Never Too Young Or Too Old To Experience New Things

Many of us had first time experiences at different ages and no matter if you are young or young at heart,you’re never too young or too old to experience new things in your life. People from age 3 to 100 years of age have had many first time experiences in there lifetime also there has been stories about much older adults that are 75 years of age or older that have either gone skydiving,ziplining,or bungee cord jumping for the very first time.

Myself I have had many different first time experiences growing up and one of them was riding in a helicopter for the first time when I was 17 years old and I must say that was quite an experience. Whatever you wanna do in your life that you never done before,just go for it because,you are never too young or too old to experiences new things.

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

There are many great things to experience in life but,before doing that you need to step out of your comfort zone. Many of us want to experience new things in life but we have fears that block us from doing what we wanna do so,we stay in the zone of comfort and let things pass us by. When you do that not only did you miss out on that opportunity, but there are many future opportunities that you will very much miss out on.

When you come to a point where you had enough of being afraid then step out of your comfort zone,you will be building your confidence plus many great experiences will come your way plus you can learn how to do anything  you want in life. When you are no longer afraid and step out of your comfort zone,many great things will come your way. when you are thinking outside the box it builds your confidence stronger on a daily basis.

Traveling To Different Places

Traveling to different places can be a lot of fun plus it makes it more exciting when you find new things to discover. This past weekend I spent some time in  San Diego with my brother and brother in law and had a great time plus that’s a great place to go because the weather is beautiful year round, a friendly environment, and so much out there to do also if you’re a coffee drinker,there are plenty of coffee shops in Hillcrest and North Park.

Traveling to different places can open up a new world of experiences for you and on top of that it’s fun to traveling to somewhere that you been to before but not for a very long time.Traveling makes a person feel alive cause,there out seeing the world and just simply enjoying everyday life.


Getting Those Great Memories Captured

From Weddings to other occasions, people have been getting those great memories captured for years. In the early days there were just regular cameras were after you used up the film you took it to a local store that develops film that has one hour service and some they had to send out making it a few days wait until you got your photos back and around the same time camcorders became popular for video recording memories
With today’s technology you can easily share those wonderful moments with family and friends over the Internet and whats great about that you can take a picture or video anywhere your at and  by either Wifi or your mobile Internet connection you can simply share with all your family and friends. From years ago until today people have been getting those great memories captured.

Different Types Of Workout Music- From Easy To Fast Paced


When you are working out there are different types of workout music to listen to and it depends if you are doing a slow pace or a face pace workout.People that are in the beginning stages of working out start off slow and will listen to easy slow paced music and others that have been working out for a while up there game by doing fast upbeat work outs and they listen to upbeat music to keep them energized and focused.

When your listening to different types of workout music , there is also many different styles to listen to such as  Rock, Rap, Country and the list goes on. Many also like a variety of workout music plus that’s what I enjoy myself when I’m either working out or just relaxing. From slow to fast and from many types of styles,there are many different types of music to listen to when you are getting yourself in shape,music in workouts keeps you going.

Cooking With Confidence

When your cooking a meal for a few people or a large crowd ,cooking with confidence is very important because when you believe in yourself you can cook anything. Anyone can learn how to cook and it does not matter if you’re young or young at heart what ever kind of dish you wanna cook,you can do it. When you are not sure plus start doubting yourself that’s a sign where you will fail in cooking so in order to be successful at cooking,you need to have true faith in yourself and don’t let any negative thoughts from people stop you from being the best cook that you can be.

Cooking with confidence not only makes a person happy but it also inspires them to do more and learn how to make other dishes, many that have cooked for years started out young plus as a matter of fact by brother in law has been cooking since he was 3 years old.The first time my brother in law cooked is when he pulled up a chair to a gas stove and made himself bacon and eggs then,after he was done he was very proud of how it turned out and since then he has a strong passion for cooking also,if my brother in law myself,plus many others can learn hook to cook so can you when your mind is put to it. From simple dishes to big meals you can cook anything when you are cooking with pure 100 percent confidence.


Creating A Positive Environment

When your creating a positive environment it will be very helpful for you in the long run. There are many ways to do this by surrounding yourself with positive people that are happy upbeat plus always have happy thoughts plus talk about positive things in life. Other ways is by listening to positive music and watching programs on television plus seeing movies that will give you a happy upbeat look on life along with happiness.

You don’t wanna have any negative thoughts or words because that won’t work in a positive environment that will just bring on more negativity  plus will turn people away. So in order to avoid any type of negative things in your life you must be in a negativity free zone cause it’s important to stay positive. When you create that positive environment you will draw more hope,happiness and many positive people will be coming your way.

The Days Of The Arcade-Remembering A Classic Pastime


The days of the arcade are remembered very well and it’s also a pastime that I remember very well. I can recall as a kid either going to a local arcade or pizza places to play video game plus most of the games would cost $.25 to play and some cost either $.50 or $.75 depending on the type of game you were playing. Many great games in the arcade during the 1980’s and 1990’s including Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Pole Position Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles etc.

With remembering the days of the arcade that were also some games were if your game was over you could pick up from were you left off by inserting another quarter or what change it required for you to play the game from where you were at. During the 1980’s and 1990’s arcades were packed with many gamers from the young to the young at heart plus many teens during that time would meet up with friends on a Friday night to play video games.

Although there are still some arcades out there they are not as popular as there were 30 years ago due to the more popular sales of home entertainment consoles and with these consoles having internet access long time fans can also find the classic to play online either by game console or by  the use of there home computer. There are also mobile apps for the classic games as well. The Days of the arcade well always be a pastime that we will all remember.

Helping Others In Need.

Helping others in need when they are going through hard times plus if they don’t have a place to go will not only give them hope when you help them but,it will also put a great feeling in your heart. There are many people that are very less fortunate and are homeless which can be caused by loss of job meaning they don’t have any money coming in to pay there house payment and bills plus if they have a family that makes it hard when they can’t provide for there own children. These people struggle on a day to day basis to survive in any way that they can.

When your helping others in need it makes a huge difference in the world and even,if you can only spare small change to that person it means a lot that you took the time to care and help out plus there are many people that used to be down on there luck pulled through and now have a job,home plus can take care of there loved ones. When you help out others in hard times you can change there lives for the good and give them a true future of hope.

Sometimes You Need A Change

Sometimes you need a change in your life when it comes to certain everyday routines that you have. You may have been working the same job for a number of years plus the same position but you know that although you like where your at you feel that you need a change in your job or job position and many people that worked different types of employment in there lifetime have moved on to bigger carers such as  working from home etc.

When you have been living in the same area for years and want a whole atmosphere, sometimes you need a change so you decide to move elsewhere either cross town or into another different location altogether. It’s great to still do the things that you enjoy doing plus there is always room to grow your horizons. So always be open minded in change cause,there is so much out there that you don’t wanna miss out on in the time of your life.