Def Leppard Hysteria 30Th Anniversary Editions-3 Decades Of A Great Classic

Def Leppard’s Hysteria is one of my favorite Def Leppard albums of all time and this coming August Def Leppard will be releasing 30th anniversary editions of Hysteria. As we all know that this is one of their albums that took three years to make but when it hit the stores in August 1987 it sold like crazy and of course features several hit singles from the album.This album is a timeless classic and one of Def Leppard’s greatest rock albums.

The Def Leppard 30th anniversary editions will be sold in 4 different ways one,the CD it self, two, the two LP vinyl, three,the 3 CD deluxe and the super deluxe edition box set that includes the album and a whole bunch of other cool stuff in this amazing Def Leppard box set to celebrate 30 years of Hysteria. I can just go back in time to 1987 and remember the first time hearing this album and with the first opening guitar riffs from Women and the whole band kicking in the album gets off to a great start plus this record I would listen to over and over because not only is Hysteria a great album it’s a massive creative rocknroll work of art. Hysteria is one of those albums with great songs that will get ya rocking and rolling.

Every song on this album is amazing including Animal,Pour Some Sugar On Me,God’s Of War, Hysteria and the rest on this 30 year old classic that stands the test of time and is loved by many long time Def Leppard fans and the new generation of fans as well. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since Hysteria has been released and it’s sold millions of copies and is still one of Def Leppard best selling albums 30 years later. From what I read on the 3oth anniversary editions the deluxe box set is gonna include In The Round live audio singles,remixes and B Sides and I also remember y brother having the 45 R.P.M single of Pour Some Sugar On Me and on the flip side was single Ring Of Fire which is great rocking B side to Sugar. So many great things about this album including 12 songs that gives you 62 minutes and another classic produced by Mutt Lange who has worked with many other great bands including Ac/Dc. I would say for those Def Leppard fans that want the whole nine yards when the 30th anniversary editions of Hysteria hit the stores and online,I would suggest getting the super deluxe edition box set it may be high cost but from what I have read about the box set and what it features,it’s worth spending the extra money. The powerful vocals of Joe Elliott, the great bass work of Rick Savage, the massive drum work of Rick The Thundergod Alan,and the guitar works of Steve Clark and Phil Collen gives Hysteria a great album of 12 songs that still delivers after 3 decades of being released. The 30th anniversary editions of Hysteria including the box set is gonna sell like crazy and I bet the deluxe box set will really sell because of everything that’s included. So get Excitable and get ready for the 30th anniversary release of Def Leppard’s Hysteria.

Don’t Hold Back-Saying What’s On Your Mind

Some of us have things on are plate that we wanna keep to ourselves because we may be afraid what others may say or think but,no matter what don’t hold back because, saying what’s on your mind is very important.Some things that someone holds back is that they may be still down and out about either a loved one or a long time friend that has past away and been like that for a year or so plus are having a hard time moving on but they may think some will just say stop being a baby and get over it but if you open up to people they will be ones that have had the same issue and will give you advice on how to move forward with your life. If you keep that to yourself it can lead to many certain health problems in your life including depression.

You may have some that may say .or do things that will make you upset and there are some that may try to take advantage of you of bully you as well and you still may be afraid to speak up but if you don’t speak up sooner or later you will have so much bottled up inside you that you may end up losing your temper and letting everyone have it so,in order to keep your cool and not become a ticking time bomb ask them to please stop and most of them will understand and show you respect and with some you may have to get firm but without losing your temper,always play it cool.

There are some couples that may have long distant relationships one may live in one state and one may live in another state or another part of the world and that may be hard on couples that may not be able to see each other that much because, they may both have jobs and half to work many hours.If you need to talk to family,friends or even a professional about this and other things that are on your mind,don’t hold back simply say what you need to say. Also when you see a professional about theses and other topics you may tell him/her about things that are personal and by law the professional has to keep it between you and him/her because,they can not disclose anything that you mention in any meetings between you both.

Getting things out in the open and not holding back is one of the healthy and wise things that you can do in your life because you should be able to say what you feel and not sugarcoat any details. If someone is saying something to you that you feel is disrespectful tell them otherwise they will keep getting away with it. No matter what is on your plate don’t hold back,just say what is on your mind and when you get things off your chest you will feel a whole lot better, When you open up to others and saying what’s on your mind,you will find many things taken off of your own plate of issues.

Staying healthy-Taking Care Of Your Body

To make sure that your body stays in tip top shape,staying healthy is the important key to a long life of health. There are lots of people that are older but,look many years younger and have lots of energy simply because,they took care of themselves all those years by staying active and mostly eating meals plus also have smaller portions. There are many important roles to staying in good health and one of them is exercise which will not only burn off calories and get your heartrate up but keep you fit and trim plus,doing a lot of walking,cardio and other exercises will keep your body in shape so you can live a healthy long life. Also you don’t want to overdo it so if you feel tired take a short rest before starting another workout.

Another important thing in being healthy is eating healthier meals and smaller portions because even if you are eating healthy,you don’t wanna overfill your plate and you want to also not eat too much junk food. Having a sweet every now and then is Ok  but you don’t wanna have a candy bar,soda etc for breakfast,lunch and dinner everyday and not work out because if you do that not only are you gonna be way overweight but,you will be facing many health problems on top of that such as heart problems,diabetes and this can also cut short your life unless you take serious action and take care of yourself. When you make the right choices and take care of your body you will live a longer ,happier and healthier lifestyle.

Getting plenty of sleep is also important as well so you can be charged up and ready to take on the day plus getting 7 to 8 hours a night is best. To make sure you get a good night’s sleep,avoid caffeine type drinks a couple hours before going to bed so this way you will have a chance to wind down before heading to bed and getting your full night’s rest and when you wake up after 7 to 8 hours of sleep,you will feel refreshed and fully awake. Also make sure that you are seeing your doctor on a regular basis for regular checkups plus getting a physical once a year is also advised to make sure that you are healthy and to also catch any health issues early such a cancer because when it’s caught early it can be taken care of before it gets worse.

When you take care of your health from the get go you will be in great shape many years down the road so when you get into your 70’s  or older,you will have the energy and looks of a younger person as long as you commit yourself to stay active and healthy every single day plus there are even people past the century mark that are still living and in good shape for their age. So always remember keeping active,eating healthy,plenty of sleep and seeing your doctor on a regular basis,are very important keys in staying healthy and taking care of your body so you have a full life ahead of you.

Standing Up To Bullying-Doing What’s Right

Bullying has been a problem for many years and most of it happens in childhood so standing up to bullying is the important thing to take action before a situation gets any worse than it is. Bullying can happen to anyone at any time but the most of it happens during childhood when kids are in school and come across someone that is mean by telling them what they can or can’t do,talk down to them plus even make threats and sometimes those threats are carried out including causing physical harm towards that person. This has been a problem for many years and it needs to stop.

Some that have been bullied and are told that they are worthless or any other hurtful things that a bully tells them get to the point where they can’t take it anymore and sadly they commit suicide so this is one of the reasons why we need to stand up to bullying by gathering together with one strong and powerful voice. Some may say that if you see someone being bullied just mind your business and ignore it but if you do that it may get worse so if you witness something let someone know so that they can take the proper actions. If you are a child in school and see someone being bullied let a teacher or another adult know and if you are someone that works a full time job and see someone is being bullied and threatened in any way let your supervisor know of the situation because if you don’t say anything,the situation can turn out a whole lot worse than it is so,you need to take action.

Since the turn of the century there have been many ads on TV about standing up to bullying and now that there are a lot of people that use to be bullies and have changed their ways after being talked to plus the ones that were bullies were facing personal problems of their own and thought acting tough would help them hide their pain but it only makes matters worse when you pick on someone and say hurtful things and or cause physical harm towards that person. If you are being bullied by someone take a stand but do it in a peaceful way and in most situation that bully may see what he or she is doing is wrong,make changes and promise to never bully you or anyone else again and the more you stand up the more power you have.

Back when I was growing up a lot of kids were bullied and I had my run in with a few but I refused to be pushed around and even in my adult years came across a few and I still put my foot down because bullying is one thing  that we all need to stand up to and not put up with it. When you’re standing up to bullying,you are doing what’s right by making a difference by taking action with the strong power of your own personal voice.

Having Confidence In Yourself- The Importance Of Believing


Having confidence in yourself is very important because,you don’t want to have anyones negativity hold you back and stop you from doing the things that you want to do in your life. Some are gonna tell you that you should just give it up and will tell you that you are worthless and other negative and hurtful things but,that you need to block out and stick to your dreams. Believing in yourself is the main key to having strong and true confidence plus having a strong backbone will help you keep and increase that confidence and no one will stop you with their negative words.

Some are easily convinced that they should just pack it up and quit when others say to them that their no good and they fall into that trap but there are also the strong ones that refuse to give into people’s negativity by keeping their confidence strong plus keep on doing what they want in their lives no matter what hard times,pain and negativity that they face in life. You have two choices in life,you can choose to waive the white flag and say I surrender or you can waive the flag of victory and say at the top of your lungs no retreat! no surrender! and say it like you mean it.

It took me sometime to build mine up but I now have strong confidence in everything that I do and know overcoming any challenge is possible as long as you know the importance of believing in yourself and no matter what you face don’t give up,keep giving it all that you got and great things will come to you. A couple days ago at a morning meeting at work I was telling everyone how much weight I lost and that I only have 20 more pounds to go until I get to the weight where I want to be at and I told them if there is anything that you wanna do in your life go for it and don’t let anyones negativity hold you back plus they were all proud of my success and the store manager also mentioned that one of the other managers is also working on getting healthy.The thing is that when you have confidence in yourself and take the actions that need to be taken,you will reach your plan of success.

There are many ways to not only have confidence but there are many ways to make sure that you keep it and not loose it. You can wake up every morning with a smile on your face and say I can do it and I will make it and also if you have a work area at home have things around you that will raise your confidence even higher. On your computer,laptop phone or any internet device you have ,use a screensaver with any type of positive messages and when you see that every day,it will keep building your confidence driving you to do more so,always be confident and always believe in yourself.


Keeping Yourself Motivated-Staying Focused On Your Success

For those that want to be successful, keeping yourself motivated is very important if you want to make it happen. First of all when you say that you are going to do something not only do you need to mean it with your words but,you also need to mean it with your actions by doing the work that needs to be done plus a lot of times you have to make sacrifices such as not being able to watch TV because, you are working hard to be a winner.

Another thing that you need to do is to have self discipline and that’s another thing that will help you stay dedicated to what you are doing plus the more self discipline that you will have in everything that you do. Avoiding distractions is another thing that you want to avoid because a distraction can ruin your focus plus working on something important and be bopping to one of your favorite songs can distract you from that important task. Another thing that can help you is by watching motivational speaker videos and this is what I have been doing a lot to build up my motivation and confidence every day and trust me it helps. There are many great motivational speakers that you can watch online and follow because they know what it takes to become successful plus also knew what they had to do to get to where they are now and if they can do it, can you,just stay focused.

Getting plenty of rest is another way to make sure that you are refreshed and ready to take on the day otherwise if you don’t get enough rest you will not be fully motivated to what you are doing and will either do it half way or not at all plus myself I am now learning about the importance of a good night’s sleep and I get 7 to 8 hours per night so this way I am recharged and ready to put my full motivation in everything that I am gonna do. What keeps me motivated is by hanging around others that have a positive and outgoing attitude in life and that’s another thing that drives me to get better everyday in what I do plus staying motivated is not only good for the body, it’s also very good for the mind,heart and also good for the soul.

When you wake up every morning and know that you have tasks to get done you gotta tell yourself I need to get on it without complaining or making any excuses.Plus when you mess up fess up because fessing up is a whole lot wiser than pointing your finger at others and blaming them for your actions. When you are being truly 100 percent motivated you are putting full force energy into being successful and knowing the more motivated you are the better things will be for you, It may take time before success comes your way but when you are willing to be fully motivated and work hard every single day success will happen for you. So always remember that keeping yourself motivated will help you grow and become a true champion.


Remembering Adam West- The Real And True Batman

When I saw the news last week about Adam West passing away, I was heartbroken to hear about that news and not only was Batman one of my favorite shows I watched as a kid but Adam West was one of my favorite actors as well and so many fans around the world are remembering Adam west, the real and true Batman. Batman was a series that ran in the 60’s but i was born in the early 70’s and as a child and now I have saw the repeats plus me and my 3 other brothers would watch it a lot because we were hooked on the show. It was a great action and of course during the fight scenes in each Batman episode when they were hitting the bad guys you saw words on the screen POW! BANG! and many others as well in each episode.

Adam West has done some other projects before and after the Batman Series then later on got into voice acting. He did the cartoon voice of Batman on The Super friends cartoon series that took place in the 70’s and that was another show that we watched back in the day growing up. I remember how it started out each episode where they introduced each super hero in every episode.I even remember watching the repeats every afternoon after school and after getting home turning on the TV to watch Super friends and other after school cartoons and those were just great memories.

Adam West was one of the greatest actors that ever lived plus from what I understand he was a down to earth person to know and he also did more voice acting on an episode of The Simpsons plus joined the cast of Family Guy and for many years has done the voice of Mayor Adam West. There are many Family Guy episodes with Mayor West that are just not only hysterical but they are true classics that we will always remember now and 20 plus years from now. The energy and passion that Adam West has put into his long time carer showed how much he enjoyed show business and how much he enjoyed life and being around others. He did many things in his life and has touched the hearts of so many fans from the early days to the new generation of Adam west Fans because either young fans or young fans at heart, Adam West has a huge base of fans around the whole world.

Adam west is remembered for many great things in his acting career but his role of Batman will be one of the great classic roles that he is known for because although others have played the role in movies Adam West will always be known as the real and true Batman. He may be gone but when you watch any classic Batman episodes, or episodes of Family Guy or any other acting he has been involved in, the memory of Adam West lives on.

It’s About The Experience-Enjoying Things In Life

When You do certain things such as go shopping,take a trip,go to a nice restaurant etc some places may be low or high cost but always remember it’s not about the money it’s about the experience and what you get out of it. Some people will just waste their time complaining about how high priced things are and say I can’t afford that it’s too much money and what other excuses that they come up with and these are the kind of people that will miss out on great things in life because of their poor attitudes and their poor outlook on life and soon their lives will just pass them by.

I remember one time I took me,my brother in law out for a nice dinner and we ate good plus I knew I was gonna drop a lot of money on dinner but to me it was all about the experience. After getting the bill it was around $200.00 for dinner but with the great food and service to me it was worth it because when you go to certain places to eat where you spend a lot of money with great food and service it’s gonna be an experience to remember.

Also theme parks is where you may spend a little bit of money of a lot depending on your budget but either way it’s about getting a great experience out of it and enjoying every moment. Disneyland is one of those magical places where you will always get a great experience if it’s your first time or you have been there many times in your life plus I have been there many times myself and always have a great experience whenever I go. There are ways to enjoy great experiences in life and it’s important to to because that experience may only be a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don’t wanna miss out on. When you are spending a lot of money on meals,traveling etc it’s about enjoying the experience and not worrying about the cost.

A person that has a poor mindset will just keep on complaining and will just pinch every penny and just let life pass them by and people that have a positive mindset will enjoy great experiences plus some of them may have to save some money for a while before they can have that great evening out and some that are making great money are able to do it anytime either way anyone with a positive outlook on life will enjoy great experiences in their lives  as long as they keep that negative energy away and have a great and positive attitude. None of us know how long we have in life so with the time that we all have it’s important to enjoy every experience that we can and myself I enjoy as many experiences that i can in life because life is meant to be enjoyed and everyday is always a new adventure waiting. So always remember it’s not about the money it’s all about the great experiences in life.





Staying On Top Of Your Medication-Meds And Safety Tips

Staying on top of your medication is very important if you have a certain health condition and wanna keep it under control.Plus it’s best to make sure that your medication is filled on a regular basis and depending on supply plus how many times you need to take your meds per day you may need to go to your local pharmacy once a month for a refill plus after 6 months it may be advised to see your doctor before getting another refill on meds. This way when you are seeing your doctor they can decide to keep you on the same dosage or change it if it is needed to be done.

Myself I need to take medication twice a day for seizures plus I keep on the same time frame which is 6.00Am and 6.00Pm plus to remind me I have alarms set on my phone so I don’t forget plus family members to remind me just in case. If you are someone that’s on medication or medications that you need to take at certain times during the day,I would advise setting an alarm on your phone for each one so this way you won’t forget to take your meds. Also if you are on any type of medication it’s best to either limit or avoid any type of alcohol depending on the medication and what your doctor says. Plus taking meds with any type of alcohol is not only very dangerous but it can also be very fatal as well so never take meds with alcohol.

There are some medications that you can keep at room temperature and keep in your medicine cabinet but there are some that you need to keep in your refrigerator and keep cool. A friend of mine that moved to Eugene Oregon about a few months ago has type 2 diabetes and some other health issues has some medication that he needs to stay cool so he keeps it in his refrigerator and others he can keep at room temperature in his home. There may be some over the counter drugs such as certain cold medicines,ibuprofen and others that you may need to avoid because,they can have a reaction to your meds so let’s say that you are on medication and are fighting the flu but don’t know what will be safe or harmful,it’s always best to either check with your doctor or any other type of health care professional that will be able to answer those questions and others that you may have as well

Some medications you can take with food but taking it with water is suggested so this way the meds will get into your system and do what it needs to do to make sure that you are well and taking care of. Staying on top of your medications is very important and you don’t wanna skip a day either because not only is that medication you are taking the rest of your life but your life and health may depend on it. When you stay on top of your medication and follow important safety advice, you will have years of health and happiness as long as you are careful and play it safe.



Don’t Waste Your Time With Negative People-Don’t Be Held Back

In order to keep going and making your dreams come true it’s best that you don’t waste your time with negative people because, they are the ones that will hold you back and talk you out of your dreams and will tell you it’s not gonna happen and you need to stick to a 9 to 5 job. The ones that are negative spent all their time being angry and down at the world plus they may of had some ideas in the past to become successful but others like family,friends and others told them that they are wasting time and then just like that they just tossed their dreams out the window and gave in.
Do not surrender into the negative zone of life plus you can do anything that you want in life as long as you keep on having that strong confidence in yourself and that you put your whole entire mind to it. The ones that have the positive attitude keep on going and no matter how many times that they are knocked down and told that they should just give up they keep on fighting for their dreams and refuse to give into the darkness of negativity.

There are many that are now successful who were laughed at the start of making their dreams come true and many people that were negative told them you can’t do that,it won’t happen, stop,wasting time, and they were also told by family and friends you have a good job stick with that be happy.But these people that were having this food of negativity put on their plates refused to eat it and said I will not give up on my dreams and my dreams will become the real thing! There hard work and dedication paid off and not only have they became successful but the ones that told them that they could not do it were proved wrong. We have two choices in our lives,we can choose to give into negativity be in a dead end 9 to 5 job and be broke,angry,and depressed the rest of our lives or we can stand tall and become the warriors that won’t give up and fight for our dreams and then become successful superstars in whatever we wanna do in life.  When you don’t give in and keep on going for your dreams,that make you a winner.

There have been some that use to waste time with negative people and would just think that when they saw people online saying how successful they become and can work from anywhere in the world just a couple hours a day plus have all the free time and money to do what they want,they a first think it’s a fantasy but then they will meet those with a positive outlook and a vision and will tell them if I can do this so can you. Then they ditch the negative people and start to see the great things that they can do then,as soon as they know it, they become successful and now have the time and money to do the things that they wanna do in life. So always stay strong and don’t waste any of your time with anyone who has a negative vibe.