Are You A Complainer Or A Action Taker?

There are some that will complain about things and not take the action plus will point their fingers at people putting the blame on them then you have those who fess up to there mistakes and fix them so are you a complainer or a action taker? Moaning about certain things is not gonna make it better because you are wasting your time when you complain and people that are full of positive energy,thoughts and words they don’t have the time to waste on people who just gripe 24 hours a day. It’s best to put your energy to good use to take the actions that you need in order to have success.

Some customers that go out shopping or out to eat will notice if there’s an issue with something but the difference between the 2 types of customers some will just keep complaining even if the employee is doing everything they can to fix it and the other ones kindly let the employee know when something is wrong and may also make a suggestion on how to correct the problem and when you treat others with kindness they will do everything they can to make sure you have a better experience. The thing is complaining about everything and doing it constantly is a total waste of time.

Also when you are working a full time job,you may be asked to do other things that may not be a part of your job but,you need to be that team player and help out without any type of complaining or a negative attitude because if you have that negative attitude at work and complain,it won’t fly and your supervisor will tell you will there’s the door. When you are the team player by doing that extra task without moaning about it,that will show your supervisor and team how much you care and are willing to help out even if a task is not part of your everyday job plus what will also make them extra happy is you let them know by saying if you need my help in any other area’s, let me know and that’s what is called taking great action .

There are the ones who see other people being successful and making a huge amount of money but they still complain along with talking negative about thoses who have success in their lives and they just let life pass them by. The ones who have a positive outlook that sees others that have made their dreams come true will say hey if they can do it so can I and the ones who want to make it in any profession will ask for advice then will take the proper actions that need to be done to succeed.So when you waste your time complaining you will get no place, but when you take the actions that you need to take,you will go places along with great happiness in your life. Avoid being the complainer and be the action taker that makes it happen.

You Need To Show Others What You’re Doing

When you want others to know and learn what you’re doing, you need to show others what you’re doing otherwise they will never know and learn about not only what you’re doing but they won’t get to know who you are. Let’s say for example you are coming up with some new ideas such as a invention or ways to improve things it’s best to let others know when you want them to find out and the most quickest way to do that is on the internet through many social media and video sites. That’s one of the fastest ways to grow your online audience plus they can also tell other people as well.

Other ways to show people what you’re doing is by doing live events plus when people see you live in person and you are showing them and teaching them what you are doing they will pick up on it very quickly plus also they can pass on the knowledge to others and show them how to do the same thing. Live streaming has also gotten very popular so if you are doing a live event and stream it live to show and teach others you audience will double.

For those who have became very successful by becoming  music artists, actors, people who work from home etc  have shown others what they have done plus have put in a lot of hard work in order to get there plus have had to make lots of sacrifices  to get to where they want to be at. When you  want people to know about how great you are doing you need to show them so in this way when they see that you are having great success plus show them how you made it happen,they are gonna say to themselves hey if this person can do it and make it happen, I can also do the same thing.

There are also professional chefs out there that have their own cooking shows plus have shown others how to make their famous dishes and how to also become masters in the kitchen. They have not only shown others on TV and internet but also live in person plus on top of that professional chefs not only know and teach about cooking but they also know the importance of food safety and any other safety habits to take in the kitchen.

There is this method that I have learned called learn,do,teach and what that means you learn how to do something from the ones who are showing you, next you take what you have learned and do what you have been taught and the final step is you show and teach others plus they will do and pass it on to more people. Showing others what you’re doing is one of the best ways of showing and teaching others plus a great way to get yourself out there in the world. So if you want others to know what you’re doing you need to simply take the action and show them how to do it.


20 Years With Walmart

Last month for me was a big milestone because I celebrated 20 years with Walmart and as a Walmart associate I have grown plus learned so much from this company. I have been with the same store all this time with my first day being March 22nd,1997 and the way I got hired on at Walmart was that one of my brothers use to be a Walmart associate and told the store manager good things about me after I had my interview one day after I got back from my last job that was a food store my brother told me you got the job at Walmart , I had a huge and big smile on my face that day.

My first position was stockman which was collecting the shopping carts and making sure the cart rail was full and along with that carry outs plus did other things to keep busy. I worked different hours here and there a few  months later after I was hired  my supervisor gave me  the same hours 7am 4pm Monday through Friday, weekends off  which was a great schedule because it gave me the evenings and the weekends with friends and family.A little over a year later I became a cashier which is a position that I held for 17 years and that’s a job that requires a whole lot of responsibility and the reason is that you need to be careful when taking checks etc and know when it’s best to make a decision or when it’s best to call a supervisor. Walmart has also been there for me in the best of times and in the worst of times and one of the worst times is when we lost a niece of ours to leukemia and every one was there helping me and the rest of my family through this hard time plus they made it easy for us to get through this hard time in life.

Also I have seen many associates move up in the company,move onto other things and sadly some have passed on  and the ones who are now up in heaven I will still remember them and the good times. When I was getting close to my 10 year mark we were in the process of moving to a new location as a supercenter and we were at the new location in the middle of March 2007 a week before my 10 year anniversary at that time. I have ran the register upfront ,in electronics,garden, etc and August of 2015 I stepped away from being a cashier and became a greeter first upfront then garden center. They replaced greeter position and now call it customer host and I am now a garden center associate helping on the sales floor plus at times on the door when needed. Today in the store meeting the store manager,presented me with some 20 year awards a large glass frame ,a small plaque,a 20 year badge and a 20 year pin and he asked if I had any words of wisdom I tell them this I remember starting with Walmart as that 25 year old kid and now I am that 45 year old kid and I say believe me it goes by fast! Will it still seems like yesterday that I have started working for this amazing company that has giving me the chance to learn and grow but here I am 20 years as a Walmart associate and still going strong. Thanks Walmart for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a amazing team and I must say that it’s a true blessing to be working for one of the best companies out there


Giving Your Full Attention

When you are being taught new things, giving your full attention is very important because, there may be important information you don’t wanna miss. When you are attending a seminar you also want to pay attention as well to the person who is speaking onstage and also it”s best to always take notes so this way you will have important information to go over including websites for more training in what you are learning.

When someone is teaching you how to do something  that’s very important to know,you don’t wanna be looking off into space and not paying attention because,when you do that it shows disrespect to that person who is taking there time to educate you on learning a skill and if you keep on being disrespectful that person who has been trying to teach you will for sure put there foot down and say if you’re not gonna take it to a serious level and keep on playing games, there’s the door. But if you are that person who is willing to go gung ho and give your full attention 100 percent, the teacher will know that you are serious and are not playing games plus with that they will take the time and patience to show you what needs to be done as long as you are giving them respect and are showing that person  or group of others that you care about learning and want to succeed.

Giving your full attention when you are either being taught something or someone needs to talk with you about a very important matter,you need to focus your full attention on what is being said to you because if you don’t there are things that you will miss and that person will have to repeat themselves plus we all know nobody likes to keep repeating themselves,they wanna just tell you one time and just one time only.

There are many ways that you can give your full attention when you are learning something new or are told something that’s important and must be done and those ways include getting a good nights sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, have a healthy breakfast, and when you are learning or doing something that requires a lot of attention,make sure that you either silence or power down your cell phone and also any other distractions that may keep you from learning or doing your task, block them out so this way when you are fully charged,full of energy and fully focused ,you will be paying attention plus catching everything with a very sharp mind. When you give your full attention when it comes to important things that you are learning,you can pass that knowledge onto others plus others that pay attention to you will also teach others and the same process will just keep on growing. When you know that when you’re being taught something important you will know that giving your full attention is first and foremost and when you follow through with that,you will be able to put what you have learned to use plus will teach others and let them know why paying attention is important.

Don’t Let The Haters Control You


Some that are jealous or unhappy will try every trick in the book to talk you out of your dreams but no matter what Don’t  let the haters control you. The haters are the ones that see your success and instead of making things better for themselves, they talk negative and want to bully you making you give in. If you give into the haters, you let them win.The haters are just unhappy angry and just take out their frustrations out on the whole world plus say negative things or have negative thoughts about someone being successful because they are not where they want to be in their own lives. From rock stars to others that are being successful,the haters out there just keep at it and have nothing positive to say about anyone being successful in any type of carer plus they always talk trash about that person and say things like you need to give it up or other hurtful things that can destroy a person’s confidence and they hope that the person will just fall into their trap and will just simply give in and just pack it up and quit.
When you stick to your guns and stand up to the haters by just keep being a champion and doing what you love,that will show the haters that you are not gonna give in and plus some out there may have a change of heart and not only be supportive  but will also want to know how to better themselves in life. You need to stick to your guns,stay focused and no matter what the haters say or do,don’t give into their demands by listening  to their negative words because,you are the commander of your choices and  what you say goes so, don’t let anyone take that power away from you stand tall.
A person who is serious and dedicated to making their own dreams come true,they don’t in give and refuse to let the haters control them meaning the more the haters put them down the harder they work to make the dreams the real thing. Those who let the haters get to them just wave the white flag and surrender then give up on everything that they all worked hard for then that person will just fall into the negative state of life and be angry. You don’t wanna wave the white flag and quit, you need to fight tooth and nail with the haters and tell them I’m not giving up! I’ will take action! I will succeed and by doing that you overpowered the haters by making them realize that you are not a quitter you are a true and  motivated winner.
There may be also some former haters who have seen the light at the end of the tunnel plus are willing to make a change in their lives and encourage others to do so. Always stick with it and don’t let the haters control you in any way, just keep at it and your dreams will become a true reality.

The Power Of Positive Energy

Having A Great Attitude In A Happy Atmosphere


When you start you day off right by being happy and have a smile on your face, that’s what is called the power of positive energy and when you have a great attitude in a happy atmosphere, great things will come your way. People that have positive energy along with happiness will always have a great outlook on life plus will also find ways to better themselves also along with that they don’t complain or blame others for their own faults.

Now for the one’s that are negative are not only gonna wake up in a bad mood but they will think negative thoughts and say negative things and on top of that they will waste not only their entire day but there whole lives complaining about things that they can’t control. They will also blame others for their own actions instead of taking accountability and doing what needs to be done to solve the problem and to move forward to other tasks at hand. The thing is that the negative people are the complainers and the positive people are the changers, meaning the ones who are negative will just keep on wasting their time moaning and being unhappy while the one’s that are positive will be happy and find ways to improve plus work as a team.

My self, I have came across some that either have a negative or positive attitude and the ones that are negative I am thinking to myself, this person in front of me can either spend the rest of the life being unhappy or that person can better themselves and see the positive side of things. The one’s that I have been around that have a outgoing and happy personality I tell them having a positive outlook on life is the important key and you won’t get anywhere by complaining which with that they agree with me 100 percent plus we all know that the power of positive energy really builds you up.

There are many ways that you can block out negative thoughts and make them both positive by knowing anything is possible when you put your own human mind to it along with taking the actions you need to take also the word can’t needs to be out of the positive energy as a matter of fact the letters in the word can’t stand for constant and negative thinking so if you want to be happy and successful take out the word can’t in your style of life. Thinking great thoughts and having positive energy will help you stay on that happy road of positive energy and along with that you can pass it on to others that will also repeat the same process. When you keep negative energy out and positive energy in, you will fill your heart with great happiness.

Don’t Let Distractions Destroy Your Actions


The reason why people get distracted when they are working is they will be doing things like listening to music while they are working on something important that will cause them to lose focus or they will be distracted by others so it’s very important is that you don’t let distractions destroy your actions. What you need to do in order to be fully focused along with keeping your mind on the task is one do not have any music on at all,your work comes first and music you can listen to on your own time. Also if you are living at home let your family know that you are working and need to be fully dedicated to what you are doing and if the room in the house you’re working in has a door close the door and lock it to avoid any distractions.


Other ways that people get distracted is when they have too many tabs on there computer open and are jumping from one thing to another plus are wasting there time on things that are not important.Also another way of being thrown off is that you can be working on something very important step away for a few moments to take a break etc then all of the sudden you lose track of time and forget about the task that needs to be completed. Also on some jobs your supervisor may give you certain projects that need to be completed by a certain time meaning you need to work fast in order to get the project done on time plus you may have other projects that you need to get  caught up on so, keeping any type of distractions out is a complete must.

To keep yourself free of distractions is first you want to keep your area clean and organized  because a cluttered and unorganized work space can cause a complete distraction from your work also you want to block out any negative thoughts and avoid saying anything that’s negative that will not only hurt you but will hurt others. If you have A cellphone by you either turn off the ringer,power it down or put it away in another room so this way you will be in the full focus of your actions. What also helps you to concentrate before any type of task is meditation because it helps clear the mind and filling it with positive thoughts that will help you be ready to take on what needs to be done without any type of distractions at all when you are working. When you are at work doing something important and if some co worker starts talking about random stuff, kindly let them know that you are busy and will converse with them during a break or meal period plus most co workers will understand and  respect your request fully.

It’s very important to keep any type of distractions out when you are being fully dedicated to whatever you are working on such as a blogpost, or anything that takes a lot to focus on. There are also some dangerous jobs where it’s important to keep distractions out because your life depends on it and jobs like that include being a police officer , firefighter ,electrician or any other type of high risk jobs. So always keep in mind no matter what type of job that you have, stay alert on the task and no matter what, don’t let any type of distractions destroy any type of actions that you need to take.





Ways To Keep Your Computer Running-Keeping Your PC In Tip Top Shape

There are many ways to keep your computer running with proper care and maintenance  and here are some very important tips to keep your computer in tip top shape. First be aware of what you are downloading because some things that you download may contain a virus that can cause damage to your computer costing you plenty of money to fix or replace, plus if you are not sure if a download is safe either ask someone that knows of don’t take a chance. Second clean your computer on a regular basis  including the keyboard,monitor etc plus make sure the cooling fan is free of dust and other things that can slow it down cause if your cooling fan quits it will cause your computer to overheat and cause damage. Third make sure you are doing a virus and other scans when they need to be done so in this way you can detect problems ahead of time before they get a whole lot worse.

Fourth do a defragment from time to time to keep your computer running at it’s full  function  plus most computers today you can set it to do defragments automatically and can choose if you want to do it daily or weekly plus also if you have a bunch of programs photos videos etc on your PC, that can also cause it to slow down. It’s best to delete what you don’t need but if there are some things that you wanna keep without clogging up your system, using an external hard drive comes in handy plus also what is helpful is by storing any material that you want to save on a flash drive if you want to keep your PC clutter free plus also it makes it easier to share photos music etc with anyone else who has a computer themselves.

Fifth be careful of any emails that you open and do not open any emails from someone that you do not know, delete them right away also even if it’s an attachment from someone that you know, you still need to take caution cause the person that you know who sent you that attachment in there email may think it’s safe to open and then when you do it can cause many types of problems with your computer so, be very extra careful when doing so. If you use a laptop, it’s also wise to purchase a cooling fan because laptops do not have a built in cooling fan like a desktop does so, getting a cooling fan for your laptop is very important and depending on the size of the laptop, getting the proper size cooling fan is a must. When you follow these important tips your Desktop Or Laptop PC, will run a whole lot smoother plus will have many years of life when you keep it in shape.




Taking The Time And Patience To Learn-Knowing That Things Take Time


When you want to know how to master a skill, taking the time and patience is very important if you want to be successful. There are some that give up to quickly cause they say it takes too long and they don’t have the patience to go forward with it. If you spend all your time being impatient trust me it will get you nowhere and it will hold you back from being successful and doing the things that you want to do in life and that will hold your back.

Those who are patient will take the time to learn any type of skill plus will be fully dedicated which will of course help them grow. Remember having patience when learning a skill is a very important virtue in life in order to have success and become a master at it and believe me when you are patient it will truly pay off in the long run.

Safety With Kitchen Knives-Being Careful With Sharp Objects

When you are cutting food with any sharp knife, remember safety with kitchen knives are very important. First of all you want to be very alert when you are cutting with a knife and have no distractions because if you’re not paying attention and talking with someone, there is a chance that you may accidently cut yourself causing a very serious injury to yourself and if you are not careful how you are carrying a knife you can injure others as well.

When you are washing sharp knives you don’t want to just throw them in the sink with other dishes because if you do and are not paying attention you may cut yourself by mistake and others can to if you don’t alert them. When someone is washing dishes and you set some sharp knives by them, let them know before walking away. So always remember,safety with kitchen knives is very important for your own safety and the safety of others.