Metallica Hard Wired To Self Destruct-Fulled Up And Ready To Rock!


Last night I was listening to Metallica’s Hard Wired To Self Destruct album and was knocked off my seat! This is of course Metallica’s first album of new material in 8 years and the last album they released was there Death Magnetic album back in 2008 so it’s been a long time since we heard some new Metallica but this new album really delivers and it was worth the wait. Hard Wired To Self Destruct gives a mixture of thrash metal and slow tempo songs. This 2 cd album that brings 12 songs along with close to 80 minutes of music is fulled up and ready to rock all the way!

The opening track Hard Wired gets the album kicking into full gear with fast jams and James Hetfield’s amazing powerhouse vocals. The first time I heard this song is when I was watching the video. The song and video is just mindblowing and will rock all of your senses to the ultimate maxxium. I love every song on this album including Atlas Rise which is another great rockout. Metallica’s Hard Wired To Self Destruct packs a punch of massive  music delivery so, if you wanna hear a great album turn on your stereo full blast and crank up  Hard Wired To Self Destruct from Metallica.



Paying For The Experience-Getting The Most Out Of Your Money



When you go to certain places like 5 star restaurants, items are gonna cost a  lot of money but you’re not only paying for the meal but you’re also paying for the experience. This and many others places that you eat or shop at were you spend lots of money are also known to give you the best experiences of your life and this is why spending a large sum of money is worth it because of the great item and service that you are getting.

There are some who will complain on about the prices of items and say I can’t afford that it costs too much plus when they do they are preventing them selves from enjoying the experience but when they realize that it’s worth spending the extra money and be paying for the experience.  There are some things that you will spend a lot of money on but when you get a great experience out of it ,you are getting the most out of your money.


Only Focus On What You Want

There are things that we want in life such as a nice home,car or want to be successful  but in order to achieve those or any other goals  it’s best to only focus on what you want. You don’t wanna waste your time and energy focusing on what you don’t want cause if you do you will get all the negative things that you don’t want in life and that will keep your from doing what you want in life so always stay focused on positive things.

when you only focus on what you want not only are you blocking out negative thoughts but,chances are is that when you are focusing on your dreams and other great things in life they will come to you as long as you are dedicated and don’t let anyone stop you. Let’s say for example you are working in a food store and have the passion of becoming a famous rock star but,if you keep saying I wanna get out of this food store you may be working there forever but if you say I wanna be a rock star plus work at it your dream of being a rockstar or what ever dreams that you have will become real.

Clearing Your Browser History- Protection Of Privacy


Clearing out your browser history is very important cause,not only will it help to keep your computer running the way it should but,it will also protect your privacy incase if someone else wants to use your computer and you don’t want anyone to know what sites you have visited. Let’s say that you were at home using the family computer to do some online shopping and was getting a gift for that special someone but forgot to delete your history, will that persons surprise was just spoiled cause not only did they found out what they were getting but also  saw some things that were very private such as your bank information and other things so, clearing your browser history is wise.

Clearing out your browser history is a smart thing to do  plus some browsers have a setting where you can have it clear your history automatically when you close out the browser. Also you can set a browser to surf in private and when you use this setting none of your internet history will be saved and that’s another option you can use to keep your browsing history private. If you want to keep it private,always remember to clear out your browsing history.


Favorite Musicals-Great Fun Movies With Wonderful Songs


There are many types of favorite Musicals that I just love cause the songs are fun and the storyline is just fantastic. One of my favorites is the classic Marry Poppins and with a great setting of the story and amazing songs it’s one of my favorite Musicals of all time.Songs from that movie such as A spoonful Of Sugar, Jolly Holiday,  and others from this classic musical are just great songs plus Julie Andrews And Dick Van Dike put great magic into this film.

Another one of my favorite musicals that I enjoy is The Sound Of Music cause of the great story setting and songs. Julie Andrews also puts magic into this move as well with her great acting skills and wonderful singing with songs such as  A Few Of My Favorite Things Do-Re Mi  and So Long Farewell. This movie I have seen many times growing up and it’s still one of my favorites. Others I enjoy are Mama Mia, Oliver, and many other great musicals out there.


Stop Making Excuses Just Do It- Not Being Wishy Washy On Your Decssions


When you say you are gonna go for a dream such as becoming a singer or any other profession but keep putting it off you’re making excuses so instead of being wishy-washy stop making excuses just do it. Making constant excuses for crazy reasons will hold you back from what you wanna do and that keeps you in your comfort zone.Some stories that people will come up with are I forgot,did not have enough time and my TV show was on.

Making excuses also holds you back from your hopes and dreams cause,your finding every reason  for not following through and will just shove it to the side. But when you stop making excuses and take things seriously,you will be placing yourself in the right direction as long as you follow through and not making any type of excuses. When you wanna do something in your life ,stop making constant excuses and just go out there and do it!



Fit Bit- Great way To Keep Track Of Walking Steps And Other Activities


A While ago I got a Fit Bit watch to keep track of my walking steps and other workout activities. Setting up the Fit Bit watch was very easy  you first simply use the proper connections that came with the watch then connect it to your P.C to fully charge the device then install the app on your smart phone then simply follow the directions. With walks it keeps track of how many steps you have walked per day,along with miles and total work out time.I got the Alta model and other features include text alerts when you have it set up with your smart phone and other very cool features as well.

What I also like about this Fit Bit watch,is there are 5 different types of clock displays and you can choose if you want the display in either Vertical or horizontal mode. If you want a way to keep track of your workouts etc, getting a Fit Bit watch is the best investment that you can make.

Only Stick With Promises That You Will Keep-Being Dedicated

When you say that you’re going to stick to a new routine  and not do it that’s breaking a promise so it’s best to only stick with promises that you will keep. What ever promise that you plan on making make sure it’s one that you will be dedicated to keeping cause you don’t wanna make any empty promises to others and yourself.This is also something that myself needs to work on cause I have made some promises in the past but have not followed through on them so now before making any type of promises I make sure that it’s one that will be dedicated promise that will be kept.
When you break a promise you let that person or a bunch of people down causing them to loose there trust in you so, the way to gain trust from others is when you only stick with promises that you will keep.  Let’s say that a family member or a friend is gonna need help moving and of course you tell them that you will help them move but when you don’t show up to help you just broke your promise but,when you show up as promised that shows true dedication and honesty. Always keep in mind  it’s best to only stick with and be dedicated to promises that you are gonna follow through on.

A Positive Attitude Means A Happy You

When you start your day off it’s best to always have a great outgoing attitude because, a positive attitude means a happy you. The reason why it’s important to keep a positive attitude is that people will relate better to you if you are in a upbeat happy and positive mood but,if your negative and angry people will not wanna be around you because your negativity and anger will bring them down plus it will cause you to miss out on things in your life.

Anyone can change there attitudes for the better by thinking positive and when they realize that there negativity and anger gets them nowhere,they will do what they need to do to make the change and when they do it will make them happier and put there attitudes on a positive track. So remember that a positive attitude means a happy you


Cool Master App- Keeping Your Smartphone At A Cool Tempture


Sometime back my brother told me about this amazing app called cool master and it’s used to keep your phone from overheating. This is one of the greatest apps that I have downloaded cause it also alerts you when your phone is overheating.Without this app I would have no warning about my phone becoming overheated,it’s a lifesaver.

The cool master app, comes in handy when you are out and about using your phone plus when you are in a hotter climate like Arizona for example it will give you a warning when your phone needs to be cooled down I use this app on a daily basis to make sure that my phone does not get too hot. The cool master app is a must have for your phone.