Not Letting A Disability Slow You Down

Not letting a disability slow you down is very important cause,you should not let anything stand in your way. Myself I was born with a disability attended special education classes  plus have had years of stuttering which is not as bad as it was years ago but,still needs work.

I worked one part time job and two full time jobs and just because I may not understand a lot of things plus learning some things take a little longer,it does not mean I’m gonna give in a quit. My resent job I have been there for almost 20 years work 35 -39 hours per week and am doing well. No matter what anyone says to you,what they think or what ever they try,don’t let your disability slow you down just simply take the word disability and cross off the first three letters and then you will get the word ability. Keep on going for your dreams don’t give up and they will all come true in your life

Welcome Them With A Handshake And A Smile

When someone is going to join your business and be on the team,it’s important to welcome them with a handshake and a smile. The reason for this is that you want them to feel welcomed and part of the team plus you don’t wanna be a sourpuss and not smile or shake hands because,doing that will not only make you and your reputation look bad but,nobody will wanna join your team, so handshakes and a smile are very top key.

When you welcome them with a handshake and a smile your showing respect and that your very happy to meet that person. When you go to seminars and meet others plus any of the motivational speakers that are there they will also welcome you by smiling and shaking your hand. So always keep in mind when someone is going to join your team always welcome them with a handshake and a smile. That will put you in the right direction.

Favorite Songs Of All Time- Hits I Enjoy From Years Ago To Today


Today I’m gonna talk about my favorite songs of all time cause,there are many songs that I love from many years back to now. One of my favorites  is  “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John and it’s been one of my favorite since I was  kind and it still is to this day. The music and the words to that song is pure creation plus makes you wanna get up and dance. Another one of my favorites is  “Echoes” By Pink Floyd which is a 23 minute piece. The way the song starts out with the echo of the organ being played through a leslie speaker with a rotating device to give it that effect plus the words to it I just love. There are many more songs that I love including “American Pie” by Don Mc’Lean  ,Money by Pink Floyd  and many other well know songs.

There are also a lot of songs that are out today that I love including Tik Tok by Kesha  ,Poker Face by Lady Gaga  plus a lot more hits that are out and resent. I have so many other favorite songs of all time that I love but would take time to name them all. I’m a person who enjoys music and likes a variety of it to. From years ago to today, theses and many others are my favorite songs of all time that I enjoy so much,there great songs!

Helping Out A Long Time Friend On Weekends-Great Long Time Friendship



Today I wanna talk about helping out a long time friend on weekends cause, It’s great to help others plus there are some things around his place my friend is unable to do. I have been friends with Don since 2004  and have met him at a local Mc’ Donalds . When I was there one afternoon having lunch the place was crowed and there was only one seat that was empty so as I was sitting and eating lunch this older gentlemen  came up and said I can’t find anyplace to sit do you mind if I sit here? I said sure and then we got to talking and since then have been the best of friends.

Don gets me on Saturday  afternoon after I am done working then stop off at home to have coffee with mom,brother and brother in law  plus to grab my laptop  and suitcase. It’s a 35 minute drive from where I live in Phoenix to his place in East Mesa  but the drive seems very quick. When I help Don out at his apartment it’s either vacuuming, and or other things that he needs help with. With him having C.O.P.D and other health issues, it’s difficult for him to get things done so,when I am there I help him out with whatever I can because that’s what good friends are for plus If I was the other way around I know he would help me out. Don is one of my greatest friends plus enjoy every moment that we get the chance to get together and talk.

Getting A Brainstorm Of Ideas

Getting a brainstorm of ideas, can happen when your either at home or out and about. You can either be with family,friends or by yourself when any idea pops into your mind plus by looking at different objects in your surroundings. The way I came up with the idea for this post is  that one day it was a rainy and stormy day then the idea brainstorm came to mind . There are so many ways that you can get a brainstorm and make it happen.

Getting a brainstorm of ideas,   can also be from when you go to a seminar and listen to various speakers talk on stage plus other around you may give you ideas,also many other ways that a brainstorm of ideas can take effect. When you are home or out and about and that brainstorm hits you,go for it and make it your happening.

The Healthier You Are The Better Your Focus

Taking care of your health by working out on a regular basis and eating healthy foods can do wonders so it’s true that the healthier you are the better your focus. Lets say that you workout 4 to 5 days a week,in good shape,mostly eat healthy,your focus is gonna be sharp and clear making it easier for you to get things done and get them done in a timely matter. When you take care of your body your also taking care of your mind as well.

If your that person that eats,junk,does not workout,your focus will be completely tossed out the window. Eating sweets and other foods that are not good for you can ruin your focus making it not only longer to get a task done,but make it very difficult to. So remember that when you take care of your body and eat the right foods your concentration will be in full sharpness making it simple to complete any task that  comes your way.

Disney Programing- Great Shows For The Whole Family



downloadWhen it comes to family time, Disney programing has great shows for the whole family to enjoy and  what’s best about it you can watch anything on either Disney channel without anything being offensive or inappropriate for children to watch. Disney programing is 100 percent family entertainment. There are so many great Disney programs to enjoy from the classics  to today. Shows that are popular today  include “Dog With A Blog”, “Good Luck Charlie”, “Austin & Ally”,   plus many other great shows to watch plus Disney programming also contains great movies to.

Myself I enjoy Disney programing because,there is always something great to watch plus most of the time it’s great humour and nothing negative. There may be some people out there that either have children or babysit children for a living and choose Disney programming cause of it’s great selection of family entertainment. There are some that Don’t have or watch children but rather watch Disney shows anyway because they don’t wanna watch anything that may be violent or unsuitable in any way. For Great family entertainment, Disney programing is the best way to go.

Excuses And Why People Make Them

Today I’m gonna talk about excuses and why people make them cause, some don’t take work seriously. There are a few people out there that will be all gung ho about there work for a day or so then slack off for weeks at a time coming up with excuses such as I got home late,my favorite program was on and I did not wanna miss it plus what ever excuses that they can come up with to get out of what needs to be done in order to become successful.

You need to stop making excuses and buckle down to have success and do the things that you wanna do in life otherwise your gonna be in the same old rut day in and day out for the rest of your life.  When you stop making excuses and do what needs to be done,you will have a successful carer in anything that you do by being consistent.

Google Drive- Great Way To store And Access Your Photos And Other Data



Google Drive is a great way to store and access your photos and other data including,videos,documents,music or any else that you want to save and have easy access to. What is also great with google drive is that you can access it from any P.C plus.if your phone is android you can access your Google drive account plus an other accounts that you have with google as well. This makes it easy if you wanna share your photos with others.

There are times where if I wanna save a photo but don’t want my phone to get cluttered with so many photos, I will transfer them to Google Drive so  this way I can access those photos without using up space on my phone letting me free up storage space but,still able to look at them photos of wonderful memories. I strongly suggest giving Google Drive a shot. It’s a great way to save and access your photos and other data that you have.

Lemon Water Flush Twice A Day

Since last Saturday, I have been doing a lemon water flush twice a day in order to get rid of all the toxins in my body. Every morning when I wake up I will  drink one glass of water  with lemon before having my morning coffee and breakfast then, will do it again in the evening an hour before bed time so this way  it will let my stomach have time to settle before going to bed for the night. Doing the water lemon flush has also been known to help some with weight loss along with proper diet and exercise which is what I have been doing as well to get in shape and live a long healthy life.

When you do a lemon water flush twice a day, not only will it get all the bad poisons out of your body but,when you do it first thing in the morning, it will get you woken up and ready for the day plus I have known that myself cause, with being a active person I need all the energy that I can get. If you want a great way to get healthy do a lemon water flush twice a day. It’s a great way to be healthy and have more energy in your life.