Enjoying The Cooler Weather-Cooler And Comfortable Temperatures


After a long hot summer here in Arizona I’m now enjoying the cooler weather cause now it has been under 100 degrees. This is the time of the year that I love and you can step outside with out the hot sun beating down on you. Out here in Arizona we do have 5 months of hot weather with temperatures reaching 100 degrees plus,but when September comes around it’s still warm but not as bad plus by October or November it’s beautiful.

Enjoying the cooler weather is great cause,you will have all day of great weather with low and comfortable temperatures.This morning when I headed out the weather was just beautiful plus this makes it the time of the year I just love and as a matter of fact it’s only 81 degrees right now as we speak. Soon it will be even more cooler then that with temps in the afternoon plus,I’m enjoying this beautiful and nice cooler weather here in Phoenix AZ.


Don’t Give Into Negativity

There may be some people that will put you down and tell you that you are wasting time on your dreams but,no matter what don’t give into negativity. It’s very important to keep going for your dreams because, when you give in and let negativity win you just let it control your life making decisions making you miss out on great opportunities and many other great experiences throughout your entire life.

When you don’t give into negativity and stick to your guns,many great things will come your way plus you will be a much more happier person with a positive and outgoing attitude. So remember no matter what people say or do, don’t give into negativity,keep working to make your dreams come true.


Sully- A Great Movie That Tells A True Story


Last week me and a friend of mine went and saw Sully and it’s a great movie that tells a true story. Tom Hanks did a amazing job of portraying the role of Captain chesley sullenberger and the way Tom hanks looked in the film he looked just like the real captain that was involved in the true event that happened on Us air flight 1549.

The movie had a great cast and told the story very well plus the whole time I was on the edge of my seat and I also remembering this happening back in 2009 I was not only watching a motion picture but a part of true history.If you have not seen Sully yet go and see it cause this movie is amazing and tells a true story very well.

Mental And Physical Health

One of the best ways of being successful is your mental and physical health plus making sure they are in working order. With your mental health it’s best to be happy with a positive attitude cause when your happy and always think positive you will be able to fully focus plus putting in laughter can be helpful for your mental health.

keeping your mental and physical health in check is very important. Your physical health includes working out on a regular basis such as going for walks, working out at a gym or home plus swimming is another great way to keep your body in shape. When you take care of your mental and physical health,you will have a long life to fully live.

Be The Real You

When you meet people for friendships or to join your business,it’s important to be the real you because people will relate to you more. One of the things that you don’t wanna do is to pretend to be something that your not  because if you are doing that and people know that you’re lying to them,it will turn them away. To be real you can share your story and be upfront and honest with people and that’s how you gain respect from others.

Always be the real you and don’t make up stories such as you have a big house, lots of money, etc. Most people will like you for who you are not what you have or can give plus I heard this saying that says be yourself cause,everyone else is taken which is indeed a very true saying. So always be the real you and don’t be something that you’re not and when you are being real, you will earn more trust and more respect from other individuals.

Roll With It

Sometimes things may change in our lives such as having to work different hours or other things we can’t control so it’s best to just roll with it. There also may be times when you have to wait in line for a while cause a food store is busier then normal so its best to have patience and be understanding.Sometimes there may be things that you wanna do but need to put them on hold for a while cause, a family member or a friend may need you in a very difficult time of life plus sometimes we just gotta put our plans on hold and do what need to be done in that situation.
At times when your at home on your computer you may loose internet connection and although it may be frustrating don’t get upset just roll with it. This is something that I am working on because if the internet goes out  for a long time I do intend to get impatient and I have been working on having more patience when it comes to being knocked off line or any other situations. So no matter what the ordeal may be,just roll with it.

Taking Advice From The Right People

When it comes to certain professions, taking advice from the right people is wise because they are the ones that have had many years of experience and can point you in the right direction. Let’s say you wanna be a famous actor and make great money you could either listen to some Joe Blow that has no idea what there talking about, or you can listen to George Clooney cause he has been in this profession for many years and is good at it.

You may also wanna form a rock band and you plan on being a bass player plus sing and you can choose to take advice from someone that has no experience or you can take advice from Roger waters since he has been in this profession for 50 years.So when it comes to any carrer choice, it’s wise to take advice from the right people.


Let It Go

There are times that someone may say or do something that may make us very upset and hurt but if your still angry and don’t let it go,your gonna have some serious health problems ahead of you. Dwelling on it also does not only hurt you mentally and physically, but causes you to miss out on my great things in life such as starting your own business and any thing else that you wanna do but,being always angry you are missing out on a lot.

This is also a lesson that I have learned myself many times in the past I would be upset and just dwell on the situation for hours but when I learned to just let it go, I felt a whole lot better afterwords. When you learn to let it go and leave all the bad things in the past, you will be very much happier.

Imagine The Possibilities

When you first start out in a home business,it takes baby steps to get it off the ground but,imagine the possibilities of what you can do when you have great success in it. When your at the point where you making a large sum of money you can have more money to put into your business plus invest in other online business opportunities plus buy that dream home or take the vacation you always dreamed about.Also you will be able to donate to your favorite charities and you may also see a person on the street that’s down on there luck and you would wanna help them out as well.

When you imagine the possibilities of what you can do when earning a full time income from home,this will inspire you to take action and do what needs to be done to make your dreams a reality.When you imagine what is possible from being your own boss plus being able to have the money to do the things that you wanna do anytime without being tied down to a full time job,the wonderful possibilities are completely endless.

It All Starts With That Special Computer

When it comes to learning a skill from starting your own online business to being a rock star, it all starts with that special computer. Many of us have so many things that we wanna know how about and learn how to do them because the more things that you learn the more experiences in your life that you will have.

When you use that special computer aka your mind to learn new things your opening yourself up to a whole new world of great things. Also when your working from home and are making a very large amounts of money after putting in all that hard work,the possibilities are endless.With that type of money you can buy your dream home,buy,a new car,take that vacation you always wanted and be able to donate to your favorite causes. So when you wanna learn how to do something in life remember,it all starts with that special computer.