Logan-Over 2 Hours Of Non Stop Action

A  few days ago me and my brother were watching the movie Logan and this is another great movie with over 2 hours of non stop action.There were a lot of great action scenes in this movie plus the casting,setting of the film and everything involved in this film that made it a true hit and with a great cast featuring Hugh Jackman playing the lead role and Patrick Stewart,Logan is an explosive hit that you need to see,you can’t miss this one.

There are many things I love about this movie including the mind blowing visual effects that had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time of the movie because,you never knew what was going to happen next plus on some parts a little bit of humour was tossed in as well. The wardrobe for this movie also a job well done and that put a really great touch to the movie and of course the movie takes places around the year 2029.

I really enjoy a great action movie and Logan truly delivers action that will keep you watching and wanting more in this amazing picture. The opening scene is what gets it off to a great start and from that opening scene,I knew that this was going to be a great movie and it was amazing and mindblowing from the start to the end of the film this is truly one of the best amazing action packed movies to rent and to own. A few days after we watched it on demand my brother in law purchased the movie in a 3 disc set one Disc is the standard DVD one disc is Blu-ray and the 3rd disc is a black and white version of the film called Logan Noir.Logan is a great movie that delivers over 2 hours of great amazing not stop action.

The way that Hugh Jackman played the lead role in this movie was just amazing and this plus any other movie that you see Hugh Jackman in,he puts a lot of hard work and passion into making movies. Patrick Stewart also did an amazing job portraying his role in this movie and is also another great an amazing actor that has done many other movies in his acting career including  some TV shows as well including the animated series American Dad doing the voice of Bullick.The Role that Patrick Stewart played in Logan was done with greatness and hard work plus when you get great actors for a movie that has had many years of acting experience and a great crew,you know that movie is going to be a hit.

After the movie ended I was sitting on the couch for a few moments blown away on how great and action packed this movie is. If you want to see a movie with amazing action that delivers non stop, you gotta see Logan, it will have you on the edge of your seat the whole entire time of the movie. Plus this is a movie I would suggest adding to your movie collection so you can watch it again and again,Logan is a non stop action winner.



You Can Get Through Anything

We all go through hard times in our lives that can be a lot for us to bare but with a strong positive attitude, you can get through anything. There has been people that have been laid off from jobs and having a hard time paying bills,such as house payment etc and if they are married and have kids to feed that also makes it harder but if they know things will get better and have that positive mindset,great things will truly come their way.

My oldest brother that’s a cancer survivor had to go through a whole lot of treatments and a lot of surgery’s plus was in the hospital in and out for a number of days but he did not complain one bit he did what had to be done and the most powerful weapon that got him though it was his amazing and positive attitude because,he was not gonna give in and now it’s been about 4 years and so far he is still cancer free and is doing very well. Myself I have been suffering from seizures and lots 0f times from work had to be sent home plus we all know how seizures can make you tired after words then you end up sleeping for a while. I am wearing a device with wires glued onto my head and a couple on my chest and have 2 cameras that will record my seizure activity plus since I am wearing all this have to sponge bath for a few days and can’t take a shower plus unable to shave but sometimes you have to put certain things on hold for a while in order to take care of your health and I know I will get through this just gotta have patience.

One of the things that can be very hard in life is when you lose a loved one in the family or a friend that means a lot to you and I had a few friends that past away last year and one that past on a couple weeks back and I gotta say it was hard at first because these were great friends that meant a lot to me but  the way I got through it is that I know that they are all in a better place and still have all of those great and happy memories in my heart. We all have two choices in our lives ,we can choose to be down,sad and lock ourselves in our homes and be a recluse the rest of our lives or we can be strong people and carry on because we all know that things in life are gonna happen and can get through any hard times that we may face in life.In my life I have been through a lot of hard and difficult times some took a short time and some took a long time to get through but I knew that I was gonna be a survivor and get through it. When you have a 24 hour a day positive attitude,you can get through anything in life by having strong faith.


How Hotels Have Changed Over The Years-Early Days To Now

When taking vacations many stay at one of their favorite hotels because of what it has to offer so here  I am gonna talk about how hotels have changed over the years. Back in the early days most hotels were just rooms and the only services were swimming pools and spas and a restaurant plus if you took a trip to Las Vegas some of the hotels also had casinos back then also there were some that also had gift shops in them as well.

Room service was also a part of the early hotel days and still is also I remember taking trips with family growin up and I think one time we ordered room service plus this was like 30 plus years ago when I was just a child. I also remember back in the day you would find a Holy Bible in one of the drawers of the room you would be staying in plus I remember when I was 9 when we went to California for a few days and went to Disneyland and stayed at The Holiday Inn and got a great view and this trip we took in the summer of 1981 and I also remembered my Grandpa rented a car.

As time went on hotels were changing a lot more when we got into the late 90’s and the turn of the century plus with the great usage of the internet,a lot of hotels started to offer Wi-Fi some did it for free others charged by the day and now lot of hotel rooms now have HDTV’s instead of the old style TV’s back 30 years ago. Also back in the day when the time came to check out you had to wait in line and if it was busy you had to wait a long time to check out and we all knew that took a while but now a lot of hotels have a feature were you can do automatic checkout from your room by pulling up the menu on The TV and selecting the easy check out feature plus this makes it easy for those who want to  get on the road of they have a long drive ahead of them. Back in 2007 me and a friend of mine were spending a few days in Laughlin and  when it came time to check out I told him hey we can  pull up the menu on the screen and use the check out feature,avoid the long line at the desk and just get on the road and my friend thought that was a great idea because if we waited in line to check out,who knew how long we would have to wait so,the auto checkout feature makes it fast and quick.

Hotels today now have a whole lot more to offer including movie,theaters,bowling, comedy clubs or other entertainment and also lots of them now offer more then one place to eat and there are some that have fast food places in them as well. With the ways that  hotels have changed over the years and how they are improving who knows what great things theses places will have to offer with in the next few years or more down the road.





Sometimes Things Take Longer Than Expected-Having Patience In Different Situations

Sometimes in our lives we come across certain things that may take a bit more time so this is why it’s best to have patience because in certain situations, sometimes things take longer than expected. One of the things that can take time is when you are going to the post office to either send or pick up a package and it’s busy with very long lines and only two employees at the desk plus you know it’s gonna take some time before it’s your turn. If it’s something that you can send out or pick up at a time when it’s not busy it’s best to do that another time but,if it’s a very important package that you need to either send out or pick up right away,this is where you need to have a very strong virtue of true patience.

Yelling at people and telling them to hurry up will not resolve the issue in anyway and you will only make things worse plus if you fly off the handle at any place you are waiting in line such as a food store bank,etc chances are you are gonna be asked to be patient and if you keep causing a scene you may be asked to leave and if you refuse to leave that business will have you escorted out by  security or the police so it’s always best to keep your cool.There are times when I have gone shopping and had to wait in line for 20 minutes or more but it’s just a part of life and yes I can choose to be impatient,hot tempered and cuss out the person at the register but I know that would only make things worse plus I would not only get kicked out but would give myself some very serious health problems so, I always believe that no matter how long things take it’s best to have patience and chill out.

One of the times of the year when sometimes things take longer than expected is the holiday season and this is when stores are packed like crazy and the real busy times is Black Friday and when it gets closer to Christmas  and we all know how crazy shopping centers and other places get during this time of the year. Many of us wanna just get in,grab what we need,pay and go but that’s not always the case at this time it’s grab it if you can find it, wait in line for a while and make sure you pack a lot of patience,then pay and go. We never know when certain things may take longer than expected and mostly it’s out of our hands so we just gotta deal with things the best that we can. Also another thing that can take time is when you need to do a system update on your computer and at times they can be done quickly but sometimes it may take a few hours  depending on what needs and how much needs to be downloaded and installed. When things take longer than planned sometimes you gotta roll with the punches.




Photo Circle App-Privately Share Photos With Family And Friends

If you are someone who likes to share photos over the internet but only wanna share them with family and friends,then the Photo Circle App is your answer. The way I found out about this amazing app is about a month ago my youngest brother got remarried and heard about the app from my new sister in law so a lot of the family were taking pics that whole weekend . Friday was a gathering at my brothers and sister in law’s place,saturday was the wedding and Sunday was my Aunt’s 70th birthday plus that weekend the Photo Circle App was being used a lot by everyone in our family.

It’s very simple setting up the photo circle app on your phone and using  Google Play is one of the simple ways to install this app on your device. Once you are set up you can join or create a group plus when you create a group you can invite others close by by giving them a code to join your group by email,text, and also by social media sites such as Facebook etc. The Photo Circle App is just amazing and a great way to share your photos in private because,we all know that when it comes to sharing photos over the world wide web,we only want certain people to see the photos that we share.

What’s great about this app is that you can also add or edit any captions that you add to a photo plus you can also do quick 30 second videos on this app to. We all know that a lot of us that share photos with family and friends over the internet are concerned about others that we don’t know seeing our photos but,the best thing about Photo Circle is that you can decide who get’s to see your photos when you create a circle because when you only give nearby family and friends that code or give access to certain people via email etc,only they will be able to see them photos plus can privately share photos with you making it easy to share pics and short video clips with only the ones that you want to share them with.The Photo Circle App gives you a true peace of mind when it comes to sharing your photos with only the ones that you want to share them with giving you true 100 percent privacy.

This is also comes in handy when you are planning events such as weddings,birthdays,holidays or any type of celebrations that you plan plus for those that are not able to make it you can quickly share photos with them as well. I give the Photo Circle App a true triple A plus and for those who want to share their photos in private,this app I strongly recommend it. Ever since installing the Photo Circle App on my phone and using it  I find it to be one of the best ways to share your photos in private with family and friends. So if you want to share photos privately, install and use the Photo Circle App.


Talk It Out- Resolving Issues In A Peaceful Way

Sometimes in certain issues we may have different ways of resolving them but it’s always best to talk it out because you wanna resolve issues in a peaceful way. The thing is that yelling at each other or using any type of physical violence towards a person does not solve anything and that is what makes the situation worse plus if you are out in public and this happens,chances are if caught by police you can be not only be arrested and end up spending time in jail,but also by a court order you may have to attend a certain number of hours of anger management classes on top of that.

If you are talking with someone that you think is being rude and disrespectful towards you,the best thing to do is to tell them to please be more respectful and if they don’t stop do what needs to be done by taking the proper legal action because punching someone to get your point across is no way of doing it,you need to resolve and handle the situation in a peaceful manner. Myself I use to get into massive fights growing up as a kid and I have got into a lot of trouble for it but now I know anger only destroys you and when you have a issue with someone,talk it out is one of the best ways to resolve problem. When you are having problems with someone you need to say to yourself I need to talk to this person about the issue but in a professional way and hope that person will be on the same page as you are so you can both work things out without yelling or physical violence.

There are many people out there that still think yelling and throwing punches is a way to solve a issue but that’s not the way to resolve any kind of situation with anyone and these type of people need to realise that this only makes things worse and there are better and peaceful ways to work things out by using words of peace and not anger and don’t use your fist.The only way to prove your point is to talk it out,plain and very simple. Let’s say that you are shopping and are inline checking out you may have some rude and impatient person cut in front of you and that may cause you to blow your top but what good would that do. It’s best to tell the person in a calm way that you were next and they need to wait their turn and if they get rude and nasty have someone get a supervisor or if the person gets vulgar have the cops called. yes it’s true that you can’t let people walk all over you and you have to stand your ground but,you need to do it in a calm and peaceful way. So always keep in mind in any situation always talk it out.

Keeping Sharp Objects Out Of Sink While Doing Dishes

When it comes to washing dishes you wanna keep sharp objects out of the water otherwise you can cause injury to yourself or others and this is why keeping sharp objects out of the sink while doing dishes,is very important. This is something I had to be reminded about many times from my brother and brother in law because I would have a habit of throwing everything including sharp knives or any other sharp objects in the sink not thinking about the consequences that it can cause but now I am now starting to keep safety in mind and keep sharp objects out of the sink.

It’s best to wash the other dishes you have in the sink first and wash each sharp item by itself and when you do use extra caution plus some sharp objects you can quickly rinse it off after use making it a safe way of getting that sharp object clean and ready for the next time you use it.It does not matter if you are working in a restaurant or if you are at home being safe with sharp items is a must when it comes to everyone’s own safety.

There have been many injuries that have occurred due to sharp objects being tossed in a sink with other dishes and that can cause very bad cuts on your hands and can also require medical attention plus taking some time to heal as well plus either at home or at work where food is served and someone is washing dishes,let them know if you are setting a sharp object next to them being washed don’t just leave it there and walk away without telling them they need to be informed so they don’t cut themselves. Always keep this in mind no matter where you are at so you can keep yourself and others around you safe. This is something that you need to take seriously because,when someone throws a bunch if sharp objects in a sink with other dishes and when that person puts their hands in the water to wash dishes,they will end up cutting themselves very badly and if this is  a person’s job they can be out of work for a while if they injure their hands very bad due to cutting themselves on knives or any other sharp objects in the sink.

Before doing dishes at home or if you work in a restaurant or any other place that serves food, keep all sharp objects out of the water in a single section and wash the other items in the sink first then the sharp objects but one at a time and when washing sharp objects use extra safety precautions to prevent yourself from any injury. Many accidents like this can be prevented when we all think safety and keeping knives,and any other sharp items out of the water when washing dishes that can also save money on medical costs. When you keep this in mind about keeping sharp objects out of the sink when washing dishes,you will prevent yourself and others from getting hurt  so always be cautious and always be safe with sharp items.

Opera Internet Browser- Easy To Use And Well Organized

There are many internet browser’s that I have used and still use but, I’m very impressed with Opera web browser because of it being easy to use and well organized. My oldest brother recommended that I give the Opera web browser a go so I installed it on my desktop and I was very amazed of how easy it is to use the browser plus all the features that are included including the ad blocker feature when you install the opera software.

It only took a few moments to download and install onto my computer and then when I gave it a use for the first time  I was amazed by the various features that it has to offer including speed dial for instant access to your favorite websites plus sidebar feature to have quick access to other features such as downloads,history, or anything else you wanna have quick access to and what’s the cool thing about it,you can add what you want and remove what you don’t need. I have also heard so many great and wonderful things about this browser,no wonder Opera is one of the best internet browsers.

It almost has about the same setup as Google Chrome but with more features to offer plus you can also choose if you want to have a light theme or a dark theme depending on your preference when you use the Opera web browser. You can also choice if you want to use the sidebar or remove it and you can change that feature back and forth anytime you want to and with that and many features on it,this is why I’m very impressed with Opera web browser. The features of wallpapers are also endless it shows a few main ones to choose from and then has an option to access more wallpaper themes and some do have motion wallpaper themes as well. Also if you have Opera installed on more than one device plus have an account you can have quick and easy access to your saved bookmarks and anything else you saved on the Opera web browser and also like any other sites if you want to surf in private mode that features is also available to use and this feature is great use if you share a computer with someone and want to keep certain web surfings private and to yourself. Opera is one of the internet browsers that I recommend for anyone to use because of not only how easy it is to use but many of the great features that it has to offer making this browser very popular and used everyday by web surfers around the entire world.

Opera web browser hits a very high note of success and people use it everyday for their basic web surfing, online business and also for watching videos, playing games and listening to music and the speed of the Opera web browser will blow you away ,it’s really fast! So if you are looking for a fast and dependable browser with great features, download and install Opera web browser on your computer and other devices that access the internet.


Love Is Love – Live Life Without Hate

There are many of us that are different colors, races, and some are even straight,gay, bi, lesbian and transgender but we all need to realize that love is love. Sadly there are some hateful people that don’t see it that way and make hurtful judgement towards people and worse some will use physical harm towards a person and at times end up taking that person’s life.We all must learn to love one another and truly live life without hate.

I have friends of different colors and backgrounds some are straight,and some are gay but I welcome them in my life with open arms because I believe in equality for all and love always wins plus makes you stronger and the more love that you have in your heart,the better you will feel. No one should be turned away just because of who they are and when a person does that,it shows the hate that person has in their heart plus when are mean to others and say hateful things and things that are racist that’s not only disrespectful, but it’s very hurtful and can emotionally hurt people.

I have read stories from the past till now that certain business refused to serve a person because if their skin color or if a person’s gay and this does not show love at all plus we all need to stop the hate and start the love plus we all know that win they say that love always wins,that’s the 100 percent truth. It does not matter what skin color the person is or who they love,that person deserves respect like everyone else plus for those who are racist and make nasty comments towards people because of who they are, they need to do a whole lot of soul searching realise what they are doing and saying is wrong, and then change their ways plus there are some that use to be hateful but,woke up and did what they needed to do to change their ways and become a better person who now loves people for who they are. The power of love is the most strongest weapon against hate.

There have also been some stories that I hear about parents  disowning their kids or family members doing the same thing to other family members just because of who they are and I’m like how can you disown,your own child, or any family member just because of them being gay ,that person is who they are and no one should be punished for being their true selves and should not have to be forced to pretend to be something their not.

My oldest brother came out in the early 90’s and has been with his husband for almost 25 years plus I have supported them 100 percent since day one because you should not turn someone away because of who they are. It does not matter what color that person is or if they are gay,straight,bi,or transgender we all need to know  that love is love and when you live life without hate,you will put a happy and positive feeling inside your heart.

Recent Family Gathering- Brothers Wedding And Aunts 70Th Birthday


A few weeks back we had a recent family gathering which was my brother’s wedding and my aunt’s 70th birthday during that weekend and what a fun weekend it was. We had a lot of family fly into Arizona from different states and it was a great 3 day weekend and there were some that were not able to make it but we had a lot of the family out here for that great weekend. Friday the night before the wedding my brother and sister in law were having a family gathering at their place and their house was packed with family members plus I have not seen a lot of our family at one time in a while.

During that Friday gathering we had pizza and a bunch of other snacks and drinks plus hanging out with my aunts,uncles, and cousins was just wonderful plus when you are able to spend time with family as much as you can,is very important because other things that are less or not important like a text, TV Program can wait. The Wedding ceremony and reception both took place at a restaurant and Bar in Scottsdale AZ with the ceremony being just a little over 10 minutes and the ceremony was just beautiful and I can tell the happy look on my sister in law’s and my brothers face on that day. After words the reception got on the way with family toasting to my brother and my sister in law plus the food that was served was just amazing and out of this world. My brother had a lot of cupcakes made for the wedding that were different flavors and toppings and they were just amazing and great. Being part of that day seeing my brother and sister law as an new married couple was one of the greatest things I have seen in my life.

That Sunday was my aunt’s 70th birthday party plus a house in scottsdale was rented for the celebration and this house was just beautiful. The whole family had a great time plus food galore along with plenty of drinks to go around. After a while we sang happy birthday to my aunt and then each had a slice of cake with a cup of coffee,hey when you have cake ya gotta have coffee to go along with it. I even had 2 pieces of cake because it was so good and I don’t eat sweets as much as I used to but that cake was just a knockout! Hanging Out with the family that weekend was just a lot of fun plus it was all great times and a weekend I will always remember now and for many more years to come just wish we were all able to get together more often but I am thankful and blessed for whatever time I get to spend with my family. This family gathering with a wedding, my aunt’s 70th birthday and just great family time is truly amazing that fills my heart with complete joy and also look forward to another family gathering again down the road.