Working Together To Solve Problems

When it comes to teamwork,working together to solve problems is very important because you may face a challenging situation that will take a lot of focus to get through. When you do things like panic or blame others that does not fix anything it only makes the problem worse then it needs to be plus this is why team work and cooperation is very important to get though any difficult task that one person or a bunch of people may face.

The first step is to address the problem and realize what is and the cause of it. The second step is to come up with an idea to resolve it and the 3rd  and final step is to take action. When everyone is working together to solve problems, everything will go a whole lot smoother and easier.

Being Open To New Ideas-How Having A Open Mind Will Help You Grow

Being open to new ideas is very important if you want to grow and become successful in any type of profession. There are some that think certain ideas don’t work and everything should be there way or the highway but if you have an attitude like that,how are you gonna grow and move up to better things? It’s always best to have a open mind and listen to any ideas that people are tell you they can be very helpful and learning experience.

It does not matter if the person is young or older if they have ideas that may help just give it a chance cause,even if the idea may or may not work it does not hurt to give it a shot. Also when you are being open to new ideas you may also come up with some of your own and pass your knowledge onto others and turn them from non believers to believers. When you keep your mind open to new ideas you will have a great future ahead of you.


Saying Whats On Your Mind-Getting Things Off Your Chest

Saying what’s on your mind is a very wise thing to do because you don’t wanna let it bottle up inside of you until you explode. There may be certain things or people that are stressing you out and doing or saying things that you don’t like well,you just gotta tell them how it is even if they get upset cause,it’s better to be honest then to sugar coat stuff. Being open and honest is very healthy and wise to get things off your chest.

When your Saying what’s on your mind,you also need to do it in a respectful and professional matter plus we know that losing your temper and throwing things is not gonna resolve the issue it will only make matters worse then they are. Simply talk with that person or people tell them what’s on your mind and find a way to solve the situation. When you say things that’s on your mind you will feel a whole lot better when you get it off your chest.

Plan Things Out Ahead Of Time-The Importance Of Being Organized

When it comes to being  organized, it makes  sense  to plan things  out ahead  of  time  so this way your  not going  crazy at the  last minute getting  ready.  There are some  things that take a little  time  and some things  take a whole  lot  more  time  to get together. Let’s say you  are planning  a trip  with friends  or family  and you are  gonna be away from  home  for a long period  of time .First it will take weeks to plan ahead  and gotta make sure you  have everything  you  need including  a cell phone  just in case  of car trouble and plenty of water for the hot months.
There are many things that you need to plan things out weeks in advance including ordering airline tickets and it’s best to order those weeks ahead to get the best deal otherwise you will pay a lot if you order them for the same day. So always keep in mind it makes common sense to always plan things out ahead of time and keep organized.

Get Out And Enjoy Life

One of the best things that you can do is get out and enjoy life because you don’t wanna waste your whole life away sitting in front of the TV  watching the day go by. There are so many things out there to discover and do plus getting some fresh air everyday will do you some good also on top of that it keeps you motivated as well. Myself I like to get out a lot cause I love life and treasure each and every single moment of it now don’t get me wrong nothing wrong with watching a little TV but myself I’m not in front of my television 24 hours a day,life is too much short for that stuff.

We don’t know how much time we have on this earth so we all just need to enjoy everyday that we have and just enjoy life to the fullest because life is a beautiful thing. Lots of things to do such as go to a movie,take road trips spend time with family and friends plus many other things that you can do to get out and enjoy every single moment in life. Getting out and enjoying everyday life will fill your entire heart with simple and pure happiness.


20 Years With Walmart-Celebrating A Milestone With A Long Time Company

At the end of this month I will be celebrating 20 years with walmart  and looking back on 2 decades,I can still remember like it was yesterday. I was hired on March 22nd,1997 and me plus other new hires at that time had orientation plus were giving a tour around the store including the backroom so we had an idea where everything was. I was hired on as a cart pusher collecting carts,and also helping customers out with there items and the way they got a hold of me was using a walkie then would tell me where the customer was that needed help out with there purchases.

A year and a half later I became a cashier including the front end, electronics garden center,etc. There were so many things that I have learned about being a cashier plus having a great team on your side when you had a question or were not sure about something really helped me out a lot. In 2007 we relocated as a supercenter and I was a part of setting up the new store plus at times I would be at the supercenter help setting up part of the day and then go to the other store that was still running and help cashier.The grand opening for the supercenter was on a Wednesday in the middle of March 2007 with the doors officially opening at 8 AM for the first time plus we were very busy that day also everyone worked together as a team.

About a couple years back I have stepped away from being a cashier and became a greeter in the garden center.A year later the greeter position was placed with customer host and I became a garden associate where I still  door greet and also help on the sales floor.It’s amazing how you can first start a job with a company and before you know it 20 years just goes by very fast. Celebrating a milestone with Walmart is a very great achievement.

Never Stop Learning

From a child to a child at heart you are taught something new each day of your life so no matter how young or how old you are, you never stop learning. There are some people that learn a skill when they were younger and have mastered it for many years and there are some that are many years older and learning that skill for the very first time in there lives meaning there is no age limit to any type of education in anyone’s life.

Myself I am in my mid 40’s and been learning how to cook although it’s a late start in life gotta say so far been doing very well at it and if you wanna learn how to cook,play a instrument, or what ever you wanna learn you can do it. The point is that  it does not matter if you are 1 or 101 we all have a lifetime of education because we never stop learning. With the great power of education ,there are so many wonderful things in life that you can learn.

Don’t Give Into The Naysayers

Some people will try every trick in the book or say things to stop you from being successful but ,no mater what they say,think or do don’t give into the naysayers. Anyone who has negative thoughts and words will hold you back and say things such as you can’t do that you need to work a 9 to 5 job,you’re wasting time and any other words a naysayer can come up with to stop you from becoming a true success in any type of carer in life.

It’s important to stand your ground and don’t give into the naysayers no mater what they say or do. When you just ignore the naysayers and just keep on working towards your dreams, and not give up,you will have greater possibilities now and in the future.The basic thing is to not give into the naysayers and just keep on working towards your success.The more you stay strong and confident,The more happiness that you will have.


Look For The Positive In Any Situation

Sometimes things in our lives happen and mostly it’s at the most inconvenienced time but no matter how bad things can get at times,it’s always best and wise to look for the positive in any situation. Things happen for a reason such as car trouble,you have to wait longer to be waited on but when we think positive we will get through that situation much quicker and easier because, a positive attitude is the number one key in life.

Getting upset and impatient does not help at all in the least,it will only make matters worse so always look for the positive in any situation that you find yourself in. Having a positive outlook on any situation good or bad makes a whole lot of difference in yours and other peoples lives.

Starts With A Vision

There are shopping centers restaurants plus other places that have been around for a short time or many years but any place of business starts with a vision. When a business first gets started the ones involved first come up with the idea and visualize what the business will look like then have to plan on how much space they will need depending on the size of the building being built and also most important cost to get it all started and running.

A small local business or one that’s nation or world wide a persons vision is how it all got started and off of the ground. Wal-Mart has been around for 55 years and how that company first got started is by Sam Walton’s vision and his vision became a reality plus now Wal-Mart is now making billions of dollars in sales and has  a great number of associates around the world.So big or small around for a long time or just staring out, any type of business always starts out with a vision. With hard work and dedication a vision of a business will become a true and successful reality.