You Can Get Through Anything

We all go through hard times in our lives that can be a lot for us to bare but with a strong positive attitude, you can get through anything. There has been people that have been laid off from jobs and having a hard time paying bills,such as house payment etc and if they are married and have kids to feed that also makes it harder but if they know things will get better and have that positive mindset,great things will truly come their way.

My oldest brother that’s a cancer survivor had to go through a whole lot of treatments and a lot of surgery’s plus was in the hospital in and out for a number of days but he did not complain one bit he did what had to be done and the most powerful weapon that got him though it was his amazing and positive attitude because,he was not gonna give in and now it’s been about 4 years and so far he is still cancer free and is doing very well. Myself I have been suffering from seizures and lots 0f times from work had to be sent home plus we all know how seizures can make you tired after words then you end up sleeping for a while. I am wearing a device with wires glued onto my head and a couple on my chest and have 2 cameras that will record my seizure activity plus since I am wearing all this have to sponge bath for a few days and can’t take a shower plus unable to shave but sometimes you have to put certain things on hold for a while in order to take care of your health and I know I will get through this just gotta have patience.

One of the things that can be very hard in life is when you lose a loved one in the family or a friend that means a lot to you and I had a few friends that past away last year and one that past on a couple weeks back and I gotta say it was hard at first because these were great friends that meant a lot to me but  the way I got through it is that I know that they are all in a better place and still have all of those great and happy memories in my heart. We all have two choices in our lives ,we can choose to be down,sad and lock ourselves in our homes and be a recluse the rest of our lives or we can be strong people and carry on because we all know that things in life are gonna happen and can get through any hard times that we may face in life.In my life I have been through a lot of hard and difficult times some took a short time and some took a long time to get through but I knew that I was gonna be a survivor and get through it. When you have a 24 hour a day positive attitude,you can get through anything in life by having strong faith.


Sometimes Things Take Longer Than Expected-Having Patience In Different Situations

Sometimes in our lives we come across certain things that may take a bit more time so this is why it’s best to have patience because in certain situations, sometimes things take longer than expected. One of the things that can take time is when you are going to the post office to either send or pick up a package and it’s busy with very long lines and only two employees at the desk plus you know it’s gonna take some time before it’s your turn. If it’s something that you can send out or pick up at a time when it’s not busy it’s best to do that another time but,if it’s a very important package that you need to either send out or pick up right away,this is where you need to have a very strong virtue of true patience.

Yelling at people and telling them to hurry up will not resolve the issue in anyway and you will only make things worse plus if you fly off the handle at any place you are waiting in line such as a food store bank,etc chances are you are gonna be asked to be patient and if you keep causing a scene you may be asked to leave and if you refuse to leave that business will have you escorted out by  security or the police so it’s always best to keep your cool.There are times when I have gone shopping and had to wait in line for 20 minutes or more but it’s just a part of life and yes I can choose to be impatient,hot tempered and cuss out the person at the register but I know that would only make things worse plus I would not only get kicked out but would give myself some very serious health problems so, I always believe that no matter how long things take it’s best to have patience and chill out.

One of the times of the year when sometimes things take longer than expected is the holiday season and this is when stores are packed like crazy and the real busy times is Black Friday and when it gets closer to Christmas  and we all know how crazy shopping centers and other places get during this time of the year. Many of us wanna just get in,grab what we need,pay and go but that’s not always the case at this time it’s grab it if you can find it, wait in line for a while and make sure you pack a lot of patience,then pay and go. We never know when certain things may take longer than expected and mostly it’s out of our hands so we just gotta deal with things the best that we can. Also another thing that can take time is when you need to do a system update on your computer and at times they can be done quickly but sometimes it may take a few hours  depending on what needs and how much needs to be downloaded and installed. When things take longer than planned sometimes you gotta roll with the punches.




Talk It Out- Resolving Issues In A Peaceful Way

Sometimes in certain issues we may have different ways of resolving them but it’s always best to talk it out because you wanna resolve issues in a peaceful way. The thing is that yelling at each other or using any type of physical violence towards a person does not solve anything and that is what makes the situation worse plus if you are out in public and this happens,chances are if caught by police you can be not only be arrested and end up spending time in jail,but also by a court order you may have to attend a certain number of hours of anger management classes on top of that.

If you are talking with someone that you think is being rude and disrespectful towards you,the best thing to do is to tell them to please be more respectful and if they don’t stop do what needs to be done by taking the proper legal action because punching someone to get your point across is no way of doing it,you need to resolve and handle the situation in a peaceful manner. Myself I use to get into massive fights growing up as a kid and I have got into a lot of trouble for it but now I know anger only destroys you and when you have a issue with someone,talk it out is one of the best ways to resolve problem. When you are having problems with someone you need to say to yourself I need to talk to this person about the issue but in a professional way and hope that person will be on the same page as you are so you can both work things out without yelling or physical violence.

There are many people out there that still think yelling and throwing punches is a way to solve a issue but that’s not the way to resolve any kind of situation with anyone and these type of people need to realise that this only makes things worse and there are better and peaceful ways to work things out by using words of peace and not anger and don’t use your fist.The only way to prove your point is to talk it out,plain and very simple. Let’s say that you are shopping and are inline checking out you may have some rude and impatient person cut in front of you and that may cause you to blow your top but what good would that do. It’s best to tell the person in a calm way that you were next and they need to wait their turn and if they get rude and nasty have someone get a supervisor or if the person gets vulgar have the cops called. yes it’s true that you can’t let people walk all over you and you have to stand your ground but,you need to do it in a calm and peaceful way. So always keep in mind in any situation always talk it out.

Love Is Love – Live Life Without Hate

There are many of us that are different colors, races, and some are even straight,gay, bi, lesbian and transgender but we all need to realize that love is love. Sadly there are some hateful people that don’t see it that way and make hurtful judgement towards people and worse some will use physical harm towards a person and at times end up taking that person’s life.We all must learn to love one another and truly live life without hate.

I have friends of different colors and backgrounds some are straight,and some are gay but I welcome them in my life with open arms because I believe in equality for all and love always wins plus makes you stronger and the more love that you have in your heart,the better you will feel. No one should be turned away just because of who they are and when a person does that,it shows the hate that person has in their heart plus when are mean to others and say hateful things and things that are racist that’s not only disrespectful, but it’s very hurtful and can emotionally hurt people.

I have read stories from the past till now that certain business refused to serve a person because if their skin color or if a person’s gay and this does not show love at all plus we all need to stop the hate and start the love plus we all know that win they say that love always wins,that’s the 100 percent truth. It does not matter what skin color the person is or who they love,that person deserves respect like everyone else plus for those who are racist and make nasty comments towards people because of who they are, they need to do a whole lot of soul searching realise what they are doing and saying is wrong, and then change their ways plus there are some that use to be hateful but,woke up and did what they needed to do to change their ways and become a better person who now loves people for who they are. The power of love is the most strongest weapon against hate.

There have also been some stories that I hear about parents  disowning their kids or family members doing the same thing to other family members just because of who they are and I’m like how can you disown,your own child, or any family member just because of them being gay ,that person is who they are and no one should be punished for being their true selves and should not have to be forced to pretend to be something their not.

My oldest brother came out in the early 90’s and has been with his husband for almost 25 years plus I have supported them 100 percent since day one because you should not turn someone away because of who they are. It does not matter what color that person is or if they are gay,straight,bi,or transgender we all need to know  that love is love and when you live life without hate,you will put a happy and positive feeling inside your heart.

Agree Or Disagree In A Respectful Manner

We all have different thoughts about certain topics and some things we may agree or disagree on but no matter what it’s wise to either agree or disagree in a respectful manner. Sometimes what a person is saying,you may not agree with that person but,you need to treat that person the way that you want to be treated because,insulting others does not solve anything and it’s very disrespectful making that person feel very unease.

There are things that I am told that I may agree or disagree on but I know to treat that others with the proper respect and being kind to others when you agree or disagree will make you a better and stronger person and the more you respect others the more others will have the respect for you. The ones who are disrespectful during a disagreement will keep cutting that person off along with name calling and at times vulgar words come out of that person’s mouth and the other one is gonna tell that one that’s being rude,if you can’t do this in a professional manner, then this conversation is done.

The ones that are respectful in a disagreement will first let the other say what they need to say and wait their turn then when it’s the other person has their turn to speak the will tell the other in a respectful matter if they agree or disagree and explain the reasons why plus that shows others true and loyal respect towards them. Respect towards others is very important when you either agree or disagree what they are saying to you and to others.

You don’t always have to agree with what everything you see,hear and are told but it’s a great idea to be respectful when you are disagreeing with people about different topics. Sometimes with a coworker or your manager you may agree or disagree on certain things on the job but if you act like a complete fool and be disrespectful not only that coworker may lose respect for you,but your manager may tell you Ok that’s it you’re done. What ever situation you are in it’s best to be kind and show the proper respect when you agree or disagree with someone plus we all know that acting like a fool by yelling, swearing, being mean or other ways of being disrespectful will get you no place at all,it will destroy you and cause you to have others lose respect for you so if you want to have others respect you,you need to do the same when you agree or disagree with anyone that you come across.

Sometimes you may think that what someone is telling you is full of beans but when you say to yourself OK I really don’t agree with what he or she is saying but when I tell them I disagree I will be doing it with respect you will already know to share your thoughts in a proper and mature matter. So when you either agree or disagree with others about different things and situations,always do it in a very respectful and professional manner.


The Joys Of Dancing-Moving To The Beat Of Happiness

Lots of us including myself just love to dance and does not matter the type of music you are listening to plus with the joys of dancing there are many ways to move to the beat of happiness. Some of us like a certain music style and some like a variety of music styles and myself I like a variety of music styles to dance to including,Rock,Pop,Disco,Hip Hop,Country and many other music styles that are out there plus there are music styles that are sung in different languages but the way I see it if  I like the beat I will dance to it because music and dance are two languages that everyone can understand. You can also hear a song for the first time and if you start to move and groove to it,it shows that you really like the song being played.

Dancing is not only fun but it’s a great way to keep your body in shape plus with dancing and other ways that I have taken care of my body, I have lost a lot of weight and have more energy than I have had in years. I still have 20 more pounds to lose but I’m almost to where I want to be in my weight. When you move and groove to the beat of happiness,it makes you feel so good that you just wanna turn up the music and dance all day or all night long. Dancing is also a great way to relieve stress because it helps you stay happy and positive plus forget about your worries for a little while.

There are many places where you can enjoy dancing including Weddings,Birthdays,Holidays or even in your own home plus depending on where you live there are many dance clubs that you can go to that will play the music you like or a different bunch of music styles and myself I enjoy a bunch of different type of music styles because I believe that it’s important to be open minded to many types of music heard throughout this entire world.

Some like to slow dance, and some like the fast upbeat dancing plus others like myself love a mixture of slow and upbeat dancing plus when you are driving you may see passengers in other automobiles that may be grooving in bit to the beat and when the automobile is not in motion the person behind the wheel, may be doing a bit of a sit down dance to the song. Dancing can also make you feel many years younger then you are plus there are many people that are much older and still dance because they still have all that young energy that keeps them going no matter how old they are. I enjoy dancing when I get the chance plus a couple weeks ago my youngest brother got remarried and me and a cousin had a dance off which was a  blast. Rocknroll,Blues,Country.Pop or any other type of music, the joys of dancing is a great and fun way to move to the beat of happiness.



Staying Out Of The Negative Zone

One of the best ways to keep a positive and upbeat attitude is by staying out of the negative zone. When a person that stays in the negative zone are the ones who complain,don’t take action and blame there faults on other people and we all know the saying misery loves company will it also loves negativity.The ones who stay out of the negative zone are happy with a great attitude,they work hard and find ways to improve and they take responsibility  for their own actions and take care of them quickly and find ways to not make the same mistakes they did in the past.

Being in the negative zone can bring a person down and destroy their confidence in themselves and others plus will also shut themselves out from the world becoming a recluse and we all know that’s not healthy for a person at all. When a person is staying out of the negative zone, they have strong confidence in themselves and others plus find ways to improve their lives by meditation staying fit and when many great opportunities come along and are offered to them that person will most likely say yes. Also another way to make sure that you are staying out of the negative zone is always say to yourself it’s gonna be a great day I can feel it and keep saying that to yourself the entire day because the more you say it the more you will believe it.

Many people that are negative will do anything the can to get people with positive energy and vibes to give up on their dreams and start to have doubts and negative thoughts plus there have been a few with a positive vibe that has fallen into this area. You don’t wanna be that person who once was upbeat and positive then, fall into that negative zone throwing everything away that you have worked hard for. No matter what others say,think or try to get you to do, stay out of the negative zone and keep that positive attitude. Winners keep on going ,they don’t give into any type of negativity.

Every morning when I start my day I always say to myself another great day and it does not matter if it’s sunny rainy, or if it’s cold or hot outside, I always say everyday is wonderful  and that keeps me out of the negative zone plus no matter how much negativity I hear I’m always a happy and upbeat person plus I do admit I was negative in the past but no longer. There have been many people that used to be negative and down giving up on their hopes and dreams but as time went on someone or something helped them get out of the negative zone and build up their confidence making them stronger and better people. We all go through our happy times and our sad times plus also somethings may be hard to learn at first but,when we keep on trucking and stay out of that negative zone, great things in life will come to us as long as we have faith in ourselves and others around us.

Manage Your Time-The Importance Of Being Organized

When you have lots of important tasks to get done and are on a tight schedule, it’s very important to manage your time so you can get things done quick and easy in a timely matter.You may start out with a few tasks but just in case you have more to get to,it’s best to work as quick as you can to get those other tasks out of the way otherwise you will be way behind on your work making it a longer time than normal to get yourself caught up.

Let’s say that you are planning a vacation and are gonna fly out to that location plus we all know that with as tight as security is in airports, you need to get there two or more hours ahead of time depending if you are flying within the US or overseas. So If you live out somewhere in California and are going to fly out to Florida for a week and know what day you are flying out,it’s smart to have everything packed and ready to go the day before plus on that day if your flight is at 10.AM in the morning you may wanna be up early enough, so you can get breakfast in you and get to the airport by 8 AM.

For different events that you are invited to such as a wedding you need to make sure that you are there in plenty of time because you don’t just wanna show up in the middle of the ceremony because not only would that show disrespect but it will also make you look bad as well so with important events like that and others make sure that you show up early because this is one of those events where it’s very wise to manage your time and be organized. Also if you and some family members and or friends have tickets to a game, or even a concert and you know from your home it’s gonna be a long drive like over an hour and you wanna beat rush hour traffic,it’s best to leave early and this is where managing your time is really the important key because, if you don’t leave in plenty of time you will end up getting caught in traffic causing you to be late or even miss the game or concert.

When you manage your time knowing that you either need to get things done by a certain time or get to a place by a certain time,that will help keep you organized and ready plus sometimes things may come up all of the sudden so it is a wise decision to have great time management. Those who don’t manage their time will not only look and be unorganized but can make others look bad as well. The one’s who manage their time ,plans things out ahead and get’s things done in a timely matter,that shows that they are prepared and ready just in case if something comes up. When you need to get a task done, get to a certain place or want to have dinner ready by a certain time,this is when it’s very important to manage your time.


Don’t Let Anyone’s Negative Attitude Affect Your Day

Sometimes you may have some people that you face who are negative and complain all the time but, no matter what, don’t let anyones negative attitude affect your day. It’s always best to keep that positive attitude because when you let other negative attitudes ruin you day it will bring you crashing down. Yes it’s true that we do come across many people who are just unhappy and say negative things about others and many say negative things about you and the best thing to do not let that negative vibe destroy you and keep your mind and words at a happy and positive point.

When People have a negative attitude by there own thoughts and words not only is it bad for them but it blocks them from doing great things in their lives and to stay away from that negative side it’s smart not to have that  ruin your day,always stay on the positive and happy side and great things will prevail and come to you. When you wake up everyday start the day off by saying to yourself no matter how many negative attitudes I get from others,I will not let it damage me and I will overcome that negativity by having that great attitude making everyday a great day. There are also ways to pass this onto others that have negative vibes in their attitudes by getting them to realise that negativity brings you down and being positive builds you up.

My self I use to let people’s negative attitudes get the best of me and I thought will everyone has a bad attitude and why should I bother being positive when everyone is gonna be negative and,I was like that for a very long period of time. Then after doing a lot of soul searching, and taking advice from others my whole  attitude changed for the better so now no matter what people say or think I refuse to let their negative attitudes get to me because I know that staying happy and making everyday of my life a great day is the best thing to do plus since then I have kept the better side of my attitude.

There are  many ways of keeping that great positive vibe by always knowing that there are great people out in this world and they are the ones with the amazing and outgoing attitudes. If you come across people with negative attitudes  don’t bring yourselves down to their level by being negative towards them because you are letting them win. You can be the winner by saying something back to them that’s positive and that will make most of them open their eyes and know that when you change your ways from being negative to positive,more happiness will fill their hearts with love,peace and joy. With negative people when one thing goes wrong they think the whole day is gonna be bad and that’s all the focus on by not only having that bad attitude but complaining. The positive people are always happy and have a great attitude ,no matter what challenges that they come across in life.When you are always happy and don’t let any anyone’s negative attitude affect your day, you will have a sunshine life of great things to come.

You Are The Boss And Employee In Your Business

For those who work from home new or been in the game for a long time,there is one important thing to remember that will keep you motivated by realising that, you are the boss and employee in your business. As the boss side of the business you need to say to yourself what needs to be done and how much time you have to get it done and no goofing off and as the employee side of the business you need to follow through and deliver every single step of the way. Act like if you don’t do what you are supposed to do and keep wasting time,you will be fired and thinking that will motivate you. So always keep those thoughts in mind when you choose to goof around and not take the business to that serious level in life.

Also as the employee side of the business let the boss side know that you are gonna take action by doing what needs to be done to be successful by doing what needs to be done cause we all know that talk is just talk and taking action is what really speaks. When you listen to the boss side of yourself that give directions then, as the employee side,take it seriously, you are gonna keep pushing to build that business and the more you push the more that you will grow and along with that comes rewards of victory that will give you the strong confidence to keep on going and strive for more.

When you put to mind about the two sides to your own business the boss side and the employee side you will know that to keep the business afloat,you need to put your nose to the grindstone and be serious plus when you hear the boss side of you say no playing games during work time, the employee side will say ok no messing around,I’m here to work and  get things done and get it done by a certain time without any distractions.

Knowing that you are the boss and employee in your business, is one of the great ways that will help keep you motivated and drive yourself for more success in what you do. Also make a time frame for when you need to get work started and let’s say you have several things to get done that day say to yourself as the boss we need to get all of this done by  a certain time and only have a  limited  amount of time to get them done and as the employee side of the business say to yourself I will make sure that this will all be done by the deadline and I will make no excuses of any kind. Remembering these two side of your business will keep you going so you can be a champion and make the both sides of you proud and happy. When you keep in mind by knowing that you are the boss and employee of Your own business, that will keep you 100 percent focused and dedicated to it.