Staying On A Regular Sleeping Schedule

Staying On A Regular Sleeping Schedule

In order to get a good nights rest and be refreshed the next day, staying on a regular sleeping  schedule is very important. Experts say that it’s best to get a full 7 to 8 hours a sleep per night and to keep your schedule on the same time frame but we know that if you have a job where you work different hours, it may be hard to stay on that same sleeping schedule because of your work schedule changing from week to week or every 2 weeks.

If you are someone that always has the morning shifts and work lets say Monday Through Friday 7Am to 3Pm and have the weekends off that will make it very easy for you to stay on that same sleeping schedule even on the weekends. If you went to bed at 9 Pm in the evening you would be up at 5Am in the morning and you may either get up the same time on the weekends or if you stay up a little bit til 11 pm knowing that you are off the next two days you may end up sleeping in until 7Am. Some that are retired also stay on the same sleeping schedule and get up early because they don’t wanna miss out on great things in life with their family and their Grandkids and Great Grandkids because to them life and sleeping late is too short.

I do admit when I was younger when I did not have to be up early the next day I would be up late like all night then not get up until 3pm but as I got older got used to going to bed early and being up early even on days off. I make sure that on a work night I am in bed early but got into the habit of being up too late on the weekends and need to get back on a regular sleeping schedule even on my days off otherwise I miss out on half of the day plus it’s best for me to be in bed early and get up early so I have a great and full day to enjoy. During the work week I have been up between 5 and 5.30 in the morning but on my days off I am gonna be up between 7 and 8 Am and sometimes 6 Am so no more staying up very late at night, gotta have sleep. Also to make sure that you have a good nights rest don’t have any coffee, soda or anything with caffeine in it when it comes close to your bedtime.

Another way to make sure that you get a good nights sleep is to have a clean room and some large shades plus curtains for privacy when you are getting your full 8 hours of sleep and also sticking to that same bed time is very important as well. Some it may take them from a few moments to about 20 to 30 minutes to fall asleep and some  fall asleep once they hit the pillow but either way, staying on that same schedule will do you good.

Cold Water And Morning Workouts

                                     Cold Water And Morning Workouts

One of the best ways to be fully awake is by having by drinking cold water and doing morning workouts because, that will get you charged up and ready to take on the day. When you wake up in the mornings ,sometimes it may take a while to get going but when you have a bottle water along with your morning coffee plus do a quick workout in the mornings you will be fully awake plus I have done it myself and it works wonders.

Along with drinking cold water in the mornings plus doing the morning workouts, my job keeps me very active because, I am always busy moving around doing something such as, getting returns helping put freight up, and other things that keep me active throughout the day  but the cold water and the morning workouts is what gets it started making it a great edition to my morning cup of coffee and in the mornings we all need our coffee. It does not matter if you do a quick morning workout or a half hour to an hour morning workout but when you work out in the mornings and have some cold water, it will get you quickly woken up plus works well if you have a long and complete busy day that’s gonna be ahead of you.

When we wake up in the mornings, it may take some of us a few moments to wake up because one, we have to get out of bed two, walk to the bathroom and splash the cold water on our face to get the sleep out of eyes and three, get our morning cup of coffee but when you add morning workouts and a cold bottle of water to that, that’s a quick wake up call to get you at full and high alert for the whole entire day plus doing that is like giving an extra kick to your morning java. Doing this is a healthy way to get awake instead of  having energy drinks and energy shots that contain a whole lot of sugar and too many of those drinks, can cause some very serious health issues so if you want to get fully awake, the cold water and workouts in the morning are the best and safest option there is because, you will be fully charged an awake after doing those two important things.

These are two great ways to get your day off and running by having a cold bottle of water and doing your morning workouts for any day that nay be a challenge and where you will have to be at your best and be fully alert because there are many tasks that require full concentration to complete. Since I was told about this from my brother and done it, everyday I feel energized and fully awake by doing the morning workouts and having my bottle water. I would suggest others do the same because, you will see a very great difference that it will make in your lives making you healthy.


Why I Believe In Physical Fitness

Why I Believe In Physical Fitness-Keeping The Body Healthy

There are many reasons why I believe in physical fitness because,taking care of the body is very important if you want to live a longer and healthy life. One ways of keeping fit all day is by having a job where you are staying busy and always moving plus, with me on my job  I’m always on the go as a garden center associate because I’m either putting things away,cleaning things up,getting go backs or helping customers which not only keeps me active but, makes my whole day go by very fast. Plus also others ways of getting in shape will benefit you very well in the long run.

It’s been going up and down but this morning when I checked my weight, it was under 200 pounds and I have not been under that weight in over 20 years so, this goes to show when you are taking the massive actions and follow through by being consistent along with patience, you will get to that healthy weight. I knew that taking massive actions,following through and having patience is what will give me the biggest paycheck and ,the amount of that paycheck is a longer and healthy lifestyle. Lot of people who are in great shape will either go walking every morning or ride their bicycles to get a workout in and I had a bicycle years back and it was also one of the ways I go to and from work each and every single day to keep in shape.

Years ago my attitude use to be who cares about staying in shape so,for many years not only did I not take care of my body but, was also eating food that was not healthy and too much of it and this is caused me to get way overweight and almost 300 pounds. This was about 12 years back and I had many wake up calls so many times plus did great at some points and at other times had setbacks. This is when the new year started I said OK 2017 is gonna be the year I get in shape no more delays, no more,excuses no complaints  just suck it up and do it! Will about 6 months have  past and my weight is now between 200 and 205 pounds so I only have 20 more pounds to lose and with me being dedicated to physical fitness,it paid off.

Since I have done that I feel and look years younger and have more energy than I have had in years. Another way that I keep in shape is by dancing which is not only a great way to keep your body in shape but, it’s a whole lot of fun and along with it brings joy and laughter plus to me it’s a great way of  keeping your stress level down and forgetting about your worries for a while. I’m a person who may be getting up in age and is less than five years from being 50 but with me believing in physical fitness shows that I may be getting snow on top but,the furnace still keeps on burning.


Drinking Plenty Of Cold Water During Long Hot Summers-Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of Cold water during long hot summers is very important so you stay hydrated and stay cool. There are different parts of the world during hot times of the year the temperature can reach 100 degrees or higher and if you are someone who works outside or is out in the heat for long periods of time having plenty of ice cold water is advised also when you need to go indoors for a little while in order to cool yourself down.

There have been many reports of being getting overheated and passing out due to being out in the heat too long and not having any cold water to drink plus being overheated can also be deadly so,make sure that you are drinking either plenty of cold water or a sports drink that will keep your body hydrated during the long and hot summer months.Taking care of your body and preventing dehydration is the most important key in life.

Here are some ways to prevent yourself from overheating along with drinking cold water and they are, use a cool tie or cool sweatband to keep you cool when you are gonna be outdoors for a very long time also you can get yourself one of those portable mister fans that will also help cool you down so you don’t get too hot plus there are many more ways to help you keep cool during the summer and another way is if you plan on doing amy outdoor activity ,not only still have cold water with you but do those outdoor activities during the early morning hours or a night when it’s cooler outside.

I work out in the garden center at work and when you live in Phoenix Arizona and been out there for more than 35 years,you know how hot the summers get and I make sure to drink plenty of cold water myself so I don’t get overheated and make sure to go inside to cool off when needed. There was that one time where I made the mistake going out and about on a hot day without water plus was gone for half the day and when I came back I was overheated from the hot sun with a pounding headache  plus had to grab a cold bottle of water,jumped in the shower to cool off and rested for a few hours.Only made that mistake once and learned my lesson very quickly so I am very careful when it comes to the heat and staying hydrated.

Also  some areas with a high  humidity can make the temperature seem a whole lot hotter than it is and in those areas,you really need to make sure that you have lots of cold water on hand plus this is the time of year where lots of food stores that sell water are gonna be selling it like crazy. At work during this time I have seen customers buying lots and lots of water because,they know the importance of staying hydrated when you live in a state with temperatures reaching 110 degrees or higher. So always remember to keep cool and drink plenty of water during the long and hot summers.

Staying healthy-Taking Care Of Your Body

To make sure that your body stays in tip top shape,staying healthy is the important key to a long life of health. There are lots of people that are older but,look many years younger and have lots of energy simply because,they took care of themselves all those years by staying active and mostly eating meals plus also have smaller portions. There are many important roles to staying in good health and one of them is exercise which will not only burn off calories and get your heartrate up but keep you fit and trim plus,doing a lot of walking,cardio and other exercises will keep your body in shape so you can live a healthy long life. Also you don’t want to overdo it so if you feel tired take a short rest before starting another workout.

Another important thing in being healthy is eating healthier meals and smaller portions because even if you are eating healthy,you don’t wanna overfill your plate and you want to also not eat too much junk food. Having a sweet every now and then is Ok  but you don’t wanna have a candy bar,soda etc for breakfast,lunch and dinner everyday and not work out because if you do that not only are you gonna be way overweight but,you will be facing many health problems on top of that such as heart problems,diabetes and this can also cut short your life unless you take serious action and take care of yourself. When you make the right choices and take care of your body you will live a longer ,happier and healthier lifestyle.

Getting plenty of sleep is also important as well so you can be charged up and ready to take on the day plus getting 7 to 8 hours a night is best. To make sure you get a good night’s sleep,avoid caffeine type drinks a couple hours before going to bed so this way you will have a chance to wind down before heading to bed and getting your full night’s rest and when you wake up after 7 to 8 hours of sleep,you will feel refreshed and fully awake. Also make sure that you are seeing your doctor on a regular basis for regular checkups plus getting a physical once a year is also advised to make sure that you are healthy and to also catch any health issues early such a cancer because when it’s caught early it can be taken care of before it gets worse.

When you take care of your health from the get go you will be in great shape many years down the road so when you get into your 70’s  or older,you will have the energy and looks of a younger person as long as you commit yourself to stay active and healthy every single day plus there are even people past the century mark that are still living and in good shape for their age. So always remember keeping active,eating healthy,plenty of sleep and seeing your doctor on a regular basis,are very important keys in staying healthy and taking care of your body so you have a full life ahead of you.

Staying On Top Of Your Medication-Meds And Safety Tips

Staying on top of your medication is very important if you have a certain health condition and wanna keep it under control.Plus it’s best to make sure that your medication is filled on a regular basis and depending on supply plus how many times you need to take your meds per day you may need to go to your local pharmacy once a month for a refill plus after 6 months it may be advised to see your doctor before getting another refill on meds. This way when you are seeing your doctor they can decide to keep you on the same dosage or change it if it is needed to be done.

Myself I need to take medication twice a day for seizures plus I keep on the same time frame which is 6.00Am and 6.00Pm plus to remind me I have alarms set on my phone so I don’t forget plus family members to remind me just in case. If you are someone that’s on medication or medications that you need to take at certain times during the day,I would advise setting an alarm on your phone for each one so this way you won’t forget to take your meds. Also if you are on any type of medication it’s best to either limit or avoid any type of alcohol depending on the medication and what your doctor says. Plus taking meds with any type of alcohol is not only very dangerous but it can also be very fatal as well so never take meds with alcohol.

There are some medications that you can keep at room temperature and keep in your medicine cabinet but there are some that you need to keep in your refrigerator and keep cool. A friend of mine that moved to Eugene Oregon about a few months ago has type 2 diabetes and some other health issues has some medication that he needs to stay cool so he keeps it in his refrigerator and others he can keep at room temperature in his home. There may be some over the counter drugs such as certain cold medicines,ibuprofen and others that you may need to avoid because,they can have a reaction to your meds so let’s say that you are on medication and are fighting the flu but don’t know what will be safe or harmful,it’s always best to either check with your doctor or any other type of health care professional that will be able to answer those questions and others that you may have as well

Some medications you can take with food but taking it with water is suggested so this way the meds will get into your system and do what it needs to do to make sure that you are well and taking care of. Staying on top of your medications is very important and you don’t wanna skip a day either because not only is that medication you are taking the rest of your life but your life and health may depend on it. When you stay on top of your medication and follow important safety advice, you will have years of health and happiness as long as you are careful and play it safe.



Waking Up Energized And Ready To Go-Ready To Face The Day

Waking up energized and ready to go, is one of the best ways to get your day started so you can take on the day. One of the ways of doing this is making sure you have a full night’s sleep and 7 to 8 hours a night is best  plus myself I sleep anywhere from 7 to 8 hours a night so I’m rested and ready to get the day started. A little bit of morning workouts will also get your body and mind fully awake giving you even more energy for the day.

Another great way to get energized is having a healthy and hearty breakfast that will give you plenty of fuel because, we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in order to get your day started. Also it’s not wise to eat junk food for breakfast when you have a full and busy day ahead of you because junk food such as a candybar cake soda etc may give you a burst of energy but will cause you to crash and not have enough energy for the day but for breakfast if you have oatmeal or any other healthy breakfast items,you will have energy the whole entire day.

If you are working a full time job and want to not only eat healthy but save money,bringing a healthy lunch from home can also be a true helper to make sure that you are not only sticking to a healthy lifestyle but also being wise about your money. I use to have the habit myself spending money on lunch daily and  would spend like almost $10.00 a day on lunch and would buy too much that not only cost me $50.00 a week but I was getting overweight. Since then I have been brining my lunches to work that are healthier and smaller portions plus I’m saving money on top of that. There may be sometimes where I may buy lunch and treat myself but, I keep it small and keep it in moderation plus stay active so I don’t get overweight.

There are also some energy bars that you can buy if you need a quick energy pick up but, it’s very important to read the label carefully because that energy bar may contain some things that you may want to avoid so those you wanna read very carefully before you purchase any energy bar. Taking care of your health and getting plenty of sleep is the best way that you’re waking up energized and ready to go  plus eating healthy is another way to make sure that your energy is at it’s high and great performance level. There are many fruits and vegetables such as apples,carrots,plums,tomatoes and others that will help keep up your energy level throughout the day plus also there are many healthy juices you can purchase or you can make a healthy drink at home with the use of  a Nutribullet or NInja for example. When you take care of your health by staying active,getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy, every morning you will wake up energized and ready to go so you can be ready to face the day that’s ahead of you.


Getting Fit And Slim

Since the start of the new year I have been getting Fit And Slim by cutting out high surgery foods,walking and finding other ways of staying active plus eating healthy and having smaller Portions. Since I have been doing that my energy has increased a lot plus dropped 20 pounds so far. I started on this health change the day after new years because one I was sick and tired of being out of shape and the excuses that I was making also I wanted to make 2017 the year to get healthy and in shape.I was 235 Pounds when starting this health change plus since doing that I feel full of energy and young.

At this present time my weight has now been between 210-215 pounds plus with hard work and self discipline I will have my weight to where I want it to be at. And when I am finlay trimmed down and in great physical health,I am still gonna stay active and take care of my body,it’s important to me.

Making A Health Change

Since after the new year I have been making a health change to take care of my body so I can have more energy and have a longer life. During the holiday season me and my brother were talking about getting me healthy after the new year so I have cut out all sugars and other foods that are unhealthy including fast food plus also cutting out breads as well. I am eating healthier meals,drinking plenty of water and either walking or finding other ways of working out. I am doing this because, It’s very important for me to get my self healthy in order to add  more years onto my life.

Since I have made this change in my health I have noticed that I have more energy for the first time in years which make me feel so happy and alive. Taking care of your body is very important if you want to be around for a long time and be in great physical shape. Making a health change will make a huge and extreme difference in your life and I know it has done the same for me.Also before I know it I will be where I wanna be in my weight.

Your Health Is Your Number One Priority-Keeping Everything In Check

When it comes to living a long life and being well,your health is your number one priority. Going to your doctor on a regular basis is important cause you want to make sure that you are healthy plus also its best to go for your physical once a year. There are others ways to keep your health in check including getting plenty of  exercise on a daily basis and going for walks daily is a great way to burn off some calories and loose some pounds.

Eating healthy is better for your health and gives you a chance to live and longer and healthy life plus when your health is your Number One Priority,plus take it seriously you will have a life for of health plus people that are in there 60’s and older that look younger is because all those years they took care of themselves so they can be healthy and live longer. When you take care of your health a long life will be ahead of you.