Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 50Th Anniversary

Pink Floyd The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 50Th Anniversary- Classic

This year will mark Pink Floyd’s The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn 50Th anniversary which is the band’s first album that was released in August of 1967 and is still a great album 50 years later. This album is one of a kind and it’s amazing from the start of the album to the finish of it with great work from  The Late Syd Barrett January 6,1946, July 7th,2006 and his guitar and vocals on this Pink Floyd album are just magical and well done. The bass work of Roger waters also put a great touch to the album as well and the thundering drum work of Nick Mason,it can’t be beat.

This also includes the amazing keyboard work of the late Richard Wright July 28th, 1943 September 15th, 2008 which this and his other work he has done with Pink Floyd and solo is just outstanding. This classic album of course opens up with “Astronomy Domine” that opens up with some vocal and telegraph sound effects and then the pounding of Mason’s drums and the rest of the band kicking in. The starting words Lime and limpid green, a second scene Now fights between the blue you once knew are just powerful words that gets this album off to a great start and at the end of it you hear lime and limpid green the sound surrounds the icy waters under lime and limpid green the sound surrounds the icy waters underground.The Second track “Lucifer Sam’ starts out with A quick guitar riff from Syd Barrett and the whole band kicking in at once with about a 30 seconds introduction then it starts with the words Lucifer Sam siam cat always sitting by your side that cat’s something I can’t explain  gets the fire of this song going. I love the groove to it and it’s one of those classic Pink Floyd songs from the Syd Barrett era that you can move to great song.

It’s hard to believe that  50 years ago this album was being recorded the same time that The Beatles were recording Sargent Pepper  in the next room next to Pink Floyd at Abbey Road Studios in London. the third track ‘Matilda Mother”, is another good one from the album and then to the fourth song  “Pow R Toc H” with the band making vocal sound effects and jamming. Track five “Flaming”, starts out with a bit of effects and the opening lines alone in the clouds all blue lying on an eiderdown,yippee you can’t see me but I can you which are very magical words to this song.

Track six, “Take Up Thy Stethoscope and walk with amazing words and this is the one track on the album written by Roger Waters and though the first few lines you hear Doctor Doctor and a few words then a bit of an instrumental break then the closing words music seems to help the pain seems cultivate the brain Doctor kindly tell your wife that I’m alive, flowers thrive, realize, realize. Now we go to track seven the almost ten minute instrumental “Interstellar Overdrive and this was a piece that Pink Floyd did in clubs which were longer versions. Then we have the last 4 songs “The Gnome” “Chapter 24″, ” The Scarecrow” and “Bike”. this is also one of those classics that’s best listened with headphones to get the full feel of the album. Here is to the 50th anniversary of The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, The debut album from Pink Floyd, a true and amazing classic.


Fleetwood Mac Rumours 40th Anniversary

Fleetwood Mac Rumours 40th Anniversary-Toast To A Classic

This year marks Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours 40th anniversary and this is one of those great albums that have stand the test of time plus is loved by many Fleetwood Mac fans from the early days to the new generation of fans as well. There is just so much pure magic put into this classic that was released in record stores back in 1977 plus includes so many hits including “Go Your Own Way”, “The Chan”  ” Second Hand News”, and their signature hit “Don’t Stop”. This is one of those albums that I can listen to over and over again because Rumours is just one of those Fleetwood Mac albums that I just love. Every album that I have heard by Fleetwood Mac is great but I gotta say that Rumours is my favorite of them all.

When you hear the song “Dreams and listen to Stevie Nicks amazing voice, it will truly blow your mind and my favorite  lyric is  where  it says thunder only happens when it’s raining players only love you when their playing  plus the whole song it self has amazing and wonderful lyrics. There is also a track on here called “I Don’t Wanna Know” a duet between Stevie Nicks and LIndsey Buckingham that has that Everly Brothers feel to it plus it’s also another great song on the record.” The Chain is another one of the great ones from this album starting out with a slow tempo with a bass drum and a mixture of acoustic and electric guitar getting the fire going then you hear the words Listen to the wind blow watch the sunrise running in the shadows, damn your love damn your lies and then the whole band kicks in and when it gets towards the end first you hear John Mcvie do a bit of a speed up on the bass and from there it’s just fast jam city plus you can also hear Mick Fleetwood jamming on the drums.

“You Make Loving Fun” and “Songbird” are great songs on here with the amazing Christine Mcvie on vocals and she still has a great powerful voice to this day. “Gold Dust Woman” is the song that closes this 1977 classic and I just love this song and the lyrics are just amazing with the opening line rock on gold dust woman take your silver spoon dig your grave. Then the course did she make you cry make you break down shatter your illusions of love is it over now do you know how to pick up the pieces and go home and then when the course is sang a second time at the end Stevie Nicks holds a note for a long time,amazing. There was one track called “Silver Springs that was recorded for the “Rumours album but would not fit on the record so it had to be dropped. I have this album on DVD Audio where you can hear this album in 5.1 surround sound and it features the song “Silver Springs” for the very first time. Here is a toast the 40th anniversary of a true classic Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours A true masterpiece.

Lindsey Buckingham Christine Mcvie

Lindsey Buckingham=Christine Mcvie- Great Album Of Songs

Last week I gave the latest Lindsey Buckingham And Christine Mcvie album a full listen and it’s just amazing and a great album that features  10 great songs from the two members of Fleetwood Mac. The opener “Sleeping Around The Corner” gets the album off to a great start plus this song and the others has that same groove that you would find on a Fleetwood Mac album plus Lindsey’s vocal on this track just amazing and great.

Myself I have been a huge Fleetwood Mac fan for years and also dig each members solo material but when I heard this album it blew me away it’s just fantastic and amazing. “Feel About You” is another great track from this album plus it’s one of those songs that you can put on and dance to because of the amazing beat and words to it along with great vocals by Christine Mcvie. This album is so amazing that it has that same rocking feeling that you find on a Fleetwood Mac album with great songs that you can either dance to or just sit back,relax and just fully enjoy.

The way I found out about this album is that I saw the CD in the electronics area at work but gave the album a listen online  when I was home that evening and just found it amazing to listen to. There are so many great things that I can say about this album and why I believe that if you are a fan of Fleetwood Mac  plus each members solo material I would either buy this CD or listen to it online because,you will be truly amazed by it. For being in their late 60’s early 70’s Lindsey Buckingham and Christine Mcvie can still deliver with their great and powerful voices  plus ,Buckingham”s amazing guitar work and Christine Mcvie’s amazing keyboard playing is still as great as it was 40 years back. This collaboration  Buckingham and Mcvie is just pure magic and I can go on and on on how great this  album is, it’s a great album of 10 songs that runs a little under 40 minutes.

“In My World”, “Red Sun’, “Love Is Here To Stay,”  “Lay Down For Free”, and the other tracks on here are true winners. After I was done listening to this album I knew I had to write an amazing review for this album because of how great all 10 songs are I just love them all. Plus knowing me I’m gonna end up giving this album another listen sometime this week and this is one of those recordings that you can listen to over and over again. on here including guitar and keyboards Mcvie and Buckingham played a variety of instruments plus some extras were on here as well including Mick Fleetwood And John Mcvie.The music on this album shows that how much hard work and passion it took to make this great creation plus this will be an album that fans will be talking about for a long time. Lindsey Buckingham Christine Mcvie is truly a great album of songs that will move you.

Def Leppard Hysteria 30Th Anniversary Editions-3 Decades Of A Great Classic

Def Leppard’s Hysteria is one of my favorite Def Leppard albums of all time and this coming August Def Leppard will be releasing 30th anniversary editions of Hysteria. As we all know that this is one of their albums that took three years to make but when it hit the stores in August 1987 it sold like crazy and of course features several hit singles from the album.This album is a timeless classic and one of Def Leppard’s greatest rock albums.

The Def Leppard 30th anniversary editions will be sold in 4 different ways one,the CD it self, two, the two LP vinyl, three,the 3 CD deluxe and the super deluxe edition box set that includes the album and a whole bunch of other cool stuff in this amazing Def Leppard box set to celebrate 30 years of Hysteria. I can just go back in time to 1987 and remember the first time hearing this album and with the first opening guitar riffs from Women and the whole band kicking in the album gets off to a great start plus this record I would listen to over and over because not only is Hysteria a great album it’s a massive creative rocknroll work of art. Hysteria is one of those albums with great songs that will get ya rocking and rolling.

Every song on this album is amazing including Animal,Pour Some Sugar On Me,God’s Of War, Hysteria and the rest on this 30 year old classic that stands the test of time and is loved by many long time Def Leppard fans and the new generation of fans as well. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Hysteria has been released and it’s sold millions of copies and is still one of Def Leppard best selling albums 30 years later. From what I read on the 3oth anniversary editions the deluxe box set is gonna include In The Round live audio singles,remixes and B Sides and I also remember y brother having the 45 R.P.M single of Pour Some Sugar On Me and on the flip side was single Ring Of Fire which is great rocking B side to Sugar. So many great things about this album including 12 songs that gives you 62 minutes and another classic produced by Mutt Lange who has worked with many other great bands including Ac/Dc. I would say for those Def Leppard fans that want the whole nine yards when the 30th anniversary editions of Hysteria hit the stores and online,I would suggest getting the super deluxe edition box set it may be high cost but from what I have read about the box set and what it features,it’s worth spending the extra money. The powerful vocals of Joe Elliott, the great bass work of Rick Savage, the massive drum work of Rick The Thundergod Alan,and the guitar works of Steve Clark and Phil Collen gives Hysteria a great album of 12 songs that still delivers after 3 decades of being released. The 30th anniversary editions of Hysteria including the box set is gonna sell like crazy and I bet the deluxe box set will really sell because of everything that’s included. So get Excitable and get ready for the 30th anniversary release of Def Leppard’s Hysteria.

Remembering Chris Cornell-A Great Performer Gone Too Soon

Many fans are remembering Chris Cornell because of his great work with Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog,Audio Slave and his solo material. The first time I heard and saw the video for Soundgarden’s Outshined back in the early 90’s I was blown away by the lead singer’s strong  voice and noticed he can really hit the notes then after a while I find out the lead singer’s name Chris Cornell. Ever Since I heard Of Soundgarden I became a fan right away plus heard their other songs, Rusty Cage, Spoonman, black Hole Sun and many others plus every song had that powerful Chris Cornell voice that would just knock you off of you feet. Everything that Chris Cornell has done in his music career,is a great and wonderful masterpiece.

The first time I heard of Temple Of The Dog is when I have seen the video for Hunger Strike and the band included members of SoundGarden and members of Pearl Jam and this track the vocals were both done by Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. The video of this song is just amazing  plus I watched it online last week because it’s a great video and I have not seen this video in years plus as you can tell by the video part of it was filmed during the day and the other part was filmed during the evening time. This video is a true classic from the 90’s and one of my favorites.

I have also heard some songs from Audioslave and there sound is also amazing plus the songs Like A Stone is one of my favorites. But going back to Soundgarden I still remember the 1994 album Badmotorfinger and that album has so many great Soundgarden classics including Rusty Cage,Outshined and Jesus Christ Pose. Another album of theirs called Superunknown also has some great songs on it including  Black Hole Sun, Spoonman,Fell On Black Days and The day I Tried To Live. That album also still features Chris Cornell’s great powerful voice and guitar work.

Chris Cornell has done so many great things in his career from Soundgarden to his own solo material plus also to be honest the first time I heard of Soundgarden is when I saw the video for Outshined from Badmotorfinger so I still need to give the early albums a listen.One day about a few weeks back when i was on Facebook and learned that Chris Cornell passed away age the age of 52 years young, I was very sad to hear that news and also  his family,friends,bandmates and his fans were all just heartbroken. Since his passing many bands have paid their respects to Chris Cornell by playing some songs from either Soundgarden or any other work that Chris Cornell has been involved in. Megadeth is one of the bands that paid tribute by doing a cover of Outshined and their cover was rocking and well done and also I have watched a live Guns N Roses clip of them covering black Hole Sun and Axl’s Voice on this song was a perfect fit and the whole G’ N R gang just rocked it out! Chris Cornell will always be remembered for his great and amazing music that touched the heart of so many fans of Soundgarden, Audioslave,Temple Of The Dog and his own solo material that we all love.

Roger Waters-Is This The Life We Really Want? First new Album In 25 Years

I have been a huge Roger waters fan for years of his work with Pink Floyd and his solo material plus the other day I listened to Roger waters Is this The Life We Really Want? his long awaited follow up to 1992’s Amused To Death and to say I was blown away by this new record. Lot of the material on the new record sounds like classic 70’s Pink Floyd a mixture of Dark side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals. The intro track called When We Were Young  that starts off the new Roger waters album sounds like a bit of the intro Speak To Me from Dark Side Of The Moon.

The Second track Deja’Vu sounds a little bit like Breathe but slower and the words to this song are just beautiful and touching to the heart plus Roger’s vocals on this song and the rest of the album is just amazing and for those who have not heard this album yet, it’s worth listening to. I gave this album a full listen via Spotify and once I listened to all 12 songs of the album that ran a total of 54 minutes, I was sitting there by my computer for like 5 minutes just amazed and blown away how amazing this new album is and although it’s been 25 years since we have heard a new Roger Waters album,it was worth the wait. Another one of my favorites is the song called Picture That and when you listen to the upbeat part of it, it has the feeling of Sheep from the 1977 Pink Floyd classic Animals so with a lot of the songs on the new Roger waters album it kind of brings you back to that early to late 70’s Pink Floyd era. One of the tracks called Bird In A Gale has a bit of the sound effect from Dogs in it and this whole album just keeps getting better and better with each track you listen to. The Cover Design for this album is also beautiful as well and it fits the album very well.

The song Smell The Roses,which is the first single from the new album has a bit of a mixture of  Echoes and have a Cigar plus not only does it have great words but this is a song that you can dance to because of the amazing groove to it  and with all the amazing songs on the album, Smell The Roses is my favorite from Is This The Life We Really want? Wait For Her is another beautiful song from this album and then  another intro ocean’s Apart before it goes into the closing track A Part Of Me Died and then when that song ends with the closing sound effects it sounds a bit like you are listening to the closing sound effects of The Dark Side Of The Moon. Everything that Roger waters has done in his 50 year career from his work with Pink Floyd to his solo material is just pure magic and his new album Is This The Life We Really want?, still shows that Roger Waters can create a great masterpiece album with amazing music that will blown your senses away. This new Roger waters album is a true work of art from start to finish.


Blondie Pollinator Amazing Creative Album

Last week I gave Blondie’s Album Pollinator a full listen and this album is great and well created. Lead vocalist Debbie Harry still has the great powerful voice that she has had since the 1970s and 1980s and can still rock it.Every track on this album has that great Blondie sound but the tracks Long Time and Fun are my favorites from this new Blondie album and this is their first album in 18 years since the last studio album No exit that was released in 1999. When I was listening to Pollinator via Spotify I was just blown away by the hard work and creativity of this album plus to me it sounded like a mixture of old style Blondie of the 70’s and 80’s with also some new styles but either way it’s a great an amazing album.

I have been a huge Blondie fan for years and everything they have done over the years is amazing and the new album Pollinator shows that Debbie Harry and the rest of The Blondie gang can  still keep on rocking despite of what their ages are because, age is only a number and that’s a fact when you play music.After I gave all 11 songs a full listen I was like wow not only is this a great album but a lot of the songs on here are gonna sound great live plus on  Pollinator ,you can dance to every single song and I was jamming and dancing to all 11 songs on this amazing and great album.

The Artwork of this album is also amazing and the artwork also fits the album title perfectly giving it a great feel and touch to it. Others songs Including Best day Ever, My Monster ,Gravity, along with the rest of the songs are just superb and amazing. The videos for Long Time and Fun are great videos as well which I watched after listening to the whole album of Pollinator. A while back I was saying to myself I have not heard any new Blondie music in years then last week when I was online and an ad read Pollinator the new album from Blondie out now and from there my mind was thinking OK time to go on Spotify look up this album and give it a listen.The second the play button was pressed I was knocked out of my seat.

For anyone who has been a Blondie fan from the start to the new generation of fans you gotta give Blondie’s Pollinator a full listen from the beginning until the end and you will find out how true this new album from Blondie packs a punch of music excitement. I have read a lot of reviews on this album and from what I have read everyone loves it and I’m one of those who thinks that this is a great record that will be played a lot and an album that Blondie fans will talk about for many years to come. Blondie’s Pollinator is truly an amazing powerful album with a list of winning hits.





Pink Floyd 50Th Anniversary-A Salute To A Long Time Rock Band

From the first Album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn to The Endless River  here is a salute to Pink Floyd as they celebrate the 50th Anniversary. I have been a huge Pink Floyd fan for years and just love there music plus there classic 1973 album  The Dark Side Of The Moon, is one of my favorites of all time.Pink Floyd has gone through many line up changes plus different band names before they were known as Pink Floyd and I remember reading in a book that I have called Pink Floyd Learning to fly on how former frontman Syd Barrett came up with the name of the group.

Syd Barrett owned 2 albums by 2 bluesmen Pink Anderson and Floyd Council then took the 2 first names of the artists and ended up calling the band Pink Floyd. When Pink Floyd put out there first single Arnold Layne back in 1967 it became a hit plus the song talks about a man who likes to dress up in women’s clothing. There first album The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn was record At Abby Road Studios during the same time that The Beatles were recording Sgt. Pepper.The entire Debut Pink Floyd album is a true masterpiece and to get the full enjoyment of it it’s best listened with headphones.

The second album A Saucerful Of Secrets is just 3 tracks with Syd Barrett then the other 4 were with new member David Gilmour. This album’s title track goes for almost 12 minutes with space effects  and then slow tempo with harmonizing at the end. Pink Floyd has also put out other great albums including Meddle,The Dark Side Of The Moon,Wish You Were Here,Animals The Wall ,A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and many others. Here is to Pink Floyd on 50 years of  great music.What’s also great is that there are a lot of Pink Floyd Tribute bands that pay homage to Pink Floyd.


Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Turning 30 -One Of Pink Floyd’s Great Albums

This year Pink Floyd’s classic 1987 album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason will be turning 30 and I still remember when this album came out for the very first time. Back in 1987 on MTV I saw the video for Learning To Fly and thought what a great song and video plus David Gilmour’s lead guitar and vocals just amazing. Of course this is the follow up to the 1983 album The Final Cut and A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is the bands first album without Roger waters who left the band in 1985 to become a solo artist and the other Floyd members carried on.

I remember hearing this album in it’s entirety for the very first time and was blown away by this classic album.The opening instrumental Signs Of Life is just beautiful with the sound effects and the keyboards coming in along with David Gilmour”s amazing guitar work.Then after that track reaches the end it goes in to Learning To Fly which opens with the words into the distance a ribbon of black stretched to the point of no turning back and those words that open that song beautiful and amazing. The 3rd track The Dogs Of war now this is another one of my favorites on this album starting out with the keyboards and synth plus David Gilmour singing his heart and soul out on this track and then 2 plus minutes in the track goes into rock city with the whole band jamming plus killer sax added as well.

When that song ends the 4th track One Slip starts opening with some  sound effects and then starting with the keyboards drums and then at the same time all the instruments and David Gilmour’s vocals get it all started plus this is a song that I can crank up loud and dance to. The 5th track On The Turning Away which is a slow balled is a very beautiful and moving song plus this song brings a very important message it;s a great piece from A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. Track 6 Yet Another Movie/Round And Around  starts out with drum intro and then the band and words coming in and closing with the short instrumental Round And Around. The 7th track A New Machine part 1,is a 2 plus minute piece with just synth and David Gilmour singing and then it goes into track 8 the instrumental Terminal Frost with lots of amazing and clean Guitar work.Track 9 A New Machine part 2 is a quick 38 second track with synth and Gilmour singing a few lines and then going into the 10th and final track Sorrow.First you hear a bit of bass and then a rocking guitar intro and then it gets rocking. over 2 minutes in Gilmour’s Vocals come in then you have a minute plus of instrumental work then some quick words then the last 2 minutes instrumental with the instruments fading out at the end. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason is a great Pink Floyd classic album.

Remembering George Micheal-A Salute To A Great Icon

From his days with Wham to his solo carer George Micheal had many amazing hits we all know and love and today and everyday every single fan including myself is remembering George Micheal. I can remember back in 1984 when I first saw the video and heard  the song Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham plus how I was knocked out with that great singing voice that George Micheal had and the energy he put into the video. That video and song is still one of my favorites from the 80’s and during that time I was in the 7th grade and just a young 12 year old kid.

There were also other great songs from The Wham era including Wham Rap [Do What You Do], Careless Whisper, I’m Your Man, Everything She Wants, Edge Of Heaven and many others. His solo material is also mind blowing and his album Faith is a true George Micheal classic. I remember when my brother got Faith on vinyl back in the day and we played it all the way through from start to finish. Every song on that album is a masterpiece including the title track,Father Figure I Want Your Sex, Monkey etc. All of his solo albums are great but gotta say out of them all Faith is my favorite one. He may be passed on but the music and memory of George Micheal will always live on in each and every  true fans hearts