.

For those who want to learn how to play an instrument like the drums for example, when you are being taught you need to pay full attention to what the instructor is saying so you don’t miss out on any important things that you need to know. You also may be giving a practice at home assignment to work on and when you come back for more lessons the teacher may want you to practice the lessons that you had done at home to see how far along you have gone or to see if you need more improvement and that all depends on how serious that you have been taking the consistency.

In order to stay consistent you also must be fully dedicated to what you are doing which also means making some sacrifices to get things done. Myself I had to make a lot of sacrifices and give up a lot of my favorite foods for a while so I can get healthy and trimmer plus I lost 30 pounds and only have 20 more to lose. You also may be the one who works a full time job but you wanna work from home so you can have more time with family,friends plus be able to travel and buy the things that you want but, we know that will take full dedication and consistency to get there. There are those who are fully dedicated and there are those that will be dedicated for a few days and then slack off and on top of that they will blame others and make as many excuses as they can to get a free ticket. When you mess up and are not being consistent you need to  stop blaming others and admit to your faults. The way that you can truly fix that is by making a promise to yourself that you will be consistent at all times noexcuses.

When a person is being consistent, that will help that person grow and develop into something great in life plus the more dedicated you are, the more positive things that will come your way. There are those who have years of success and have it to this day by doing one simple thing and that one simple thing is being consistent which took them plenty of work to make their dreams a reality but, they did it and that is the key to consistency.


Cutting Your Time In Half

Cutting Your Time In Half


When you are on a tight and hectic schedule cutting your time in half can be really helpful if you have so much to get done but,only a short amount of time to do it all and pus there are many other ways of cutting your time. Let’s say that you a eithe have a big family and or a bunch of friends living in the same household and you have a lot of shopping to do including food and it’s either you and your spouse or significant other plus you both know that one person doing all that shopping is gonna take long so the quick way to do it is one person takes one half of the list and the other person takes the second half of the list and both grab carts getting what’s needed and then meet at the front registers to check out saving time.

Another way you can save time is by doing your food shopping online and then either drive to that store to pick it up and they bring it out to your car and also there are places that will ship to your home within a couple of hours. This comes in handy for busy families who don’t wanna fight the crowds in the store plus is handy for ones who are not able to drive as well.Another thing that’s a real time saver is that a lot of restaurants now have what’s called call ahead seating where you can call ahead of time finding out how long the wait is gonna be then have your name on the waiting list then get there a few minutes ahead of time and check in with the host. This makes waiting times go by a lot quicker with the new service.

Those who do a lot of traveling have been used to taking the same route and freeways when they are either  in town or going out of state  but,when they learn about shortcuts they find out they can cut their time in half. So if a person that is traveling from one city to another and it takes them about one hour on the freeway, there may be another freeway that they can connect to to cut the driving time to half and hour not only saving time but indeed saving a lot of gas.Also when traveling out of state you can also cut a few hours off of the driving time depending what route you take.

From shopping, to traveling there are so many ways to  cut your time in half making things quick and easy to get done which makes life a whole lot easy and simple. When me,my brother and brother in law go to the movies  and get our tickets we save time by my brother and brother in law getting the popcorn and drinks and myself going into the theater to save our seats and this saves time. When you are cutting your time in half it makes things a whole lot more easy and quicker saving you time and giving you that extra time for whatever else that needs to be done.

The Days Of Dinners At Family Table

The Days Of Dinners At Family Table-Family Time

Back when I was growing up every meal including dinner was family time  so now as An adult I remember the days of dinners at the dinner table which brings back so many wonderful memories from my childhood. When we all sat at the table, the TV was off and it was family time and maybe at times quiet music in the background. In my days scarfing yourself in front of the television was completely out of the question, that was never aloud in my days. I know almost every meal including dinner that we all sat at the table it was more than a meal, it was family time together.

Now things have changed in the past 20 plus years where no one hardly sits at the dinner table anymore because,we are all on the go and when we get home we just plop in front of the television and scarf ourselves with food and sadly,many of us forget the importance of eating at the table as a family. There is nothing wrong where at times you wanna chill and have dinner while you are watching TV but, I would suggest maybe rotate daily one night in front of the TV one night at the family table because there are more important things then watching your favorite program on TV.

What I have even seen at dinner tables families don’t talk with each other because,they are on their devices playing games,surfing the internet etc and that causes a distraction from the time with your family. Back in my day no devices were at the dinner table and when it was dinner time the TV was turned off and there were no complaints about it either. This is something that we have lost because now the only time you will see  a family gather around a table is during the holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas other than that we are all in front of the set shoveling food down.There are some families that still stick with this old style traditional way  because, they know the importance of family time at the table.

When you are spending too much time in front of the tube while eating dinner, you are missing out on a whole lot and what’s also worse there are some that don’t wanna bother cooking and will let their own kids just have whatever they want will when we had dinner at the dinner table it was what was made or nothing at all and along with having dinners and other meals at the family table, we were thankful for what we had for dinner because we all also  knew that when we were growing up, there were many who did not have food or even a roof over their heads so we all counted our blessings. I do admit that there are most times where I sit in front of the television while eating dinner but also I will at times sit at the table with family because I don’t always need to watch TV every night when having dinner, family time always comes first and foremost.




Got Under 200 Pounds

Got Under 200 Pounds-Celebrating An Accomplishment

When the new year started I said that my plan was to get under 200 pounds and be healthy so when 2017 started I was around 230 pounds and this time was very serious about slimming down and now although it does go up and down a bit I got under 200 pounds which is a great feeling so now my weight is between 197 and 203 pounds. It took a lot of hard work, patience,dedication and a whole lot of self discipline to make this happen and I knew what needed to be done including cutting out a lot of foods for a while plus staying active and walking is what I did the most to get the weight down. Also I have done some workouts at home and my job as a Garden Center associate really keep me busy with getting go backs, putting items away and helping customers and others in the area and when it’s a very busy day, you will get plenty of exercise and the day goes fast.

I knew that I had to take care of my health if I wanted to live longer and I wanted this to be the year that I get the weight down so, everyday the same question repeated in my head that moved me how bad do you want it? I also told myself David, you can either not workout eat junk and be way overweight plus face a future of health problems plus have your life cut short or you can take the massive actions by making the right healthy choices and take care of your body and I decided that to no longer make excuses I was just going to do what needs to be done it’s my health.

Not only now was I eating healthy but,was having smaller portions of food because although I was eating healthy, I still had to watch my portions otherwise I would get fatter. In February I noticed that my weight was starting to drop from being active and cutting out unhealthy foods to get in shape and then by the time my youngest brother’s and sister in law’s and my aunt’s 70th birthday took place my weight was in the low 200’s and now I got it blow 200 pounds and gotta tell you all,it’s a great feeling and I have not had this much energy in years,it makes me feel like a young kid again. Soon I will be at the weight where I want to be at which is between 180 and 185 pounds. I take a look back on the start of the year at 230 pounds and now look at myself looking healthy below the 200 pound range and this is a great accomplishment that I’m truly proud of. If you are someone that wants to get healthy and lose weight you  can do it plus  family and friends gave me the strong confidence to do what needed to be done to get healthy. Getting myself under 200 pounds is something that I am proud of and I just feel so much better and ,feel many years younger.

Learning And Improving

Learning And Improving- Growing Life Skills

Over the last several years there has been many things that I have been learning and improving so I can better myself in life skills. Some I have improved in and some still need work but, I am willing to overcome any challenges that come by way because, I refuse to give up and call it quits.Doing daily blogs I have improved on and getting better at it each day plus I still find ways to improve some days I add an image and some days I do a video. I have been also been learning to cook which I was first learning but to be honest I was slacking on it for a while and was called out so, had to get back into action on it so, yesterday stated to get back into it. I Just need to be consistent and when you are cooking on the stove pay full attention and don’t walk away otherwise not only will you burn your food but the pot or pan as well. I have been learning so many things in life and want to learn more. I have improved in some skills but there are others that I need to improve in which will make me a stronger person.

I still do admit that my portions on food is still a bit out of whack and I need to realise that not only eating too much can cause you to be overweight but you need to have consideration for others so, that’s a big thing there that I need to work on and it will be done. I also don’t stutter as much as I did in the past so I mostly have that under control but still have to be told to slow down and speak clearly from time to time so other can understand what I’m saying. Also what I’m working on is my time management because if  I need to be at work by a certain time or we are going out at a certain time, I need to be ready ahead of time fully dressed and ready to go, I can’t make others wait and that’s another thing I want to improve on also if I want others to treat me like an adult I need to act like one and not a little kid that takes the easy way out, this is real life it’s time for a makeover.

Yes I’m mentally challenged but I’m not gonna use that as an excuse and besides there are others like me, who do what they gotta do every day go to work, pay their bills, and if they are married and have children, make sure their kids are taking care of. As I mentioned before some things have been mostly improved and some still need work including paying attention to and being fully focused when I need to. I want to grow in life skills and become something to be proud of and I know with self discipline and the proper guidance, this is a mission that will be accomplished.








Delete Your Trash File Of Negativity

Delete Your Trash File Of Negativity-Thinking Positive

On a computer we delete things when we want to get rid of them because their either slowing our computers down or it’s stuff we don’t need and this is the same thing in real life you need to delete your trash file of negativity otherwise your mind will get clogged with negative thoughts. You are gonna get a lot of negative people in your life telling you that it’s not possible and you need to stick with your 40 hour a week job for the next 40 years and retire on only 40 percent of your income which is also known as the 40/40/40 plan and I was told the the letters in job stand for just over broke. Don’t let anyone dictate your future because it’s your lifeship and to be a successful person you need to take full command of it.

The reason why many give up so quickly is that they will tell their family and friends what they wanna do and the dreams that they have and will either be laughed at or be told that they are wasting their time and are told it’s just a fantasy and give up then that person ends up giving in and you don’t wanna be the person that does that. There are also those who will not let anyone stand in their way and will turn off any negative comments that they hear or any thoughts plus will take the actions that are needed also,along with that they will make sacrifices including no watching any TV for days and just putting their noses to the complete grindstone because,they want this so bad and will not give into anyone’s negativity at all.

Thinking positive is the very important key for those that want to be successful and have a great life ahead of them plus when you block out negative thoughts and words from others, you are showing them that you refuse to quit and give into their ways. What they say about what you want to do with your life will be their opinion but, it will be your decision because,you are the one that’s in charge of the choices that you make and no one’s negativity is going to stop you. Every morning when I wake up I always say there is no room in my life for negativity and my day is full of positive thoughts and words. These are the words I suggest that all of you should say every morning when you wake up and get your day off and running.

Negativity is what holds us back from the great things that we can do in life and that is what can destroy us within but we can become stronger everyday of our lives by deleting that trash file of negativity and make a real life file of positive things and the space on that is unlimited. So no matter what people say, do, or even think, always delete your trash file of negativity and, that’s a great way to always be thinking positive.



Downsizing Before Moving

Downsizing Before Moving-Planning Ahead


There are a lot of things that a person or a family has to do before moving and downsizing before moving is one of them.Depending if you are moving into a bigger or smaller place or moving out of state,there may be some things you may need to either sell, give away or just get rid of because,the place that you are gonna move into is not gonna have room for all your stuff so you may have to part with some of your things.

A friend of mine moved out of State three months ago and he had to downsize on a lot of items as well. Somethings he donated to the  church he attended some he gave to others in the apartment complex he lived in and some stuff he just tossed out. Two reasons why he moved one so he can be closer to his family in Oregon and two here in Arizona he was getting tired of the hot summers which I can understand. Next month I will be moving out of state with my brother and brother in law to San Diego where the temperatures are 30 plus degrees cooler plus I  went through a lot of things that I had to get rid of plus been spending the last few months packing things away as well as downsizing on top of that lot’s to get done.

When you are going through items place in one pile what you are gonna keep and what you are gonna get rid of plus whatever you are keeping make sure that you have a box that’s big enough to fit all the items that you are going to keep. Also some may have a huge place to move into but if they are moving out of state and like cross country they still my get rid of a lot of items because they don’t wanna have to haul heavy items with  them plus if it’s someone who is moving by themselves,they don’t wanna have to pay for a truck to haul all those heavy items such as a sofa,kitchen table or anything else that’s heavy and they will just put any electronic items that they have in their car TV LapTop etc  and buy new furniture later on.

When you downsize, it does take a lot of planning ahead to decide what you want to keep or get rid of and we all know that many of these are items we may have trouble parting with but we have to face reality that this is what we have to do if moving into a smaller place that has less room. Some that move into apartments that wanna keep most of their items can also place items in storage which of course is a monthly fee otherwise will just part with most things and keep what they need. When you are moving into a smaller place with another or more then 2 people you all have to make that decision on what you keep and what you get rid of. Downsizing before moving takes a lot of planning before hitting the road to your new place.


Having Self Discipline

                          Having Self Discipline Learning Self Control

When it comes to certain things and ways of improving yourself, having self discipline is very important if you want to become a better person and master any type of skill that you want to learn. When it comes to buckling down and taking actions, this is where the self control of your own discipline will need to be at full force so you are not gonna have time to watch TV,play games or other things because, you gotta get your work done.

When you don’t have the self discipline and are just playing games, that’s not taking things seriously and you go back into your old habits and are still in the same rut that will hold you back from being a successful person. The ones that do have the self discipline and do what needs to be done everyday and not complain about it, that shows the self control and dedication that they have to make it and before they know it, their hard work and self discipline will pay off in the end. In order to have self discipline you have to say to yourself what needs to be done and when plus you need to show it with actions and mean it because, it’s true that actions speak a whole lot louder then the words that you are using. If you are putting yourself on a strict bedtime schedule you need to stick with it so if you say bedtime 10 Pm wake up 6Am,you need to stick with that bed time.

I have myself on a strict bedtime schedule during the workweek but, need to get on it on days off  and nothing wrong with staying up a little late when you are off the next 2 days but,when you are up too late and sleep most of the day not only is your self discipline is tossed out the window, but you missed out on the entire day. Another way to discipline yourself is by avoiding any type of distractions and staying focused on the task at hand so if you are working and have a lot to concentrate on, you need to make sure that if you have phone on you either, put it on silent or shut it down otherwise, you may keep getting disturbed with one phone call after another casing you to lose complete focus and end up getting behind.

Self discipline also comes with eating healthy and having smaller portions plus also with that proper exercise so you can keep your body in shape. Now for a long time this is where my self discipline was at it’s complete worst because not only was I eating junk all the time but, I also was not taking care of myself but as time went on I said to myself OK enough time to change and since then my self discipline with thas has improved. When you have that self discipline in your life, that will make you a stronger person knowing that you have the self control that’s needed in your life.

Being Influenced And Influencing Others-The Growth Of Success

There are many ways that people are being influenced and influencing others every single day in life by what they see and what they do. One way is that someone that’s a teen and a huge sports fan is either watching one of the favorite N.F.L teams playing on TV or seeing the game live and is so much influenced about professional football and wants to become a pro football player when they grow up. Soon that day the dream becomes the reality plus the one that made the dream come true will influence others and the grow of success in life will keep going higher and higher each day.

Lots of people also love music and like to listen to albums from favorite bands,solo artist plus see them in concert and when they see those concerts they get influenced and say to themselves someday I wanna be on that stage performing in front of lots of fans,going on tour,making albums and have great success. Then the day comes and they are doing it and also will be influencing others to follow in the same dream.Also there are many other things in the music field where people are being influenced by being a record producer or any other job in the recording studio plus get to work with many famous artist in the music world and being a radio disc jockey and others they will influence down the road making many more dream happen.

When you are being influenced by seeing somebody do something that you find amazing ,you picture yourself doing that plus say to yourself ok,what do I need to do to make that dream a reality? When you know what you need to do,you will put in the time and do what you need to do to make it then,before you know it your dreams are becoming the real thing plus others that you are influencing will hop on the fast jet o great success.

My brother has also shown me how to do blogging  with images and video and I was influenced right away.Will when I first started out lots of words were either not spelled right or I would run words together but as time went on It got better and the more better I get at it the more influenced I am to do these posts..There are a lot more things I need to learn before making money from home but,either way it’s gonna be a very big influence that will change my life plus others on here will see what I am doing and will want to do the same thing. There are also people that are influenced by many career paths and may want to have a mixture of career choices in their lives. They are many music stars that have also got into acting and many actors who got into music stars and some have also opened up their own restaurants as well. Being influenced and influencing others happens in so many ways in everyday life. The growth of success grows with everyone when the influenced passion of great things gives them a joy of a great life.